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Lowe's Shoppers Can't Get Enough of This "Mind-Blowing" Product

The new item is the latest in over-the-top seasonal décor to go viral.

For shoppers across the country, Lowe's is a reliable source for anything you may need when it comes to fixing things up around the house. Aside from the well-priced home improvement materials, gardening supplies, fixtures, and appliances it's known for carrying, however, the store isn't exactly known for having many unique or memorable products. But now, one new item that just hit the shelves at Lowe's is being described by shoppers as "mind-blowing." Read on to find out which product customers can't seem to get enough of right now.

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Stores have seen a number of random products go viral recently.

The storefront of a Home Depot

The internet and social media allow us to come together to discuss events as they happen in real-time. And while that has helped shape the way we consume news, process current events, and engage in debate, it's also given us the ability to fixate on seemingly random things and make them culturally iconic. Lately, this trend has focused on some pretty strange products on sale at major retailers.

Over the summer, customers rejoiced when Home Depot announced it was bringing back its fan-favorite 12-foot skeleton Halloween decoration for the first time of the season. The obscure product had gone viral the two previous years, with a social media frenzy helping boost the chain to record-high sales.

Weeks later, the store managed to recapture the same excitement when social media exploded with praise for a six-foot wide, 89-pound "Colossal Crustacean Grand Scale Giant King Crab Statue" up for sale on its website. Shoppers took to the comment section to praise the $1,539 item, with one jokingly writing, "If you need a good designated driver, a reliable companion/wingman, or a therapist, this right claw man always has your back."

In late August, Halloween décor came back to the forefront of discussion when T.J. Maxx and Marshalls shoppers pointed out that a "super cute" decorative rug covered in ghosts was back on shelves, Apartment Therapy reported. The $30 product had gone viral on TikTok the previous Halloween season, generating a mad dash to locate and purchase the seasonal piece that appears to be happening again this year.

And now, another spooky item is taking the internet by storm.

A new item at Lowe's is grabbing shoppers' attention.

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Oversized skeletons may have been the craze over the past few Halloweens, but now it appears another over-the-top item is vying for the top spot. Lowe's is now stocking a 12-foot-tall mummy that seems to be an attempt to rival its competitor's equally tall bony lawn decoration, Apartment Therapy reports.

However, this version seems to have a (very long) leg up on the competition by offering several extra spooky features. Unlike the Home Depot product, the latest giant decoration moves, glows with "eerie, flickering light," and "makes terrifying moaning sounds," all set with motion activation and a timer. Lowe's even certifies the $348 product as "scary" in its specification section.

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Lowe's customers have fallen for the spooky product, calling it "mind-blowing."

Perspective shot of the interior of a Lowe's
Erin Deleon / Shutterstock

It hasn't taken long for Lowe's shoppers to grow fond of the towering mummy. Customer reviews posted on the product's page have been as glowing as the illuminated statue itself.

"It's mind-blowing how tall this mummy really is," one verified buyer wrote in a 5-star review. "I'm a tall guy and can barely pull the guy's pants up all the way."

"I have been eagerly awaiting this guy for a really long time," another 5-star reviewer says. "Had planned to buy the competitor's 12-foot skeleton with little success. Lowe's 12-foot mummy is by far superior to the 'skeleton statue' of years past."

Others took it upon themselves to defend the item from potentially biased bad reviews. "This is the first 12-foot animatronic being sold anywhere, and so the haters who have reviewed the item negatively sound like the other HOME improvement store fans of the STATIC 12-foot Halloween lawn decorations. Do yourself a favor and grab one before you are forced into those inferior STATIC 12-footers!" one customer wrote.

Even Lowe's poked fun at its competitor.

A giant skeleton Halloween decoration on someone's front lawn
Twitter / @Lowes

But it's not just customers who are having fun with the new product. In a tweet posted on July 8, Lowe's appeared to poke fun at its rival when announcing the new item.

"When your 12-foot skeleton is a 10, but it isn't a mummy," the store wrote with an image of the giant glowing item.

Despite being listed on the company's website, the spooky new product is only available for purchase in stores and not online. However, posts to TikTok highlighting the decoration appear to show that customers are having luck finding the item—and are equally enthusiastic with their opinions.

"Here's the 12-foot mummy in action!" one user posted. "I love him," including an emoji face with hearts.

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