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This Popular Scooter Is Being Pulled After Causing Injuries

There have been several reports of this kids' toy randomly breaking.

When it comes to kids' toys, many parents rely on manufacturers to create well-made products that keep their children safe. Unfortunately, unforeseeable problems often arise, and some toys have to be quickly pulled from the shelves. Jakks Pacific has just announced that they have recalled one of their most popular scooters, which is sold at major retailers like Target and Walmart. Read on to find out why this scooter is being recalled, and for more ways to make your home safer, If You Have These Popular Pieces of Furniture at Home, Get Rid of Them.

Jakks Pacific is recalling specific versions of its Morfboard Skate & Scoot Combo scooters with "Y" handlebars, as the company has received 18 reports of the handlebars breaking. One injury has been reported so far after a child fell and got a bloody nose, according to the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC).

The scooters were sold in cyan, chartreuse, lava, and mint colors, all of which have been affected. Consumers can check an 8-character alphanumeric manufacturing data code on the bottom side of each skate deck sold with the toy to see if it has one of the 26 codes that have been named in the recall.

The Morfboard Skate & Scoot Combo is both a skateboard and scooter, depending on how you convert the interchangeable parts. To create a scooter, kids must insert the "Y" handlebar into a baseboard. The company is offering consumers a free replacement "T" handlebar if they already own the Morfboard Skate & Scoot Combo scooter.

This scooter has been sold nationwide at Walmart, Target, Toys "R" Us, Meijer, and BJ's Wholesale Club stores, as well as Amazon and, since Feb. 2018. The recall has affected more than 162,000 scooters.

Jakks Pacific is an American company that designs, produces, and markets several popular toys, including Fly Wheels and Fun Noodles. This is not the first time the company has had to recall one of their products. In 2002, Jakks Pacific recalled cans of their "Smatter" spray foam after receiving reports of the aerosol container breaking apart, injuring a child and breaking multiple car windows.

Of course, this is not the only company that has had to recall products recently. Keep reading for more items that have just been pulled from shelves, and for other retail news you might have missed, This Mall Mainstay May Be Closing a Store Near You.

Extension Cord Splitters

outlet on fire

No one wants a fire risk in their home. The CPSC recently announced that 5,700 Homerygardens Extension Outdoor Cord Splitters have been recalled due to the product presenting a fire risk, as it lacks "protective features." And for more fire risks to avoid, watch out for this Pest That Could Cause a Fire in Your Home.

Exercise Bikes

A young woman works out in her living room to a class on her laptop

Peloton bikes became a massively popular purchase during quarantine, but you may want to check yours. The company announced that Peloton bikes fitted with PR70P pedals were being recalled after there were multiple reports of pieces snapping off and causing injury. And for more ways to keep your home safe, discover which Filthy Spot in Your Home Is 12 Times Dirtier Than a Toilet Seat.

Dog Food

brown and white dog looking up at camera with bowl of food in front of him on wood floor

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) recently recalled various popular dog food products for containing high levels of aflatoxin, a mold byproduct that could hurt your pet if consumed in large amounts. The recall included 21 popular dog foods manufactured by Sunshine Mills. And for more pet products that will be hard to find, discover why Petco Just Took This Controversial Product Off Its Shelves.

Water Guns

Family playing with water guns

This past summer, another popular child's toy was recalled. According to the CPSC, Hasbro had to recall two versions of the Super Soaker water gun because a decorative sticker on the toys contained more lead than legally allowed. And for more up-to-date information, sign up for our daily newsletter.

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