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If You Shop at Walmart, Prepare for This "New and Easy" Change, Starting Today

The perk is just another way you can streamline your shopping experience.

Walmart makes things pretty simple for shoppers. Aside from the sheer number of stores, the retailer also offers different options for shopping, depending on whether you like to pick out your purchases on your own, have them handed off to you in the parking lot, or get them delivered right to your front door. If you use the Walmart app, shopping virtually is also a breeze, and in-store, the in-app price scanning tool makes it simple to keep track of your total. Now, the retailer is going the extra mile, introducing a "new and easy" change for customers. Read on to find out what Walmart is introducing, and why you might want to take advantage of it.

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Walmart has been revamping its membership program.

Van emblazoned with the Walmart's logo, Manassas, Virginia, USA, November 25, 2021

Like many store memberships, Walmart+ has its advantages. For $12.95 per month or $98 annually, you get free shipping without a purchase minimum, free delivery from your local store, special member prices on fuel, and the ability to scan items in your cart and check out with your phone.

Walmart is continually adding amenities to expand its membership base, and as of July 6, the retailer announced that it would let members bundle their membership with InHome Delivery Service. The InHome service takes deliveries a step further: A Walmart associate will deliver your order to your doorstep, your garage, or straight to your fridge. The package will run you an additional $7 a month or $40 per year.

Just last week, Walmart+ members were given yet another perk, thanks to a new partnership with Paramount Global. Starting in September, members will receive an "added bonus" in the form of a free Paramount+ Essential subscription.

But if you're still mulling over a membership, Walmart's latest attempt to sweeten the deal might just be your reason.

A new perk helps you save.

walmart rewards

On Aug. 24, the big-box retailer announced that Walmart+ members will now be entitled to Walmart Rewards.

"We know our customers and members are mindfully managing their budgets these days," Chris Cracchiolo, senior vice president and general manager of Walmart+, said in a blog post. "That's why we're excited to introduce a new member perk that delivers compounding value: Walmart Rewards."

The program will allow members to earn "rewards" when purchasing designated items, then apply cash back on future purchases.

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Rewards will be available on a variety of items.

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Walmart Rewards can be used when shopping on or through the Walmart app, and you'll notice a new option to add rewards when purchasing certain "bestselling items," including groceries, items for your home, pet products, and more. The fine print of the blog post does note that "item rewards will also be featured in Sponsored Products," meaning that companies can plug these savings in their ads.

If you're a Walmart+ member, you don't need an additional app—you just sign in to your Walmart+ account and "clip eligible rewards" when buying certain items. You'll collect and bank these rewards in your Walmart wallet, which can then be applied to your future purchases online and in-store.

You can collect rewards while shopping in-store by opening the Walmart app at checkout, scanning the Walmart Pay QR code, and purchasing the selected item. After a few minutes, the reward will show up in your Walmart Rewards balance, according to an FAQ on Walmart's website. You can also apply existing rewards to your in-store order by following the same process, but tapping "Use Walmart Rewards" instead. This will then deduct your reward balance from your current bill.

Your rewards balance will never expire, but item rewards do have expiration dates, the FAQ explains. To earn the associated reward, you must make your purchase before that date.

Members can start collecting Walmart Rewards today.

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The Walmart Rewards program is available as of Aug. 24, exclusively for Walmart+ members. The program is a result of Walmart's "strategic agreement" with cash-back rewards platform Ibotta Performance Network, which was announced in June 2021. According to a press release, the two have been working together to "create and launch a new digital offers program on and the Walmart app," which is now reflected in the rewards program.

"We've always been committed to saving members time and money, and with Walmart Rewards, we're rewarding members for shopping with us through added savings on the items they want and need most," Cracchiolo wrote. "It's a little more that adds up to a lot."

He also noted that Walmart will "continue to expand" the rewards program, but did not go into detail about what that will look like in the future, or if it will extend to non-Walmart+ members.

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