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See Ricky Schroder's Daughter, Who's a Model and a Boxer

The blonde beauty is also a multi-hyphenated talent.

Making his big-screen debut in the 1979 movie The Champ, Ricky Schroder quickly earned his place in Hollywood history as the youngest-ever recipient of a Golden Globe Award. He became an even bigger household name in the '80s when he landed the role of Ricky Stratton on the popular sitcom Silver Spoons. He grew up in front of our eyes, later landing adult roles on Lonesome Dove, NYPD Blue, 24, Scrubs, and more.

Today, the actor is 51 and he's got four grown-up children with wife Andrea BernardHolden (29), Luke (28) Cambrie (24) and Faith Schroder (20)—and it seems one of his children is ready for her closeup. Cambrie is now a model, actress, and aspiring boxer who's ready to take center stage. Read on to see the blonde beauty now!

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Cambrie was discovered as a model on social media.

Cambrie Schroder modeling
Jamie McCarthy/Getty Images for Tadashi Shoji

Cambrie was first noticed for her modeling in 2017, at the age of 20. She shared with Fox News that her career began organically on social media, after posting pictures with younger sister, Faith."We grew up on a beach in Topanga Canyon, so we were always around really beautiful locations. We just started taking beautiful pictures and it was just something that we liked," she explained. "So I think that's what started it for us, taking these pictures of the beach, our ranch, and our animals. And from there, companies wanted to send us products to take pictures and pose. Then agents found us on social media."

From there, the sisters joined the Lifetime documentary series Growing Up Supermodel, which follows the stories of runway hopefuls who happen to have famous families. "My dad was a little apprehensive [about the show]. He grew up in the business, so he understood how hard it can be on your life and how hard of a career it is," Cambrie told Fox.

"His biggest goal was to have us stay humble and grounded. That's why we grew up on a ranch. But I think he knows we were raised well enough for us to be strong and hardworking … he wants to support what we're doing, but he also wants to make sure that we stay grounded," she added.

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She is also an aspiring professional boxer.

Cambrie Schroder
Tibrina Hobson/Getty Images

More recently, Cambrie announced via her YouTube channel that she has decided to pursue a professional career in boxing. "I have always dreamed my whole life of being a professional athlete," she explained a self-recorded video in March of last year. "I've always done boxing training and I've decided to take on the pursuit of being a professional boxer," she said. The aspiring athlete added that it will take months of training and a large fitness team to get her into fighting shape.

The inspiration for her new training, she says, is the desire to constantly push for new levels of physical challenge. "I think the moment you start declining in life is when you stop challenging yourself," she shared. "I don't like feeling like I'm ever in a plateau so I always give myself big new challenges, and this is the biggest one I've ever given myself in my life." Cambrie added that she was "scared" to get started "because I'll be in a ring getting physically attacked by my opponent," but that she had a strict regimen in place to help her build the skills she'll need to succeed.

Cambrie has her own fitness company.

Cambrie Schroder on GQ red carpet
Paul Archuleta/FilmMagic via Getty Images

Cambrie is also the CEO of her own online company, Fit With Cambrie. Through her fitness site, she sells supplements, meal plans, fitness accessories, one-on-one Zoom fitness classes with Cambrie herself (these will set you back a cool $200 per session), and in-person classes in Los Angeles, San Diego, and Malibu.

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She also made her acting debut alongside her famous father.

Ricky Schroder with daughters Cambrie and Faith
Jason LaVeris/FilmMagic via Getty Images

Though modeling and boxing have proven to be her main passions, Cambrie has also dabbled in acting. In 2013, she starred alongside her father and brothers in the Hallmark Channel movie Our Wild Hearts. The coming-of-age tale tells the story of Willow, a wealthy Malibu teen who goes looking for her estranged father in the wild Sierra Nevada Mountains. What she finds is a whole new life, in which she bonds with a beautiful, untamed mustang and embraces the call of the wild.

Cambrie says her dad's Hollywood work ethic has helped shaped her own. "He always taught us to go to work prepared, to work hard, and to treat everybody equally with respect," she told Fox News. "This is your career, but there's your personal life and your family—don't let those get intertwined too much. Do not depend on your career for personal fulfillment," she recalls her father telling her.

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