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If You Use This in Your Oven, You Need to Stop Now

The company recalled the product after learning it creates a carbon monoxide poisoning risk.

There's a very good chance that the coronavirus pandemic has you cooking more at home than you ever have before. But there may be a hidden danger in your kitchen that's putting you and your family at risk. If you use oven liners in your oven, you need to check the brand. One company has issued a warning and announced a recall of their oven liners due to potential carbon monoxide poisoning. Read on to find out more about the recall, and for another danger lurking in the heart of your home, check out This Surprising Staple in Your Kitchen Could Be Toxic, Research Shows.

Gorilla Commerce warns that if you use their heavy duty oven liner and it's "not cut or configured for the exact specifications of the oven and it is placed over any vents or other openings in the oven, carbon monoxide can build up, posing a risk of carbon monoxide poisoning to consumers." The United States Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) reports that 1,600 units are affected by the recall.

The company specifies that the Chinese-manufactured heavy duty oven liners were sold in sets of three and that what you're looking for is "Extra Thick and Gorilla Grip with a gorilla logo" printed on the packaging. The products in question were sold online at Amazon and on the company's website from June 2020 through August 2020 for between $8 and $12.

Luckily, thus far, no injuries have been reported and there has only been one report of a customer's carbon monoxide detector being set off while using an oven outfitted with the recalled item. Anyone in possession of the product, however, should remove it from their ovens immediately and contact the company by phone or email at [email protected] for a full refund.

But these aren't the only products that have been pulled from the shelves for safety issues. Read on for other recently recalled items, and for more products putting you and your home at risk, check out This Common Household Item Has Been Recalled Over Fire Risk.

Schneider Electric surge protectors

outlet on fire

With the sudden need for home offices across the U.S. recently, there's a good chance you've picked up a surge protector or two to handle all of your devices' plugs. But beware if it's a Schneider Electric Surgeloc Surge Protection Device: The company recalled them due to fire hazard concerns in late October, advising that "consumers should immediately stop using the recalled surge protection devices and contact Schneider Electric for instructions on receiving a free equivalent replacement surge protector."

Harbor Breeze and Great Falls ceiling fans

wooden ceiling fan on bright white ceiling

Two types of ceiling fans were recalled recently for creating a high risk of serious injury. Harbor Breeze's 70-inch Kingsbury ceiling fans and Great Falls' outdoor ceiling fans from Westinghouse Lighting (about 280,000 and 3,000 total units, respectively) were recalled in October. In the case of the Harbor Breeze fans, the CPSC says the globe light at its center "can fall from its housing, posing impact and laceration injury hazards," and the blades of the Great Falls fan can "crack and break, posing an impact injury hazard." And for another potential risk hiding in your space, check out A New Study Says This Might Be the Most Dangerous Thing in Your Home.

Crate and Barrel and CB2 bookcases

white open bookcase in living room of apartment

Bookworms beware: Both the Crate and Barrel Danish tall bookcases and CB2 Trace bookcases were recalled on Oct. 21, due to reports of the furniture collapsing when full. Although there have been no injuries reported so far, the CPSC did receive five reports of the Danish tall bookcase's legs breaking and 11 reports of the Trace bookcase collapsing. The recall affects 2,100 Danish bookcases sold between June 2017 and Jan. 2020 and 407 Trace bookcases sold between June 2019 through July 2020. And for other fixtures that could potentially cause injury, know that These Favorite Pieces of Furniture Have Been Recalled.

Peloton bike pedals

woman training on stationary bike equipment indoors while watching class on screen

Super popular quarantine purchase Peloton issued a recall after hundreds of riders reported pedals breaking, resulting in 16 injuries, including one user who needed stitches. The company revealed on Oct. 14 that 27,000 of its bikes fitted with PR70P pedals were being recalled because they can snap and injure riders. And for more pandemic purchases that people are making as numbers rise, check out These 4 Products Are Flying Off the Shelves as COVID Surges.

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