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10 Ways to Instantly Make Your Porch Extra Cozy

You don't need to overspend or drastically remodel to get those warm and cozy vibes.

Fall has become synonymous with coziness, signaling a time to switch from iced coffee to hot pumpkin spice lattes and swap out swimsuits for sweaters. But just because the temperature cools down, it doesn't mean you have to spend all of your time indoors. In fact, autumn offers the perfect atmosphere to enjoy your porch—especially if you love those cozy vibes.

"With the days getting shorter and the temperature dropping, having a warm and inviting space to enjoy the outdoors is crucial," Nathan Thompson, interior decorator and founder at Luza Lights, tells Best Life. "A cozy porch can serve as a transition space between the indoors and outdoors, making your home feel more expansive and connected to nature. This is particularly important in the fall, as we start to spend more time indoors. It's a space where you can enjoy a cup of tea, read a book, or simply relax and watch the world go by."

If you're fortunate enough to have this outdoor space at your home, you should make the most of it—and you don't have to invest tons of time or money to do so. Looking to revamp your porch decor and make it feel like a homey haven? Experts have you covered. Read on for 10 tips to instantly make your porch extra cozy.

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Switch up the lighting.

twinkle lights on front porch
travel_familystyle / Shutterstock

One of the first steps in creating coziness has to do with lighting. While we want that bright and sunny feeling in summer, you may feel differently when autumn comes around.

"Soft, warm lighting can create a cozy ambiance and make your porch feel more like an extension of your indoor living space," Thompson says. "Consider adding string lights, lanterns, or even a fire pit for extra warmth."

Jennifer Baptista, licensed realtor and founder of Porch Project, also recommends twinkle lights, which really set the mood.

"There is nothing more magical than the sun setting while you're sitting on the porch, and the twinkle lights turn on and start working their magic! It's like being transported to a cozy fairytale," she says.

For candle lovers, consider using flameless options, recommends Kat Christie, DIY expert, licensed contractor, and founder of She Fixed That LLC. They still "add a little romantic flair and coziness to the space," but they're a safer choice if you have kids or pets.

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Add greenery and seasonal plants.

fall front porch
Michelle Gurner / Shutterstock

It's hard not to feel content when surrounded by nature, so why not introduce some plants to your porch?

Nicholas Wayne, lawn and garden expert and the founder of, recommends going for succulents or snake plants, both of which are "low-maintenance" but "can make your porch feel more inviting without adding to your to-do list."

Don't forget about vertical space, either: Wayne recommends making use of your walls and railings and using hanging plants or shelves for smaller plants.

If you don't want to worry about tending to any live plants, Siobhán Alvarez, DIY expert and lifestyle blogger, says that the artificial variety can be just as effective in creating a warm environment.

"You can always get gorgeous faux plants of all sizes at big-box stores, and that way, you can keep your porch feeling cozy year round!" she says.

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Be thoughtful about seating.

cozy porch in fall
VIS Fine Art / Shutterstock

To feel truly comfy-cozy on your porch, you need the proper seating to snuggle in. Experts say that there are a few things to consider when outfitting your porch with furniture—including what you're going to use it for.

"We like to dress these outdoor areas as we would their interior counterparts, adding for both dining and lounging," Tama Bell, owner and interior designer at Tama Bell Design, says. "Think about how much seating you will need to dine and whether a sectional or swivel chairs will do the trick."

If you're not planning to eat outside and just plan to get cozy with a good book, look for furniture options that you'll feel comfy in, namely "chairs or a porch swing with plenty of cushions and throw pillows," per Thompson's suggestion.

Not sure what texture you should go for? Christie suggests sticking with rattan as opposed to metal or plastic: "Rattan has a more natural cozy feel and look to it."

Think about how you arrange your seating, too.

cozy rocking chairs on porch
Min C. Chiu / Shutterstock

When arranging outdoor furniture, think about how you can "maximize seating without taking up too much room," suggests Rotem Eylor, CEO and founder of Republic Floor.

