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Walmart Shoppers Can Now Buy This "Award-Winning" Product in Stores

The new products were made available for purchase as of Sept. 1.

It goes without saying that there's no shortage of options at Walmart. If you're in the market for peanut butter, you'll likely see four to five different choices on the shelves. That can be a blessing and a curse, depending on whether or not you're an indecisive shopper. Now, the retailer has announced that an exciting new product is making its way to stores, and this "award-winning" selection might just simplify the decision process. Read on to find out what's coming to your local Walmart.

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Walmart has added a number of new products to its shelves this year.

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As the world's largest retailer, Walmart's inventory is varied. The retailer is also always introducing new products, including Bubble Skin Care, which launched at Walmart this summer. The skin care line is aimed at eco-conscious Gen Z shoppers, and you can now purchase a select number of sprays and serums both in-store and online.

Walmart took things a step further in July. After holding its ninth annual Open Call event, the retailer confirmed that over 330 pitches ended in the form of a business deal with Walmart. As a result, the retail giant said it would be adding the products either to its online inventory or to Walmart Marketplace, where brands can sell directly to consumers with Walmart's approval.

Now, you'll see a new addition in the grocery department.

A new product was just launched.

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Vegetarians and vegans—and even those of us who just like to skip meat sometimes—will be happy to learn that Impossible Foods has launched a new product. Impossible is known for their plant-based meat selections, including burger patties and chicken nuggets, but the latest lineup offers complete meals.

The Impossible Bowls are frozen, single-serve entrees that can be "ready in minutes," according to a Sept. 2 press release. The bowls span a range of cuisines, all featuring the the company's "award-winning assortment of plant-based proteins—beef, chicken, and pork."

On Impossible's webpage for the bowls, the company states that they're are "available at Walmart." Food Dive reported that the frozen meals will be stocked at approximately 4,000 locations this month. However, you'll have to wait to try all eight varieties.

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There are eight bowls in total, and four are available right now.

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The California-based company describes the new bowls as "classic comfort dishes that pack a flavorful punch." Options include Sweet & Sour Impossible Pork; Teriyaki Impossible Chicken; Chili Mac with Impossible Pork; Barbecue Impossible Pork; Spaghetti & Impossible Meatballs; Pasta Bolognese with Impossible Beef & Pork; Burrito Bowl with Impossible Beef; and Spicy Enchilada Bowl with Impossible Chicken.

But not all of these flavors are currently available for Walmart shoppers. According to a press release received by Mashed, the Sweet & Sour, Teriyaki, Chili Mac, and Barbecue bowls were launched at Walmart as of Sept. 1. The "entire portfolio" will be introduced come October, per Food Dive.

"Convenience and accessibility are a huge part of this, and we're excited to give people even more ways to try and buy Impossible products," Peter McGuinness, CEO of Impossible Foods, said in the press release. "This is a major milestone that we're proud of and hope will push the category forward in a meaningful way. It's never been easier to try a delicious plant-based meal in minutes."

Impossible Foods is expanding, but this isn't the only product on Walmart shelves.

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This moves Impossible Foods into a new realm, where it's now offering complete meals, Food Dive reported. The upgrade may entice more customers to try Impossible products, as they can do so without planning a whole meal around their other plant-based selections.

If meals aren't you're jam, but you still want to try out plant-based foods, there's still a variety available at your local Walmart. The brand first launched at roughly 2,100 Walmart Supercenter and Neighborhood Market locations in the U.S. in 2020, selling Impossible's "flagship product," the Impossible Burger. Now, the retailer also sells different varieties of Impossible Sausage, Impossible Meatballs, and Impossible Chicken Nuggets.

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