6 Things You Should Never Buy at Lowe's, Experts Warn 

The home improvement giant has most things, but there are a few you should purchase elsewhere.

Shopping at Lowe's can provide the ultimate escape. You can spend an entire day wandering the aisles envisioning your next major home renovation project, perusing the paint aisle, and contemplating home repairs. And while Lowe's seemingly offers everything, from toilet seats to ceiling fans, you may actually be better venturing off to purchase certain things—where you're likely to find more options that are less expensive. Read on to read the items you should never buy at Lowe's, according to home experts.

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household appliances set against a purple wall

While wandering the aisles of Lowe's, you might be tempted to upgrade your appliances, but that's not your best bet. Owner and CEO of Big Easy Roofing Brian Hong says "sinks, toilets, and tiles are usually much cheaper at other home improvement stores," like Home Depot and Best Buy.

Luke Lee, co-founder of Ever Wallpaper, thinks you should go even smaller than that. He says, when at Lowe's be sure to "steer clear of kitchen appliances, because these products are almost always overpriced and of inferior quality," and encourages people to shop for refrigerators or dishwashers at smaller stores where customers can receive more attention.

If you're considering purchasing a major appliance, always be sure to compare prices.


a close-up photo of artificial turf outside someone's yard

Whether you are trying to use less water or want to make safe play area for your pet, Michael Levy of Dirty Turf warns to never buy artificial grass at a big box store. "If you're planning to invest in an artificial lawn for your property, trust a reputable local company specializing in turf when it comes to purchasing and installing," he advises. "Big box stores tend to carry a small selection of basic synthetic grass, but they won't have the variety of options needed to fit your needs." Levy explains that local suppliers will have better options for pet use and more durable options that will last for years to come—your pup will thank you!

Lowe's Credit Cards

stressed woman staring at credit cards - paycheck to paycheck

On Reddit, Lowe's employees advise against getting the brand's credit card. One Redditor describes Lowe's credit cards as "terrible for the customers" and says "they would be better off using their existing card."Another commenter complained, "When we were urged to get a Lowe's card before a $10k kitchen renovation purchase, the 5 percent didn't apply to most of it, even after we complained. We only saved about $150 and didn't find out until after we already had the card activated."

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Wall Art

canvases with world map on them
Just Measuring Up

Perhaps you're planning on redecorating, it might seem practical to get everything in one place. But before you pick out your art at the same place you buy a toilet seat, contemplate searching somewhere else. Real estate investor and HouseCashin founder Marina Vaamonde avoids buying wall art because "there's a very limited selection of styles and the prices aren't worth it."

Vaamonde urges people to shop at stores like HomeGoods for "a wider range of options and better deals." These accent pieces can also be boring if they don't hold any real meaning. Swap a landscape picture or an inspirational quote for a painting or photograph that's important to you and your family.


modern room with pink rug

Looking to finish up a newly renovated room with a rug for a pop of color and comfort? If you want a runner for your recently repainted hallway or an outdoor rattan rug to complement your new patio set, think twice before purchasing one at Lowe's, warns CEO of Lawn Love Jeremy Yamaguchi. "Lowe's often uses cheaper synthetic materials to make a lot of their decor pieces, so they aren't going to be the most high-quality or long-lasting," he says. Yamaguchi prefers At Home, Hobby Lobby, Wayfair, and even Target for a higher-quality selection.

Home Decor

gray oriental rug in living room

Experts say the number one thing you shouldn't buy at Lowe's is home decor. Interior designer and CabinetSelect founder Chris Alexakis says it's "not the right place" because the variety is extremely limited and "not reasonably priced, so it doesn't provide value." Alexakis recommends instead shopping at Ikea for "reasonable and trendy home decor options." It might be tempting to finish off a space with a pillow, throw, or decorative accessories like candles and trays, but think about searching out local artisans or look online for money saving pieces instead of buying at Lowe's.

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