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5 Warnings to Shoppers From Ex-Lowe's Employees 

These Lowe's employees know what they're talking about.

Lowe's offers everything from home decor to major appliances. You can buy hardware for a bathroom makeover and lighting and ceiling fans to complete the room. But before you put all of these bargains in your cart without question, heed these former Lowe's employees' warnings. There are certain surprising things you should avoid doing the next time you find yourself in the home improvement store, and other things you definitely should do. Read on to discover the best advice from former Lowe's employees, from what to ask for to when to shop for the best deals.

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Make sure you're asking the right person about your project.

Customers wait to checkout at the garden center of a Lowe's Home Improvement.

If you're working on a specific DIY project and looking for guidance, don't just stop anyone at the store with your question or you might get some blank looks. One former employee on Reddit, UnstoppableQB, says, "Chances are if you stop a random employee they have absolutely no idea." Instead, the ex-employee suggests that you "specify your questions to a specific department and maybe you can get on the same page," but if not you should ask for a manager.

Do your research online before you start shopping.

Lowe's home improvement store cashier check out lanes, merchandise aisles, Peabody Massachusetts USA, May 5, 2018

Unfortunately, not all employees are home improvement experts, so it's best to do some research before you get to the store instead of depending on them for guidance. While some may be super knowledgeable because they've worked at Lowe's for many years or are personally interested in renovations, others are hired without any previous experience in the subject.

An employee who worked at the big box store in college said on Reddit that, "they don't require you have any knowledge or experience AT ALL to get hired," and admits that after their time working their they still know nothing about "building, gardening, appliances, and lumber."

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Make sure you're asking for the Markdown Report.

Lowe's home improvement store gift card.

A former employee on Reddit let a top secret tip slide: Get your hands on the Markdown Report. This is a listing with all the sales, which they call "the holy grail of finding deals at Lowes." The former employee explains that once a week (usually on Thursdays) the markdown report will go "live" with most items 25 percent off, but sometimes items will be 75 or even 90 percent off. You can ask an employee at the commercial sales desk to print you a copy and then start searching.

You can get deals on returned items.

Perspective shot of the interior of a Lowe's
Erin Deleon / Shutterstock

Another ex-employee on Reddit says because of the company's liberal exchange policy, you can get really great deals on slightly used items. "I've bought a dented on the side stainless steel stove for $250 or a 'reconditioned' (more than likely used once and brought back) power washer for $75… Why? Because Lowe's will take back most anything for a refund." Also, good to note: If something you bought isn't what you were hoping, you can always return it!

Look out for certain sales days.

Lowe's home improvement store cashier check out lanes, merchandise aisles, Peabody Massachusetts USA, May 5, 2018

One former employee on Reddit revealed that you need to carefully choose the days you buy things. "Rule of thumb for things on sale–go only Thursday through Monday, on Tuesday and Wednesday the weekend sale tab will be over," the commentator explains. So, the next time you've got a major item to buy, consider going on the weekend for the best possible prices.

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