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13 Quarantine Mother's Day Ideas That Are So Creative

We asked the experts for advice on gifts and activities that'll keep this holiday special.

In the era of COVID-19, holidays will feel a little different than usual, and Mother's Day is no exception. The spread of coronavirus might stop you from leaving your home and being around older relatives, but it can't stop you from celebrating the mothers in your life. Whether you're isolating together or unfortunately apart, there are plenty of fun ways you can show Mom that you're thinking of her. A quarantine Mother's Day doesn't have to be depressing. We've created a list of unique gifts and virtual celebration activities to bring your whole family together safely this year. And for more family fun, check out 19 Family Games for When You're Stuck in the House.

Create a custom board game.

Family playing board game

Put the family back into family game night! Companies like Bundle and Cats and Dice have many online games that you can fine-tune for your own family to keep up the fun during these tough times. "Design a game using family inside jokes and memories to personalize your game night!" recommends Cassie Collier, co-founder of Bundle. You can also DIY this idea by hosting your own trivia night based on family facts. And to give mom more love, check out 9 Same-Day Flower Delivery Sites for Your Mother's Day Bouquets.

Turn homework into homemade gifts.

Young boy making craft

With many parents now helping their children learn at home, turning an assignment or "homework" into a gift is a great double dip. "Most remote learning activities offer enough flexibility to make it fairly easy to convert one into a Mother's Day gift," says Alexandra Fung, CEO of Upparent, a parent-to-parent recommendation website. You can create vegetable garden signs during craft time, make rock candy for an easy science experiment, or write a story dedicated to mom.

Give the gift of cozy.

Family opening mail package

Forget the usual bathrobe and slippers and give mom a cute sweat set this year. From chasing kids around the house, to working in a makeshift home office, to finally relaxing with a glass of wine, she deserves to be comfy. "Super cozy— yet chic–lounge outfits encompass just what mamas out there need right now: a day of rest and relaxation, and a feeling that she is beautiful, inside and out," says Mandy Fry, president of clothing brand Z SUPPLY. And for more gifts she'll love, check out 11 Homemade Mother's Day Card Ideas for Kids.

Commission a hand-painted illustration.

Family hanging picture of beach

If you're not crafty yourself but still love that homemade gift feel, commission a painting of a family photo or the family home. "At a time when many retail stores are closed, the Etsy marketplace is always open with handcrafted, unique gifts that can be shipped anywhere so that if you can't be with your loved ones in person, you can send a personalized gift," says Jennifer Baghdoian of Jenny's Noodle, who uses the platform to sell her watercolor illustrations. Mom will love it, and you'll feel great knowing you supported a small business at the same time.

Digitize the family recipes.

Digital recipes on tablet

No doubt you're having more home-cooked meals than ever, so it's a perfect time to digitize your family's favorite recipes. "This is a great way to preserve special family food traditions," says Sarah Yeoman of The Family Cookbook, who creates custom cookbooks using photography. You can even have her grandparents and other family members send over contributions.

Throw a virtual paint night.

Hand painting on canvas

Perfect for the mom who isn't afraid to get her hands dirty. Get all of your creative juices flowing and create some masterpieces for your home with an art class! Many paint studios all over the country are now offering virtual classes, so the whole family can partake. "Your 'canvas' can be whatever you want: a t-shirt, tote bag or even sneakers," says Mary Vamvoukakis, owner of La Pittura Studio in New York City. We recommend taking this party out into the backyard or laying down a lot of newspaper inside to avoid a mess. For more ideas that will make her day, check out 25 Mother's Day Messages That Will Warm Her Heart.

Treat her to an online interior design consultation.

Woman on a video call

Is all this time at home giving mom a thousand home makeover ideas? Help her turn those ideas into reality.

"A great gift for moms who love decorating but might need a little guidance in order to do it themselves, an online consultation can give her tips and advice from the pros," says Nora Bouz, founder of Lucida Well-Being Interior Design. A fresh pair of eyes can evaluate the space and help bring dream projects to fruition.

Preserve memories with a journal.

Family sitting on floor reading

Not just any journal, but one that you can fill out together.

"You can make your own DIY mom keepsake journal by adding questions about her life, memories from her childhood, and her hopes and dreams for the future," says Andrea Ouargli, director of e-commerce at Mud Pie. You can easily make this a generational activity and fill it out with both mom and grandma virtually or on the phone. For more ideas for jotting things down, check out 27 Inspiring Journal Prompts for Stumped Writers.

Make a customized playlist.

Woman listening to earphones

Working from home, escaping quarantine with a short drive, or doing small projects around the house—everything is better with the right music. "The modern day mixtape, curating a playlist, is very personal and shows that you took the time to create something just for her," says Aileen Avery, author of Gift Rap: The History and Art of Gift Giving. Apps like Spotify make it easy for everyone in the family to contribute. Go the extra mile by making separate playlists for specific activities or different times of the day.

Host a tea party.

Tea party

This classic and timeless Mother's Day celebration idea might normally take place at a fancy hotel, but it can easily be replicated in your home. "Choose a tea theme, such as a specific type or region, and pair each one with a different dessert or snack for an easy, at-home party," explains Ashley Lim, tea sommelier and founder of Mansa Tea. If you're spending the day apart from the mom you're honoring, have everyone dress up and host the party virtually.

Set up a modern family photoshoot.

Family looking at laptop on couch together

Pictures of the family are a mom's weakness, so bring the photoshoot to her! Photographers are getting creative in these times and holding virtual shoots over video call apps. "Make it a whole event by putting on some tunes, getting dressed together, and even creating a fun backdrop," recommends photographer Shawn Binder. For more quarantine creativity, check out 13 Funny Quarantine Videos and Photos of People Entertaining Themselves.

Take the cinema to her with a home projector.

Family watching projector at home

Movie night just got seriously upgraded. "Create a camping experience in your backyard or patio and project your family's favorite movie onto the side of your house or garage, or grab some blankets and pillows and cast a movie on the ceiling if you want to stay indoors," says Paul Zakrzewski, head of marketing at C+A Global. Brands like Kodak, Sony and Epson make affordable projector options, and this is a gift the whole family can enjoy for years to come. For marathon inspiration, read up on 18 2020 Movies Streaming Right Now and Where to Find Them.

Complete a personalized puzzle.

Family doing puzzle together

Order a puzzle made out of a favorite family photo that will double as a framable piece of art for your home. "Puzzles are a fun, wholesome activity for families to pass the time, and a customized one makes a sweet keepsake gift," says Maia Haag, president of children's book company I See Me. Surprise mom with one of the family pet or even a collage of baby pictures! For more brain busters, check out 19 Puzzles for Adults That'll Keep You Busy For Hours.

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