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Home Depot Shoppers Can't Get Enough of This "Truly Magnificent" Product

Many have taken to Home Depot's website to write hilarious reviews.

Home Depot probably isn't your first stop when shopping for something particularly unique. Sure, it's a reliable destination if you're looking for a fresh coat or paint or need to replace your old refrigerator, but it's not a place that usually lets you think outside the box. Maybe it should be, however. Shoppers are now fascinated by one unexpected Home Depot product that's been described as "truly magnificent." Read on to find out what item customers can't get enough of, and why you might want to pick one up on your next shopping trip.

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This isn't the first product Home Depot to draw attention recently.

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You may not realize this, but Home Depot has its fair share of cult products. If you're ready for spooky season, head to the retailer sooner rather than later. Earlier this month, the store's Twitter account let customers know that its 12-foot skeleton, a fan-favorite Halloween decoration, would soon be available.

"We formally invite you to save the date," Home Depot tweeted. "Mark your calendars because on July 15, Skelly is back in stock with some new and old giant friends!"

You might not want to rush sunny weather away, but due to the skeleton's popularity, you need to act fast if you're in the market for a new decoration. According to Insider, Home Depot reached record-high sales numbers in 2020 thanks to the giant decoration, and after going viral on TikTok, it's sold out before the month of October for the last two years.

But for those of us in the marker for even more out-there décor, Home Depot has another option available on its website. This statue is smaller than Skelly—but it has certainly made an impression.

A massive outdoor decoration is available online.

Home Depot Giant Crab
Home Depot

Now available on Home Depot's website is a six-foot wide, 89-pound "Colossal Crustacean Grand Scale Giant King Crab Statue." The crab is bright red in color, cast in resin, and reinforced with fiberglass. According to the product description, the crab statue is also "hand-painted with powerfully convincing color and texture to be as faithful as possible to the form of its ancient species."

Giving new meaning to the term "King Crab," this massive statue can be yours for $1,539. Regardless of whether you want to put it indoors or outdoors, the overview also promises to transform any location "into something truly magnificent."

Does this description amuse you? If so, you aren't alone. Several shoppers couldn't ignore the hilarity, and many headed to the statue's review and question & answer sections to poke fun at the colossal crab.

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Shoppers have flooded the review section with jokes and jabs.

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If you need a good laugh, read through the reviews on the Colossal Crustacean page. Reviews range from racy to ridiculous, and you won't be disappointed scrolling through.

"If you need a good designated driver, a reliable companion/wingman, or a therapist, this right claw man always has your back," one reviewer joked, with another writing, "Very gorgeous, kind eyes. He is our God. Praise be."

Some poked fun at the crab's utility, with others spinning full-fledged "stories" about different uses for the statue. "Ever since I finished building my in-ground pool, neighborhood children have been sneaking over the fence at all hours to swim without permission," a review reads. "I thought a giant crustacean might discourage them, but now Timmy, from five doors down, is missing and the neighbors are giving me funny looks. On the plus side, there are no longer owls on my roof."

Someone pointed out that the crab's red color actually insinuates that it's been cooked, and while the product description states that it comes with "everything but the butter," that didn't stop customers from commenting on its absence. "WARNING! Does not come with butter," a shopper joked. "You must purchase your own separate vat of butter!"

This is the second year of snark.

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It's unclear which (if any) shoppers actually bought the statue, as no reviews are available from verified purchasers. However, real or not, 71 percent of reviewers recommend the King Crab Statue, which boasts a four-star average rating.

New reviews have shown up on the crab's product page as of last month, but this isn't the first time it's been the subject of scrutiny on Twitter. As reported by the New York Post, shoppers have been joking about it since 2021.

As a true sign of the times, the crab has also apparently fallen victim to inflation, the outlet noted. Last year, a screenshot posted on Twitter shows the product listed for almost $500 less, at $1,063.21—truly, a bargain, in retrospect.

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