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10 Most Popular Disney Park Snacks—Ranked!

These theme park treats are posted so often that they're called "the most Instagrammable."

Disney World and Disneyland offer endless photo opportunities—but for many guests, it's the themed foods and drinks are the most worthy of snapping a pic. In a new analysis, the Disney travel planning experts at MagicGuides cataloged the most popular Disney park snacks using Instagram, according to a press release provided to Best Life.

When reviewing 50 different food and drink options, researchers identified the 10 Disney-exclusive snacks that were tagged in the most Instagram posts globally, earning them the title of "the most Instagrammable." Read on to find out which popular snacks you'll want to snap a photo of on your next Disney trip.

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Mickey's Premium Ice Cream Bar

mickey premium ice cream bar
Jackie Nell / Flickr Creative Commons

Instagram hashtags: 9,470

Coming in at number 10 is Mickey's Premium Ice Cream Bar, which is Instagrammable mostly because it's iconic. The vanilla ice cream bar is shaped like Mickey Mouse's head, covered in a chocolate shell—a perfect snack to enjoy on a warm day spent wandering the park.

Disney Churro

Instagram hashtags: 10,278 

The ninth most popular snack is another tasty treat: Disney Churros. These classic doughy desserts are perfectly sweet—and while some may favor the traditional, plain variety, the parks often offer "specialty flavors" that come with different dipping sauces to sample.

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Night Blossom

Instagram hashtags: 10,468

Narrowly beating out the beloved churros is the Night Blossom Drink, which is found in Animal Kingdom's Pandora: The World of Avatar at the Pongu Pongu counter.

The colorful, multilayered frozen drink is listed as a non-alcoholic specialty beverage on the official menu. Per the description, it features layers of apple and desert pear limeade, topped with orange boba balls.

Mickey Beignets

mickey beignets
Kristina Werner / Flickr Creative Commons

Instagram hashtags: 11,163

At number seven are the famous Mickey Beignets. The doughy treats are again made in the shape of Mickey Mouse's head, and covered in powdered sugar.

According to MagicGuides, these can be "slightly harder to find in the parks," but there are a few places you can count on. At Disneyland, head to the Royal Street Veranda, and at Disney World, check out Scat Cat's Club in Disney's Port Orleans Resort – French Quarter.

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Disney Popcorn Buckets

mickey popcorn bucket
Loren Javier / Flickr Creative Commons

Instagram hashtags: 20,618

Disney's themed Popcorn Buckets claim the spot as the sixth most popular snack to Instagram.

They are the first savory item to make the list. MagicGuides notes that they're exceedingly popular thanks to the fact that they're refillable and double as a souvenir. According to the press release, these buckets are shaped in the form of different Disney characters.

Mickey Waffle

mickey waffle
Jonathan Ooi / Flickr Creative Commons

Instagram hashtags: 25,277

Disney fans really love snacks that play off of the beloved Mickey Mouse character. Yet another makes the list here, and this time, it's the Mickey Waffle. MagicGuides cites the soft, sweet waffles as a "Disney Parks staple," but the Disney Food Blog goes so far as to say they're "practically a cultural phenomenon."

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Green Milk

Instagram hashtags: 25,397

Green Milk might not sound particularly appetizing, but it's especially Instagrammable, per MagicGuides' data—and Disney touts it as being "invigorating" and "refreshing."

The frozen drink can be purchased from the Milk Stand in Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge at both Disneyland and Disney World. According to the official menu, Green Milk is a "plant-based blend of coconut and rice milk with zippy citrus and tropical characteristics."

Per MagicGuides, the character of Luke Skywalker is seen drinking Green Milk in Star Wars: Episode VIII – The Last Jedi.

Mickey Pretzel

mickey soft pretzel
Jackie Nell / Flickr Creative Commons

Instagram hashtags: 30,407

Rounding out the top three is the Mickey Pretzel. Soft pretzels are an amusement park staple, but the Mickey version is pretty much synonymous with Disney. According to MagicGuides, the pretzel "has one of the biggest cult followings throughout Disney Parks."

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Blue Milk

Instagram hashtags: 55,275

At number two is Blue Milk—another variety of the Star Wars-themed "milk" beverages. Luke Skywalker is seen drinking the blue variety in Star Wars: Episode IV – A New Hope.

According to the official Disney menu, Blue Milk is another "plant-based blend of coconut and rice milk," but instead of citrus and tropical flavors, this milk has "alluring fruity characteristics."

The Blue Milk vs. Green Milk debate is ongoing among parkgoers, but Blue Milk prevails in popularity on Instagram, at least.

Dole Whip

dole whip at disney
Andrew / Flickr Creative Commons

Instagram hashtags: 316,535

You may not be surprised to see the Dole Whip at the top of the most Instagrammable Disney snacks. It's so popular, it has over five times the number of hashtags when compared to the runner-up, Blue Milk—and MagicGuides points out that it has more hashtags than the rest of the top 10 combined.

The traditional Dole Whip is pineapple flavored, but according to Magic Guides, it now comes in different flavors and racks up roughly 58,000 Google searches each month.

"These findings emphasize the unwavering popularity of the iconic Dole Whip, which has been a park staple since first introduced in 1986," a spokesperson for MagicGuides said in the release.

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