Brave Couple Continues Wedding Despite New York City Blackout—Photos

They made the best out of a nightmare situation.

On Saturday, July 13, Craig Silverstein and Amy Rosenthal were in the middle of their wedding ceremony at New York City's Plaza Hotel when all of the lights suddenly went out, the result of a blackout that affected the majority of Manhattan.

"The crowd itself was unaware of what was going on and perhaps thought it was planned but, after a few minutes, someone from the Plaza showed up with a flashlight [and] people laughed," their lawyer Marc Bresky, who was at the wedding, told Best Life.

Faced with literal darkness, most people probably would have chosen to call the whole thing off—but not these newlyweds. Instead, they continued the ceremony, reciting their vows to a sea of guests who held up smartphones as guiding lights.

"It was unbelievable," bride Rosenthal told The New York Times. "Everyone stepped up and were doing everything in their power to make the night a special one."

Indeed, guests and wedding staff alike went the extra mile to make the night an unforgettable one. At the reception, the 12-piece band played music using instruments that didn't require power, while some of the guests sang and danced.

"Ultimately there was singing with no microphones and they danced for about 40 minutes," Bresky said. "They were able to get through the Jewish ceremony and even lift the bride and groom with their chairs as is customary."

Afterwards, the wedding party took the festivities to a nearby nightclub—but not before the bride's brother, Justin Rosenthal, managed to capture a stunning photo of Silverstein and Rosenthal embracing in front of the darkened hotel.

bride and groom plaza hotel wedding new york city blackout
Justin Rosenthal

On Sunday, New York Times journalist Emma G. Fitzsimmons shared the captivating photo on Twitter, where it promptly went viral.

"If you've planned a wedding, you'll understand how this is basically Your. Worst. Nightmare," Fitzsimmons wrote in a follow-up tweet. "But I'm sure it's also a story they'll be telling their grandchildren."

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