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10 Times Celebs Appeared Drunk on Live TV

These celebrities aren't above showing up sauced.

Appearing on live TV can be a nerve-racking experience even for seasoned professionals. And while media coaching may help, it only does so much to take the edge off, leaving many celebs to hit the bottle for a quick shot of liquid courage before hitting the stage. Most recently, former Trump campaign aide Sam Nunberg hit the air with a series of perplexing live interviews, leaving many to speculate that he had been imbibing.

"Talking to you, I have smelled alcohol on your breath," said CNN's Erin Burnett while interviewing Nunberg, an accusation he quickly dismissed. "My answer is no, I have not [been drinking]," he replied. "I didn't steal from the campaign, I didn't have an affair with a married man. All I did was work for him for four-and-a-half years, and now I get this crap."

While Nunberg's possibly-inebriated and increasingly aggressive interview was quickly shut down by Burnett, he's far from the only celeb who's gone on air a little slurry and worse for wear—these celebs had no qualms about going on live TV sloshed, either. And if you think these wacky celebs are hilarious, you'll love the 30 Funniest Game Show Moments of All Time!

Kanye West

Kanye West I'mma let you finish drunk on TV

In one of the most famous Hennessy-filled outbursts of all time, Kanye West interrupted Taylor Swift's acceptance speech at the MTV VMAs in 2009. Grabbing the mic from Swift, who won the award for Best Female Video, Kanye famously yelled, "Taylor, I'm really happy for you, I'mma let you finish, but Beyoncé had one of the best videos of all time!" Think that's funny? You'll crack up at the 30 Worst Madame Tussauds Celebrity Wax Figures Ever.

James Brown

James Brown drunk on TV

In 1998, following allegations that he had assaulted his wife, James Brown gave an interview to CNN in which he favored confused slurring over clearing his name. After asked, "How did all this trouble begin?" a sunglasses-sporting Brown sang, "Livin' in America! There's nothing wrong," and told the host, "I'm out on love!" And for more crazy TV occurences, check out the 30 Most Awkward Celebrity Awards Show Moments.

Mariah Carey

Mariah Carey drunk on TV

Mariah Carey may be a seasoned performer, but it was clear at the Palm Springs International Film Festival that she may have gotten a bit tipsy before accepting her award for her role in Precious. In addition to slurring her words, Carey kept losing her trail of thought before admitting, "Please forgive me, because I'm a little bit… yeah." And for more silliness from your favorite celebs, check out the 20 Craziest Celebrity Rumors of All Time.

Danny DeVito

Danny DeVito drunk on TV

The View is hardly known for is raucous celebrity appearances, but Danny DeVito made sure to make himself standout by appearing on the show drunk. Admitting that he had been up all night partying with George Clooney, DeVito quipped, "I knew it was the last seven limoncellos that were going to get me."

T.J. Miller

T.J. Miller drunk on TV

A bleary-eyed T.J. Miller seriously confused Stephen Colbert during a 2016 appearance that many assumed was the result of a little too much alcohol. Miller referenced his role in Yogi Bear 3D, smashed an egg on his face, and then proceeded to touch Colbert with a pair of plastic skeleton hands. And for more fun with Hollywood A-Listers, check out the 20 Celebrities Way Older Than You Thought.

Mark Wahlberg

Mark Wahlberg drunk on TV

U.K. hit The Graham Norton Show is always a party, which a tipsy Mark Wahlberg took issue with during a 2013 interview. "Why would you allow people to drink alcohol and come on a show in the evening?" he asked, before crawling into Norton's lap.

Drew Barrymore

Drew Barrymore drunk on TV

While promoting her film, Miss You Already, with co-star Toni Colette on The Alan Carr Show, a slightly sauced Drew Barrymore told a seemingly raunchy story about herself and Michael Stipe, only to clarify that the only thing the REM front man had actually given her was music. "This is why you don't drink on talk shows. I think I just figured it out!" And when you really want to laugh, crack open one of The 30 Funniest Celebrity Books!


Steve-O drunk on TV

A foul-mouthed Steve-O seemed to test Adam Carolla's patience during an appearance on Too Late, during which the former MTV star shouted obscenities, lay down in his chair, and generally caused mayhem on set. "Steve has had a couple glasses of Chardonnay," Carolla joked. Luckily, Steve-O's drunk was a happy one, with the mischief maker screaming, "I love Adam Carolla so hard!" before humping the host. And for more wild celebrity coverage, check out The 30 Funniest Celebrity Commercials!


Fergie drunk on TV

While Fergie didn't exactly admit to being drunk during the Trevor Project's TrevorLIVE Gala, her behavior would have been even more perplexing if she were sober. After walking on stage while Armie Hammer was presenting, Fergie then claimed to be Hammer herself before announcing, "This is not a shameless promotion. I have a lot of shame."

John Stamos

John Stamos drunk on TV

John Stamos' slurry interview on Australia's Mornings didn't do much to improve his reputation Down Under, where a reporter had recently accused him of being too "tired" to perform during previous live appearances. Stamos instead went on to insult a reporter's body, tell the host he "loved Australia," mention his socks, and eventually discuss the Greek population of his host country.

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