Walmart Shoppers May Be Eligible for $500

The retailer just settled a major class action lawsuit.

Costco Shoppers Are Abandoning Kirkland

Customers claim that many of the items they're buying are not as good as they once were.

Pesticide Found in Granola and Cereal

The lesser-known chemical has been discovered in popular oat and wheat-based products.

E. Coli Outbreak Spreading in 4 States

A CDC investigation has linked at least 10 illnesses so far with a contaminated dairy product.

Shopper Claims Walmart Is "Scamming Us"

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Multiple Recalls Issued for Listeria

Several products were pulled due to potential contamination, the FDA and CDC warn.

Costco, Albertsons Recall Sauces for Listeria

The potentially contaminated cheese-based products were sold in 16 different states.

Costco Shoppers "Have a Bad Feeling"

"RIP $1.50 hot dog combo," one person wrote on Reddit.

Listeria Outbreak Has Hit 11 States

Two people have died and more than 26 sickened by dairy products.

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Aldi Is Getting Rid of Plastic Bags

The chain is the first major retailer in the U.S. to go completely bagless across all locations.

Quaker Is Issuing a Massive Recall, FDA Warns

The well-known brand is expanding an existing recall that was issued last month.