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Delta Is Finally Letting Passengers Do This, Starting This Month

Passengers who have long felt left out will celebrate the move.

Even before the disruptions and changes wrought by the pandemic, including mass flight cancellations, the typical flying experience for the average airline passenger had long been declining. Seats and legroom seem to be ever-shrinking, and airfares are more stripped than ever, offering a la carte upcharges for even such basics as carry-on luggage allotment. But the pendulum appears to be swinging back in the other direction now, with some airlines making announcements about conveniences returning to the skies instead of further disappearing. Read on to learn the latest announcement from Delta Air Lines, which will come as welcome news to many flyers.

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Delta has added five new vegetarian meals to its in-flight menu.

Delta airplane airplane interior with person deplaning.

Delta announced on Mar. 9 that it will add new vegetarian and plant-based meals to its flight service beginning this month. The Atlanta-based carrier is positioning the move as not just a boon for customer selection, but also an environmentally friendly pivot.

"Not only are plant-based meats like Impossible Burger delicious to eat, but they're also often better for the environment, using far less land and water to produce," Kristen Manion Taylor, senior vice president of inflight service, said in a statement cited by The Points Guy. "These new options are one part of Delta's broader mission to promote a wellness-focused travel journey."

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Delta's new vegetarian and vegan meals include Impossible Burgers and cauliflower cakes.

A Delta Air Lines plane taxiing on a runway

The five new offerings include Impossible Burgers, which will be served on select flights 900 miles and longer; Black Sheep Food plant-based lamb meatballs (served for a limited time on select flights 900 miles and longer departing from San Francisco in partnership with Souvla); Impossible meatballs (served on select flights 900 miles and greater departing JFK and LGA in partnership with Union Square Events); cauliflower cakes (served on select flights 900 miles and longer leaving Seattle); and warm seasonal vegetable plate (served on select flights 900 miles and longer).

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Delta's move represents a major upgrade for vegetarian and vegan flyers.

A Delta airlines plane taking off

The new menu items will be offered on select Delta flights over 900 miles in the first-class and Delta One cabin. The plant-based rollout is part of a larger launch of hot, plated meals on domestic and short-haul international Delta flights longer than 900 miles.

This represents not only a wider selection but a healthier one, too. Typically, vegetarians have had to select a carb-loaded dish like pasta as their in-flight meal—if they were even lucky enough to find such an offering available. The only other options were to pre-order a special meal prior to the flight—or purchase one in the airport prior to takeoff at an additional expense.

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Delta also recently announced the return of multi-course meals for business-class passengers.

AMSTERDAM, THE NETHERLANDS - JAN 9, 2019: Delta Air Lines Airbus A330 passenger plane taking off from Amsterdam-Schiphol International Airport.

The vegetarian meal news comes just days after another announcement from the carrier: On Mar. 4, Delta Air Lines announced that it would be bringing back full three-course meal service on long-haul transoceanic international flights for its Delta One business class passengers. The changes will take effect on Mar. 15. Previously, the carrier had stripped its meal service to a single course meal to cut down on interaction between crew and passengers as a safety measure in the pandemic.

Delta One passengers can also expect a wider selection of drinks and snacks served before takeoff as well as a post-meal treat, including plated desserts or an ice cream sundae with an array of topping options.

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