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The Bedroom Storage Mistake That Brings Bad Luck, Feng Shui Expert Says

These items can bring about negative energy depending on where you store them.

We're all guilty of shoving things under the bed, whether it's because we need extra storage space or we got a little lazy cleaning up. But according to organization and feng shui expert Caroline Solomon, putting certain things under the bed can bring about bad luck, especially when it comes to how well you're sleeping. Read on for the four items she says should be kept elsewhere.

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stack of hardcover books, get rid of stuff to be happier

In a TikTok video, Solomon (who goes by @neat.caroline) immediately says that books should not be stored under the bed: "Books are considered voices of other people, so quiet down the noise in your bedroom and move them out from under your bed."

As an alternative, Solomon moves a stack of books to the windowsill. Just be careful not to leave them in direct sunlight, as it can cause the covers and pages to fade.

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Nostalgic items

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If you're worried about negative energy, then storing photos, papers, souvenirs, or anything nostalgic shouldn't be kept under your bed. "These can carry emotional energy and interfere with sleep," says Solomon.

Exercise equipment

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Anything that stimulates you or makes you feel active, such as yoga mats and free weights, should be kept far away from the bed. "The sight of exercise equipment is not conducive to a good night's sleep, so store them in a bin elsewhere," explains Solomon.

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Random clutter

Cluttered Bedroom
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Having random clutter around the house is a big no-no in the feng shui practice, so it makes sense that it would also be a problem under your bed.

"Clutter in any area blocks the flow of chi [good energy], therefore stifling creativity, good health, and success," intuitive coach and feng shui expert Angela Lenhardt previously told Best Life.

Solomon adds that it can create feelings of restlessness, which is the exact opposite of what you want when going to sleep.

As for what you can store under your bed, Solomon recommends extra linens, blankets, and towels because they're less likely to interrupt sleep.

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