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Michaels Shoppers Are "Genuinely Obsessed" With This New Décor Collection

You'll want to pay a visit to the craft store sooner rather than later.

Craft stores are not only great spots to pick up art supplies, yarn, or fabric—they're also well known for their seasonal décor. Michaels, in particular, sells fun and festive decorations, and thanks to the retailer's weekly coupons, you can often snag your selections at a discounted price. As we slide into fall, Michaels shoppers have found themselves particularly smitten with a new décor collection that's now on sale. Read on to find out what customers are "genuinely obsessed" with.

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Fall décor is a favorite on social media.

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It's only mid-September, but since pumpkin spice lattes have resurfaced, autumn has unofficially begun for many of us. One of the best things about this time of year is the decorations, with a number of retailers already rolling out selections for fall fanatics.

In fact, some stores began their autumnal endeavors over the summer. Back in July, Home Depot announced the return of a fan-favorite Halloween staple—a giant 12-foot skeleton. On Twitter, the home improvement store wrote that the skeleton, nicknamed "Skelly," was "back in stock with some new and old giant friends" as of July 15.

T.J. Maxx and Marshalls are also a hotspot for Halloween essentials, and shoppers were thrilled when a certain decorative rug returned to stores. According to Apartment Therapy, the black-and-white mat covered in ghosts went viral on TikTok in 2021, and the runner is just as popular this year. Fans again posted on TikTok if they were lucky enough to find one at their local store, as the rug quickly sold out online.

Now, shoppers have shifted their sights to Michaels for their fall decorations.

A new spooky collection is generating attention.

gothic wreath michaels halloween

The iconic ghost rug isn't the only seasonal item getting attention online—a new line of Halloween decorations at Michaels has also gone viral on TikTok, per Apartment Therapy.

TikToker Dion Ranck, who uses the handle @dionthetaurus, posted a video showcasing the décor, including different spell books, crystal balls, signs for tarot readings, and other items that you'd associate with the Victorian Gothic style.

"Michael's is targeting the twilight elenacore fairygrunge girlies this year," Ranck wrote, suggesting that these items appeal to fans of the Twilight series and the popular TV show The Vampire Diaries.

Another user, @halloweenandpajamas, posted a video showing additional items on sale at Michaels, including planters and busts of the famed Victorian writer and poet Edgar Allan Poe, and a raven statue situated nearby. "This collection is almost like art deco meets Vegas meets vampires meets floral pastel goth," the TikToker said in the video. "That's what I'm calling it."

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Shoppers on TikTok are "obsessed."

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Commenters on both videos shared their excitement about the uniquely spooky collection. "I'M GENUINELY OBSESSED," one user wrote in response to Ranck's video. "I'll take one of everything," another commented on @halloweenandpajamas TikTok.

Others said that the decorations don't even need to be limited to use around Halloween. "I'd use so much of this as year round decor," a comment on @halloweenandpajamas's video reads.

On Sept. 6, Michaels itself even responded to Ranck's TikTok, noting that they know their "target audience."

You might find an even wider selection on Wednesday.

michaels store fall
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If these decorations speak to your aesthetic, run, don't walk, to your local Michaels. After both videos were posted in August, they accumulated thousands of views and several users noted that their stores have since had slim pickings.

"My two Michaels were so picked over when I went two days ago, I was so heartbroken," one shopper wrote.

"Mine are so bare, but I found the raven with a glittery crown and couldn't resist," another commenter wrote in a comment on a video of the packed shelves at the Michaels store visited by @halloweenandpajamas. "Yours is so stocked!"

However, if you find that there isn't much to choose from, you might want to swing by first thing on Wednesday, according to an ex-Michaels employee. "They get the seasonal trucks every Wednesday at midnight," the former employee wrote in a comment on Ranck's video.

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