Lowe's Is "Giving Back," and You Can Take Advantage Before Feb. 20

The home improvement retailer just kickstarted a community impact program.

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Lowe's is known for helping customers with their home improvement needs in stores across the U.S. But the retailer has also offered aid to shoppers outside of its brick-and-mortar locations. In Sept. 2022, Lowe's partnered with Instacart to offer same-day delivery. And over the holiday season, the retailer collaborated with Wyndham Hotels to help stranded travelers with a free hotel stay near some of the country's busiest airports amid major flight delays. Now, Lowe's is looking to really give back with a program designed to help communities. Read on to find out how you can take advantage before Feb. 20.

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Lowe's celebrated its 100th anniversary by giving back to communities.

Lowe's home improvement store check out cash register counter customers, Peabody, Massachusetts USA, May 5, 2018

Lowe's has "grown from a small-town hardware store in North Carolina to one of the largest home improvement retailers in the world," according to its website. In 2021, when the retailer hit its 100th birthday, Lowe's chose to celebrate by "serving the community" through the launch of its 100 Hometowns initiative. In doing so, the company made a commitment to "complete 100 impact projects [that] year as part of a $10 million commitment to give back to the communities Lowe's serves," according to a news release.

"For generations, serving the community has been a core part of Lowe's culture and values," Marvin R. Ellison, Lowe's president and CEO, said at the time. "In approaching our centennial and particularly in the wake of such a challenging period for our country, we decided to commemorate this milestone by taking on 100 community improvement projects, with local associate volunteers lending a hand across the nation. We believe in the power of possibility and have an unwavering commitment to making homes better for all, now and for the next 100 years."

Now, two years later, Lowe's is still looking to give back.

The one-time initiative has become an annual tradition.

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Lowe's 100 Hometowns was initially announced as a one-time initiative in celebration of its centennial. But in March 2022, the retailer unveiled a new five-year "community impact program" called Lowe's Hometowns, which "builds on the success" of its 100 Hometowns initiative in 2021.

"Each year from 2022 through 2026, Lowe's Hometowns will complete nearly 1,800 community impact projects, including 100 signature projects chosen from consumer nominations, and nearly 1,700 projects selected through Lowe's stores across the country," the retailer announced last year.

In 2022, Lowe's selected 100 projects across 40 states. The chosen projects covered "31 community centers, 17 shelters, 10 parks or outdoor spaces, nine safe or affordable housing accommodations, nine schools, seven gardens, five animal services buildings, four playgrounds, three first responder facilities, three food pantries, and two cultural preservation projects."

And now, the home improvement retailer is gearing up for the continuation of Lowe's Hometowns this year.

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Lowe's just announced its Hometowns program for this year.

Lowe's hometowns project video screenshot of project shirt

Lowe's new program is rolling straight into the new year as planned. In a Jan. 24 press release, the retailer announced the official launch for 2023. "For the second consecutive year, Lowe's is seeking nominations for its Lowe's Hometowns impact program, a five-year, $100 million initiative designed to improve and revitalize communities across the United States," the retailer said.

"Giving back to the communities where we live and work has been at the core of Lowe's philosophy since our founding more than 100 years ago, and Lowe's Hometowns is a key part of how we bring that commitment to life," Ellison said in a statement. "I am incredibly proud to see the impact that Lowe's associates continue to make in supporting Lowe's Hometowns projects across the country."

You can submit nominations over the next month.


With the launch of the 2023 Hometowns impact program, "the public is [now] invited to nominate projects they feel deserve a Lowe's Hometowns grant," according to the press release. Lowe's will be accepting nominations from now through Feb. 20. "This year, you—yes, you—could help transform your little corner of the world," the retailer said.

You can nominate a project through a form on its website, but you must be a legal resident in the U.S. who is at least 21-years-old at the time of your nomination. "Any type of project that involves the physical improvement or renovation of a community space is eligible. All grants must go to a local nonprofit that is willing and able to take on the project," Lowe's further explains in a FAQ section.

The retailer also says that "you may nominate as many projects as you like," but asks that you do not enter more than one nomination per project, as nominating a singular project more than once will not increase its likelihood of being chosen.

After nominations are closed, Lowe's will review them with a third-party vendor using a "pre-determined set of criteria, including impact, need, feasibility and inspiration." The 100 recipients selected for this year's grants will be notified directly, and the chosen projects will be announced to the public in late June.

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