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See Steven Seagal's Daughter, Who's a Model and Aspiring WWE Star

Dad was an action hero, mom was a model—now Arissa LeBrock is a rising star in both fields.

In his heyday in the '80s and '90s, Steven Seagal was one of the most famous action heroes in Hollywood. A trained martial artist with a 7th-dan black belt in aikido, he was known for his explosive fight scenes in big, blockbuster films like Above the Law, Hard to Kill, Under Siege, and more. Beyond his busy acting career, Seagal was busy behind the scenes as a father of seven children, three of whom he shares with the former actor and model Kelly LeBrock. Today, their youngest child, Arissa LeBrock, is following both parents' footsteps into the world of entertainment. She's throwing her hat in the ring to become a professional WWE wrestler, in addition to her budding career as a model. Read on to see what she looks like now!

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Arissa LeBrock grew up outside of the spotlight.

Arissa LeBrock in a white dress
Amanda Edwards/WireImage via Getty Images

When Arissa was just three years old, her parents ended their decade-long marriage amid a cheating scandal between Seagal and the couple's nanny, Arissa Wolf. At that time, Kelly moved her three children to a ranch in Santa Barbara County, choosing to raise her son and two daughters outside of the limelight.

"When I split with Steven [Seagal], the divorce was very ugly, and details of the case were on the evening news," LeBrock, now 61, told the U.K.'s Daily Mail (via Us Magazine). "I didn't want my kids seeing it, so I simply got rid of the TV. I moved my kids out of L.A. so they could grow up with real people—the kids of gas pump attendants, plumbers and real family people."

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Today, Arissa is following in her dad's footsteps into martial arts.

Arissa LeBrock
Jesse Grant/Getty Images for Lifetime

Even though Arissa was raised primarily by her mother, it's clear that her father's passion for martial arts runs in her blood. In 2020, she shared via social media that she was invited to WWE wrestling tryouts, thanks to her proficiency in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and her background in entertainment.

If she succeeds, the now 28-year-old would reportedly join NXT, the WWE's "talent developmental system" in which wrestling stars train for their time in the square circle and concoct their stage personas.

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She's also a model, like her famous mom.

Arissa LeBrock modeling
run Nevader/Getty Images for Art Hearts Fashion

Just as her father had an effect on her career, it seems Arissa's mother also shaped her professional path. Outside of her WWE aspirations, Arissa is known primarily for her work as a runway and print model. She can be seen in campaigns for Ashley Stewart and throughout the pages of PLUS Model Magazine. Arissa shared in a recent bio (via Bustle) that she is on "a crusade to earn acceptance for non-traditional body types" through her modeling.

On Instagram recently, she shared that she's struggled to embrace her body. "Things haven't been easy. Yes, I am blessed beyond measure, I don't forget for one second how lucky I am. What I am talking about is the battle I have been fighting my whole life. Fluctuating up and down the scales. This time last year I had visible abs. Today I have a little tummy and my a** and thighs are bigger than ever," she wrote to her followers in June 2021. But she remembered that "what matters, is that you are nice to yourself. What matters is you accept yourself. What matters, is that you LOVE yourself. Accept the change. Embrace it. … You are worth it. Always."

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Now, Arissa wants to find success on her own terms.

Arissa and Kelly LeBrock in red dress white dress
Ryan Miller/WireImage via Getty Images

In 2017, Arissa also joined the cast of Growing Up Supermodel, a Lifetime reality show about celebrity kids who aspire to become models. The series documented her rise within the world of modeling, including the challenges she faced as the only plus-sized model on the show. Despite the obvious impact Arissa's famous parents have had on her, she wants to pursue her own path and succeed on her own terms. In a promo for the reality show, she shared a comment she commonly received: "Oh, you're Kelly Le Brock's daughter. You're Steven Seagal's daughter," she said. "No, I'm me," she corrected.

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