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If You Shop at Walmart, Get Ready for This "Ultra-Convenient" Change

You'll want to take advantage of this exciting new in-app capability.

A word that is often paired with Walmart is "convenient." Not only do these stores have varied and well-stocked inventory, but they're also located just about everywhere. Odds are you know where the closest Walmart is, whether or not you're a frequent shopper. As the largest U.S. retailer, Walmart is constantly making changes to its business model, including updating store policies and adding new virtual features to the Walmart app. Now, the company just announced its most recent change, which both loyal and sporadic shoppers will want to take note of. Read on to find out about the "ultra-convenient" update the retailer is making, starting right now.

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Walmart has been revamping its services and its stores.

walmart aisles and shelves

Walmart has announced a slew of changes so far this summer, including a revamping of the in-store design and layout. Stores across the country will be getting a makeover, as Walmart is introducing new clothing lines and big-name brands, CNBC reported in June. A redesigned store, which includes smaller price signs and less clutter in the clothing department, is currently being piloted in Springdale, Arkansas. Located near Walmart's corporate headquarters, the retailer is test-driving this layout before rolling it out on a wider scale, opening hundreds of these stores during the next fiscal year.

Walmart is also generating more opportunities for shoppers via augmented reality (AR). Starting this month, Walmart shoppers can take advantage of the "View in your space" feature in the Walmart app. With this tool, you can choose from 300 furniture and home décor pieces and see what they look like in your home before you commit to purchasing. Another AR feature is slated for in-store use, where customers can use their phone's camera to filter products to suit individual preferences.

And for some Walmart shoppers, you can now do even more on your phone, as the retailer has merged two crucial services.

Walmart is providing a more streamlined experience.

walmart+ membership sign
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Dedicated Walmart customers are definitely familiar with Walmart+. If you're a member of the subscription service, you can capitalize on free deliveries for orders over $35, member prices when you fill up your fuel tank, and the ability to scan as you go using your phone in-store. Currently, a Walmart+ membership will cost you $12.95 a month, or $98 annually. But on July 6, the retailer announced that it will let you bundle InHome Delivery Service for an additional $7 a month, or $40 per year.

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You can save $10 a month when bundling the services.

Walmart application icon on Apple iPhone X screen close-up.

First introduced in 2019, the InHome service gets your groceries delivered directly to your fridge—or your garage or doorstep, if you prefer—making it that much easier when you order from your local store. In its press release, Walmart called the service "both ultra-convenient and secure." InHome also takes care of returns, picking up anything that needs to be taken back to the store. It was previously offered as a separate subscription from Walmart+, coming in at $19.95 a month, or $148 per year, The Verge reported.

By bringing the services "under the Walmart+ umbrella," you can now reap all of the benefits for $138 annually, the retailer said, which is a $10 discount from the previous pricing model for separate memberships.

"When Walmart+ members ask for something, we work around the clock to make it happen for them," Chris Cracchiolo, senior vice president and general manager of Walmart+, said in the press release. "Our members want options and a shopping experience that is easy to navigate and accommodates their individual needs, while saving them time and money—this is true now more than ever."

Walmart is also increasing access to InHome serivces.

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You can choose the "Plus Up" option to bundle InHome delivery if you already have a Walmart+ membership, and new members can give this a go when signing up or experimenting with a 30-day Walmart+ free trial. InHome is also newly available in different locations across the country as of July 6, including Miami, Tampa, Orlando, Dallas, Austin, San Jose, and San Francisco. And with these additional cities, the retailer said it has almost doubled its footprint where InHome delivery is available.

"We know how much InHome members love this service—they see the familiar faces and build real relationships with our associates, who help them get through their busy weeks," Whitney Pegden, vice president and general manager of InHome at Walmart, said in the press release, adding that the retailer plans to surpass 30 million households by the end of 2022.

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