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10 Best Hacks to Hide a Double Chin, Experts Say

These skincare, beauty and wardrobe tricks are game changers.

We all have features we'd change if we could. Maybe you've got pin-straight hair and always wished you had curls. Or you've daydreamed about what it'd be like to have freckles. It could even be that you'd prefer your eyebrows or nail beds were a different shape. However, one of the most common beauty gripes revolves around the chin. No matter your weight, age, or lifestyle, a double chin can take up residence—and be virtually impossible to eliminate. But fear not. There are some very simple ways to conceal this area. Keep reading to hear from hairstylists, makeup professionals, and fashion experts about how to hide a double chin.

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How to Hide a Double Chin

1. Stimulate your facial lymphatic system.

Close up of a smiling woman using a gua sha tool on her face
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Kathleen Hamilton, esthetician, and corporate trainer at Woodhouse Spa, shares that stimulating the lymphatic system in the face and neck aids in reducing puffiness and, thereby, the appearance of a double chin.

To do this, she suggests regular facials or incorporating Gua Sha—"an alternative therapy that involves scraping your skin with a massage tool to help improve circulation," according to Healthline—into your skincare routine.

Hamilton particularly recommends focusing on the chin and jawline to reduce tension in the facial muscles. "This can contribute to a more defined jawline, reduce sagging skin, and, of course, minimize the appearance of a double chin," she notes.

2. Contour your makeup.

Woman with Contour Makeup

One of the most transformative ways to conceal a double chin is with contour, as it helps define and elongate your jawline.

According to Laura Roncagli, a professional makeup artist and co-founder of, the trick is using a matte formula and finding the best shade for you: "This is normally a shade that's two tones darker than your skin tone and has a cold or grayish undertone."

To apply the contour, outline just above your jawbone and just below your jawbone. With a lighter shade—Roncagli notes this can be your concealer—highlight your jawbone. "Make sure you really blend that out, so there are no harsh lines or patches of color," she says. "Once everything is blended out, set with powder and you're done!"

3. Place your blush strategically.

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Contouring isn't the only makeup technique that can camouflage a double chin. Well-placed blush can also help.

"If I'm wearing a soft cheek color, sometimes I like to dust it in my temple areas, down through the cheekbone hollow, and then follow through under the jawline and get that double chin area," says Kerrin Jackson, a four-time Emmy-nominated makeup artist and creator of the blog The Makeup Refinery. "It just brings a nice completion to your complexion and helps tie in that area to the rest of your face."

By helping your chin blend in, you'll also help conceal it.

4. Play up your eyes.

Volodymyr TVERDOKHLIB / Shutterstock

Yet another makeup trick to hide a double chin is to play up your eyes.

"Having well-defined eyebrows, especially on the fuller side, is a strategic move in directing all eyes upward, away from the double chin," explains Christy Calafati, premier permanent makeup artist and beauty industry expert.

She also suggests adding a subtle cat eye with your eyeliner: "A baby wing gives your eyes an irresistible subtle lift, as well as makes your natural eye color and shape pop."

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5. Try a lob hairstyle.

Older woman with bangs why having bangs in the best

Your hair can also either reveal or conceal a double chin. Cindy Marcus, a professional hairstylist in Las Vegas and editor-in-chief of Latest Hairstyles, suggests trying a lob, or a long bob. "This style will elongate the face and neck and draw attention away from the problem area," she says.

Another option to consider is face-framing layers. Ryan Sanger, studio owner and master extension specialist at Hair Lingerie: The Studio, explains that these layers should start at the cheekbones and taper down, creating a soft frame around your face: "This approach not only helps to conceal any sagging skin near the chin but also adds a youthful, dynamic look to your overall appearance."

"The layers create movement and volume, drawing attention upwards towards your eyes and cheekbones rather than the chin area," adds Sanger.

The one style to avoid? A chin-length bob. "This style will not only draw the eyes to your chin, but it will also accentuate the roundness of your face," Marcus explains. Remember, it's also important to find a style that suits your specific face shape.

6. Add hair extensions.

Woman Getting Hair Extensions
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Nikki Corzine, owner of The Canyon Salon, points out that, similar to the right haircut, hair extensions can help you add body and length to your tresses, drawing attention away from the chin area.

"Opt for U-shaped extensions at the nape of the neck to achieve an inverted shape that skims the shoulders gracefully," she suggests. "Ensure the lowest layer of extensions gently grazes the chin and jawline, rather than accentuating it, to create a flattering angle."

7. Style hair away from the face.

Black woman using a blow dryer on her hair

Once you've got your cut in order, you'll want to ace your styling technique. Marcus says to avoid framing the face too harshly.

"Blow hair away from the face or curl off the face," she says. "In doing this, you avoid the hair falling around your face and creating a round shape to intensify a double chin or draw attention to it."

If you want your haircut to give you a helping hand here, try a side-swept bang. "With this type of bang falling around your cheekbone, it will draw the eye up on the face and away from your chin area," Marcus explains.

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8. Wear clothes that show off your shoulders.

Young Woman in Cold Shoulder Top
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Both Yenia Hernández Fonseca, a stylist, luxury fashion expert, and contributor to Margo Paige, and Elizabeth Kosich, certified image stylist and founder of Elizabeth Kosich Styling, agree that the clothes and accessories you wear can make a big difference in hiding a double chin.

"Structured outerwear such as blazers, jackets, and coats can divert any attention to the shoulders," says Hernández Fonseca. She says to avoid anything with tight collars because it will immediately bring attention to your chin.

Kosich adds that any blouse with a cold shoulder is a great way to distract from a double chin. "Keep the look uncluttered by avoiding patterns, and consider matching bottoms and top colors for a monochromatic color column that lengthens and strengthens," she suggests.

9. Incorporate scarves and other accessories.

Cashmere Scarf on Older Stylish Woman
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Wearing a scarf may seem like an obvious way to distract from a double chin, but Kosich notes that it's important to pick the right patterns and colors for the best results.

"Avoid bold patterns that draw attention to the neck and instead opt for soft, gentle motifs that match to your hair and eye colors to draw the gaze up, distracting it away from the chin area," she says.

Kosich also recommends incorporating statement accessories that bring attention to other areas of your face and body that you want to highlight. For example, she suggests wide belts, pendant necklaces, or a pair of statement sunglasses.

10. Keep your chin straight.

older woman with gray hair smiling outside
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This tip is the easiest of the bunch. "I know this is probably something women were doing generations ago, but always try to keep your chin down a little," says Jackson. This can be done in conversations, photos, and when you're simply walking down the street.

When it comes to taking photos, Maritza De La Guardia-Buelvas, photographer at Amelie Boudoir, points out that you never want to take pictures from underneath your subject.

"Take images at eye level or from over-top your subject, instead," she says. "Have your subject stick out their head and chin towards you while placing their tongue towards the back inside of their mouths to help tighten the jawline." She also notes that side-profile photos can tend to draw more attention to a double chin.

Finally, "Remember to smile," says Jackson. "It makes you and everyone else feel good and requires no makeup at all!" See, we told you this would be simple.

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