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If You Drink Your Coffee Out of This, You Need to Stop Now

This hugely popular reusable coffee cup has a serious problem and has been recalled.

Environmentally responsible and on-the-move coffee drinkers have been warned to check their cups this week after a product recall was issued on a hugely popular reusable mug. Yeti announced on Nov. 4 that some of their Rambler travel mugs have been recalled due to potential injury and burn hazards. Read on to find out if your favorite mug is affected, and for another recent recall you should be aware of, check out If You Have This Popular Device at Home, You're at Risk of a Fire.

According to a report from the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC), the issue has arisen with the stronghold lid on Yeti's mugs, and the magnet slider that secures it. Customers have experienced the slider ejecting, causing the hot contents of the mug to spill out, potentially leading to burns. So far, Yeti has received two reports of the slider being ejected after the cup was filled with hot liquid, although thankfully no injuries have been reported at this time.

However, the company still advises consumers to stop using the mugs. "If you purchased a 20 Ounce Travel Mug with Stronghold Lid you should stop using the product immediately," Yeti said in a statement.

The recall is believed to apply to around 15,000 Yeti mugs of the 241,500 produced, and affects products with the date code 34204010, which can be found on the inside rim of the base of the mug. The recalled mugs were sold in a range of colors—black, seafoam, navy, ice pink, northwoods green, graphite, and copper—and can also be identified by the SKU (Stock Keeping Unit) number, which can be found on receipts for the product. A full list of the SKUs are on the CPSC's website.

Reusable cups have grown dramatically in popularity among consumers who would previously have gotten takeout coffee in single-use plastic or paper-based cups. As cities start issuing taxes on single-use plastics and consumers become more environmentally conscious, there's been a surge in sales of reusable cups and mugs like the ones Yeti sells, but the company in particular has become hugely popular for their insulated drinkware and coolers, as well. Yeti's latest third quarter report saw drinkware net sales increase 31 percent to $165.9 million, compared to $126.4 million in the quarter the year prior.

Any customers who have one of Yeti's potentially faulty mugs should visit the Yeti site for instructions on returning the lid, or you can visit one of their stores in order to receive a full refund. Read on for other recent recalls that could affect you, and for another serious hazard that could be in your medicine cabinet, know that If You Use This Medication, You Need to Talk to Your Doctor Now.

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Sunstar Americas mouthwash


At the end of October, Sunstar Americas, Inc. (SAI) issued a notice voluntarily recalling its Paroex Chlorhexidine Gluconate Oral Rinse USP mouthwash commonly used to treat gingivitis, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) reported. The mouthwash recall was triggered by fears that the product may be contaminated with the bacteria Burkholderia lataAnyone who is "in possession of these products should stop using and dispensing immediately," the FDA says. The full list of serial numbers of the affected batches of the mouthwash are available at the SAI site. And for more products in your bathroom that could be putting you at risk, check out If You Use This Popular Soap, Your Bottle Could Be Contaminated.

Rogue Fitness home timers

closeup of digital timer, black with red numbers

In early November, the CPSC announced that Coulter Ventures' Rogue Home Timers had been recalled due to a potential fire risk. The lithium-ion battery in the devices, used to time exercise intervals and measure workout duration, can overheat and burn, leading to fires. According to the CPSC, approximately 8,900 of the $150 timers were sold through Rogue Fitness' websites between June 2019 and June 2020. There have been seven reports of batteries overheating, two of which led to the device's battery compartment melting, but luckily, no injuries have been reported yet. And for another fitness-related purchase that could be putting you in danger, This Hugely Popular Quarantine Purchase Has Just Been Recalled.

Schneider Electric surge protectors

appliances plugged into a power strip, fire prevention tips

Surge protectors are intended to reduce your home's fire risk by protecting against voltage spikes, but in October, it was discovered that some of Schneider Electric's products may actually present a fire risk themselves. The company recalled approximately 47,250 Surgeloc Surge Protection Devices, recommending that customers stop using them immediately due to the potential for the devices to cause an electrical arc that can ignite. And if you're worried about your safety in the kitchen, know that If You Use This in Your Oven, You Need to Stop Now.

Harbor Breeze and Great Falls ceiling fans

Ceiling fan

Two popular ceiling fans were yanked off shelves in October due to their potential to fall down and cause injury. According to the CPSC, approximately 280,000 Harbor Breeze 70-inch Kingsbury ceiling fans and 3,000 Great Falls outdoor ceiling fans from Westinghouse Lighting were affected. At the time the recall was reported, there had been 76 known incidences of the fans falling, leading to four laceration injuries. And for more recalls that you should be aware of, check out If You Have These Popular Pieces of Furniture at Home, Get Rid of Them.

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