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This Hugely Popular Quarantine Purchase Has Just Been Recalled

Ironically, this one thing in your home meant to keep you healthy could wind up injuring you.

The first few months of lockdown made it all too easy to splurge on some big purchases to help lift your spirits with a little retail therapy. This was especially true of home upgrades or any items that helped you reconnect with your favorite pre-pandemic hobbies that were suddenly off-limits. But if you were one of the many who purchased a Peloton bike, you may have regrets—Peloton recently announced a major recall due to a defect. Read on for more details, and for another home item that could be more hazardous than it's worth, check out why A New Study Says This Might Be the Most Dangerous Thing in Your Home.

The high-tech at-home fitness company revealed on Oct. 14 that Peloton bikes that had been fitted with PR70P pedals were being recalled after there were multiple reports of pieces snapping off and causing injury. In total, the company says that 27,000 units that were sold between July 2013 and May 2016 are affected.

So far, Peloton says it has received 120 reports of pedal breakages with 16 causing injury. Out of those, five injuries required medical care, "such as stitches to the lower leg." The company notes that these pedals are outside the one-year warranty.

"Peloton recommends that members change their Peloton bike pedals annually," the company said in a statement. "If your bike is fitted with a PR70P clip-in pedal, stop using your bike until you have installed new pedals." The company is offering free pedals to those affected.

Peloton store sign in Stanford Shopping Center in Palo Alto, California

Peloton saw a massive surge amid the pandemic. According to a September report by CNN Business, the company had a 172 percent surge in sales in the last quarter, with more than 1 million people subscribing to its streaming classes. However, those who bought new bikes are not affected by the recent Peloton recall.

Peloton is far from the only company that has been recently forced to recall its products, however. Read on for other items that have been deemed too dangerous to keep on the shelves, and for more on how your habits could be putting you in harm's way, check out Lacking This Vitamin Is Putting You at Severe COVID Risk, Study Says.

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Super Soaker water guns

Family playing with water guns

Summer ended very abruptly for some children around the country when the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (UCPSC) recalled two versions of the Super Soaker water gun in August. The recall was issued because a decorative sticker placed on the products had ink that contained lead surpassing the amount allowed by the federal government. It affected nearly 54,900 water guns in total, which included both the green-and-orange Super Soaker XP 20 and the orange-and-blue Super Soaker XP 30.

Sunshine Mills dog food

Dog Sitting By a Bowl of Dog Food

The United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA) recently announced that several popular dog food products were being recalled for containing high levels of aflatoxin, a mold byproduct that is harmful to pets in high doses. In total, 21 brands were affected by the recall, all manufactured by Sunshine Mills. And for more dog-related products that will no longer be in stores, discover why Petco Just Took This Controversial Product Off Its Shelves.

Spice Hunter spices

Variety of Spices products you should always buy generic

On Oct. 12, the Spice Hunter recalled several kinds of popular spices from stores and customers, including parsley, cinnamon, pepper, paprika, and garlic. The FDA reported that the voluntary recall was issued by the manufacturer after it was discovered they had been potentially contaminated with salmonella. And for more potential hazards hiding in your home, learn which Surprising Staple in Your Kitchen Could Be Toxic, Research Shows.

Harbor Breeze indoor ceiling fans

Shutterstock / kamui29

A high number of customer injuries recently forced Lowe's to issue a recall on a specific model of a popular brand of ceiling fan. Harbor Breeze's Kingsbury indoor ceiling fans were taken from the shelves and online store after the manufacturer received 76 reports of the fan's light globe falling, resulting in at least four laceration injuries.

Metformin hydrochloride extended-release tablets

Woman hand holds white medication pills, pours from a white bottle into palm the calcium tablets dietary supplement.

A popular pill prescribed to type-2 diabetes patients was recalled on Oct. 14 after Indian pharmaceutical company Marksans Pharma Limited had released tablets containing higher levels of N-nitrosodimethylamine (NDMA) than the acceptable daily intake limits. NDMA is "a probable human carcinogen," which raises the risk of cancer in high doses. The affected products are sold under the brand name Time-Cap Labs, Inc. And for more hazards you may not know about, check out The No. 1 Thing You Should Never Keep in Your Car.

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