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10 Best Things to Buy at Michaels for Easter

It's your one-stop-shop for great Easter decor, crafts, and more.

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With the first day of Spring coming up in the calendar, Easter is just around the corner. However you plan to celebrate, it's never too early to start getting in the holiday spirit with a little help from the craft store Michaels. Right now, much of their Easter and Spring decor is being sold for up to 50 percent off, meaning this is, in fact, the perfect time to snag a seasonal deal. From tabletop decorations to fun crafts for kids, they've got everything you need to make this Easter your most memorable holiday yet.

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Moss bunny wreath


linked in my ltk and only $9!! 🐰🤍🌱🐇🌷🥚 #easterdecor #easter #wreath #decor #boymom #momlife #diy #fyp @Michaels Stores

♬ Peace Blossom Boogy – Babe Rainbow

If winter has darkened your doorstep for just a little too long this year, you can help usher in Spring with some festive decorations. Though there are plenty of Easter wreaths to choose from at Michaels—including some DIY wreath kits—this faux-moss-covered bunny wreath stands apart from the crowd for its simple, works-anywhere style.

"If you want classic and timeless spring decor this wreath is it!" says one TikTok post from Abi Guzzo (@abiguzzo), a designer who shares DIY home decorating tips on social media.

The wreath normally retails for $14.99 but was on sale for $7.49 at the time of writing.

Pom-pom bunny garland


This Easter bunny garland from @Michaels Stores, will make the perfect decoration for any mantle! My kids are going to absolutely love this decorating piece. #michaelscraftstore #easter #easterdecor #easterbunny #easterbasket

♬ Nice and Easy – Louis Adrien

Next, dress up your mantel with this sweet bunny garland, which features seven pom-pom bunnies on six feet of string.

"My bunny lovers, you're going to need this," says a TikTok post from Brittany Polster (@miss_bp). "I actually saw it on another girl's TikTok and I ran to Michaels to get it. My two-year-old daughter is going to love putting this up on the mantel," she says.

The garland is $19.99 but was half off at the time of writing.

Woven bunny Easter basket


The cutest easter baskets at a fraction of the cost! Snagged at Michaels

♬ original sound – 🎧

Looking for the perfect Easter basket for your kids? This woven bunny basket is perfectly on theme for any Easter egg hunt.

A recent TikTok post from Maggie Vevone (@ourupstatehome) points out that the design is a dupe of Crate & Barrel's popular bunny basket. "The cutest Easter baskets at a fraction of the cost! Snagged at Michael's," she writes in the caption.

For comparison, the Crate & Barrel version was $34 (it's currently out-of-stock), whereas the Michaels version was on sale for $14.99.

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Silicone treat mold

Baking requires a certain amount of artistry—unless, that is, you have the tools to cheat. If you suspect you have iffy kitchen instincts, silicone treat molds are your simple shortcut to success. Simply pour in any batter —store-bought or made from scratch—then focus on the fun parts of baking: decorating and eating.

This cheeky dessert mold set from Michaels is shaped like cute bunny butts with fluffy tails. One TikTok post (@psychfan27) shares how to use the molds to create a layered dessert that you can use as a cake topper. "Look how cute that looks on the cake," the TikToker says.

Even better, they're only $5.99—or $2.99 with the sale!

Flocked bunnies


The viral Easter bunnies are back at @Michaels Stores They also have the mini sized ones 😍 #flockedbunny #flockedbunnies #easterbunny #michaelscraftstore #michaelscraftstorefinds #michaelstorefind #minieasterbunny #easterbasketideas #easterbasketstuffers #pastelbunnies

♬ original sound – Dalton Smiley

Placing Easter decorations around your home can help brighten the space and get your family in the holiday spirit. This set of three cute felt bunnies looks great as a table centerpiece, on a mantle, or even nestled on a book shelf.

"The Easter bunnies are back!!!" says one excited TikTok post from Lenie Alexis (@leniealexisdesigns), who posts about DIY home upgrades. "Look at this! My anxiety really just melts away," she says, while filling up her cart.

They're available online in three sizes—8-inch, 16-inch, and 27-inch—and two color combinations—pink, red, and purple, or yellow, green, and blue. On sale, the sets range from $3.49 to $24.99.

Glitter Easter eggs

You can't have an Easter egg hunt without eggs—and Michaels has got you covered with some show-stopping options for under $5.

One shopper (@iamsandy_c) shared on TikTok that leading up to Easter there are "so many adorable finds," at Michaels, and recommends this bag of 14 glitter easter eggs, which she says are "so pretty."

Bunny couple centerpiece

Tabletop bunny couple with glasses from Michaels

Throwing an Easter event? Somebunny is all dressed up in their Sunday best and ready for the occasion.

Put this cute bunny bust on your table as a centerpiece or on your mantel with other Easter-themed decor. That same TikTok post gives the bow-tied bunny an enthusiastic review of three heart eye emojis.

Each bunny is $34.99, or $17.49 on sale.

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Silver bunny

If you love the idea of a bunny centerpiece but don't love the look of most kitschy and colorful Easter designs, this silver tabletop bunny offers a simple spring touch without all the bells and whistles.

"Look at this cute bunny stretching in a yoga pose!" says one YouTuber as she spots it on a walkthrough of a Michaels Easter display.

Faux tulips

There's perhaps no flower more associated with Easter than tulips—and you can make yours last all spring with Michaels' faux versions.

In a recently posted YouTube video, shopper Katie Vining starts by showing off the bunches of faux flowers, some of which are large bouquets of pastel tulips (on sale for just $3.99) and some of which also have cute easter eggs throughout.

She then holds up adorable egg-shaped planters filled with faux tulips, which are on sale for just $2.99. "These are so perfect to stick on, like, a bathroom shelf," she suggests.

Ceramic cake stand

White ceramic bunny cake stand from Michaels

After an Easter egg hunt and perhaps a morning service, is there any better way to spend an Easter afternoon than baking with your family? Whatever you make, this white ceramic cake stand provides the perfect way to display your creation. It features two sweet and mischievous bunnies trying to help themselves to dessert—a relatable scene if you've got kids in the house.

"This cake platter is absolutely adorable," Vining says. "She's helping him up to eat the cake—how cute is that!?"

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