Debbe Daley, interior designer, author, and CEO at Debbe Daley Designs, recommends creating a "seating area vignette" by putting two chairs and a table in the middle. Not only does this make use of extra space, it offers a great opportunity to enjoy a cup of tea with yourself or a loved one.

Thompson also recommends setting seating up "in a way that encourages conversation and interactions." If you don't have room for a table that you can sit at, consider adding a smaller option where you can set out drinks and snacks.

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Install a bed swing or hammock.

bed swing on porch
Jewelzz / Shutterstock

Is there anything cozier than a nap? If you want to take a little snooze on your porch, you'll obviously need a place to do so, which is where a bed swing comes in.

"[It's] a beautiful and functional way to add lounging space for adults and a relaxing place for group conversations, socializing and entertaining," Daley explains. "It can also be used for those afternoon weekend napping times."

If you're not interested in a swing, a hammock can have a similar effect.

Add comfy-cozy decor.

blankets on porch chair
Stephanie Frey / Shutterstock

When sitting on your plush bed swing or in a deep Adirondack chair, you'll want a pillow for your back and a blanket to keep warm (of course).

"I use lots of soft rugs, blankets, and oversized plush floor pillows so that people can sit both on the chairs, but also lounge on the ground too," Baptista says. "Even my dogs love to come snuggle up on the porch on the huge pillows."

Thompson recommends adding textiles that have texture, like a faux fur rug, velvet cushions, or chunky knit blankets. Even better, you can swap these out with the seasons, so pick up a spooky throw that will be perfect for chilly October evenings.

Don't forget storage either. If you want to keep your blankets outside, Daley recommends a large basket to stow them when you're not using them.

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Engage the senses.

tea light on porch table
Ground Picture / Shutterstock

When we think about spaces that we're truly comfortable in, we remember what we see, but it's easy to overlook familiar and inviting scents or sounds. So, in making your porch cozy, you want to engage all of your senses.

"Incorporate plants that engage other senses besides sight," Wayne says. "Lavender or rosemary can add a pleasing scent, while ornamental grasses can create soothing sounds when the wind blows."

Thompson recommends a scented candle (whether you feel comfortable with flames or flameless varieties), or a wind chime to "make your porch feel like a serene retreat."

He says, "Remember, the goal is to create a space where you and your guests will want to spend time and relax."

Consider your color palate.

cozy colorful front porch
stock_studio / Shutterstock

Bringing it back to sight, your cozy porch should have the right color palate. Depending on the time of year, this will likely change, but for fall, Thompson recommends reaching for those rich autumnal hues.

"Dark, rich colors like burgundy, forest green, and deep blues can create a cozy and intimate atmosphere," he says.

For an affordable and easy way to add these rich tones, consider introducing plants in one of these shades. Wayne recommends chrysanthemums for fall (and switching them out for pansies when spring rolls around again)!

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Add some privacy.

porch with floral curtains
Artazum / Shutterstock

Porches—specifically those at the front of your home—are great spots for people-watching. But if you don't necessarily want every neighbor and passerby looking in at you, you may want to consider making your space a little bit more private. As a bonus, some light, breezy drapery may also make you feel more snug.

"For privacy, hang some curtains on your porch, whether it's sheer or opaque, and use some curtain pullbacks (you could even use simple sticky hooks), to hold back the curtains just enough so the porch feels more enclosed and cozy," Christie says.

Try out "container gardening."

plants in different pots on porch
Brian Goodman / Shutterstock

It's clear that having some plant life on your porch is essential for a welcoming atmosphere. In the mood to try something a little different? Wayne recommends introducing different containers to house your plants.

"Utilizing a variety of containers can add depth and texture to your porch," he says. "Consider a mix of ceramic pots, wooden planters, and metal buckets to make things visually interesting."

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