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8 Easy Ways to Feng Shui Your House This Weekend, Experts Say

A harmonious space sets the scene for a more harmonious life.

Feng shui is an ancient Chinese art which aims to put you in optimal balance with your surroundings—and it may be just what you need to enhance the flow of positive energy in your home. Whether the benefits are cosmic or psychological is not for us to answer, but the benefits themselves are not: Studies have shown that improving the aesthetics of your house through thoughtful interior design can greatly impact your mood and wellbeing.

In fact, even small changes can transform the balance and flow of energy in your space, some experts say. That's why taking the weekend to put some feng shui principles into practice could be just what you need to clear out the spiritual or emotional clutter. Read on to learn eight easy ways to feng shui your house this weekend to discover better living through design.

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Focus on your entryway.

foyer with french doors and entry bench

Inviting harmony into your home begins at your doorstep, experts say—and the same feng shui principles that can transform your entryway's energy can also help to make a great first impression when guests come to visit.

"The energy that flows through your home (the chi) enters through the front door and then disperses throughout your space," explains Laurence Sevy, founder and creative director of the U.K.-based interior design studio Quietly. "Make sure your hallway is unencumbered, well lit, and opens freely to welcome all the good chi into your life," she says.

Davin Eberhardt, a home designer, remodeler, and the founder of Nature of Home, agrees that your foyer is an important place to begin.

"Establish a clear and inviting entryway to welcome positive energy into your home. This can include adding a doormat, organizing shoes, and incorporating a focal point like artwork or plants," he tells Best Life.

Soften sharp angles.

bedroom with closed curtains behind bed

Sevy says that another quick change you can make to invite more positive energy into your home is to offset any harsh angles in your living space. These might include a marble mantelpiece, a bulky closet, or large desk, for example.

The designer tells Best Life that these sharp corners "create negative, aggressive energy," and suggests incorporating rounded furniture into your design scheme over time. However, for a quick fix, Sevy recommends softening sharp corners by adding draped fabric, curtains, or tall plants in their vicinity.

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Rearrange your mirrors.

young white man hanging mirror
Shutterstock/Robert Kneschke

Repositioning your mirrors is another way to help transform and visually expand your space in no time flat. By placing a mirror in the right location, you can quickly adjust the flow of energy in your home, the experts say.

"What do your mirrors reflect? The image they reflect will be doubled, so make sure they don't show a stack of bills or the TV but enhance natural light and the views from the window instead," says Sevy.

Eberhardt adds that mirrors also hold special significance, according to the rules of feng shui. "Mirrors symbolize the water element in feng shui, which represents wealth and abundance," he explains.

Balance the five elements.

Young Asian woman decorating and arranging a vase with dried plants on cabinet in the living room at home
iStock / AsiaVision

According to Brad Smith, CEO and interior designer for Omni Home Ideas, another way to feng shui your house this weekend is to bring in features that incorporate the five elements: wood, fire, earth, metal, and water. He says that including representations of each will help balance the energy of the home.

Chances are you've already got some of the elements in your home, meaning you can begin by taking inventory of what's there and what's missing. For example, you might balance your space by adding a wooden coffee table (wood), a candle (fire), a potted plant (earth), a metal lamp (metal), or a water feature or picture of a river (water), he says.

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Clean and declutter your space.

Keep and donate piles of clothes decluttering closet

If you do just one thing to feng shui your house this weekend, make it a deep cleaning and decluttering, the experts say.

"Feng shui places great emphasis on the flow of energy throughout a space. Clutter can impede this flow, leading to stagnation and negative energy," explains Smith. "Spend a weekend clearing out unnecessary items and you'll immediately feel a refreshing change."

Even something as simple as cleaning your windows can bring better energy, Sevy adds. "They represent the eyes. If you want to see clearly (literally and metaphorically), keep them clean," she advises.

Bring in nature. / Shutterstock

Feng shui is all about increasing the harmony between you and your surroundings, which is why experts recommend integrating nature into your indoor spaces.

"Introduce plants and flowers to enhance the energy of vitality and growth," suggests Eberhardt. "They help purify the air and bring a calming, refreshing vibe to your home."

Smith agrees that bringing plants home is a simple and effective feng shui tip for enhancing your space. "Plants represent the wood element and are believed to bring growth and prosperity. However, they should be kept healthy since dying plants can create negative energy," he notes.

The designer adds that where you place your plants can impact how they affect your luck. He recommends placing plants in the east for health, and southeast for wealth.

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Rearrange your furniture.

young couple moving furniture with son
fizkes / Shutterstock

Making sure that your furniture is well-positioned is another easy way to feng shui your house this weekend, says Eberhardt.

"Position furniture in a way that promotes a smooth flow of movement and allows for easy interaction among occupants. This promotes a balanced energy flow and encourages harmonious relationships," he recommends.

Sevy notes that it can be helpful to evaluate whether any asymmetry in the home is causing a feeling of instability or imbalance. For instance, she says, "bedside tables that are noticeably uneven in size and shape can create tensions in a relationship. If the energy on both sides of the bed is not balanced, it will cause an imbalance in your love life too."

Focus on your bed in particular.

green bedroom

Sevy says that positioning your bed in the right location is especially important, and can result in better sleep, better energy in the home, and even a better relationship between a couple sharing the bed.

"The bed should not be floating in space but be anchored against a wall. Not just any wall though. The head of the bed shouldn't be against the bathroom wall or under a window. Both convey active energy and constant movement, which is not conducive to a restful sleep. Remember, when sleeping we are at our most vulnerable," she says.

Smith adds that your bed should be placed in a "commanding position," or one that puts you in command of the room. "This means you should have a clear view of the door, but not be in direct line with it. This gives you a sense of security and control over your space," he tells Best Life.

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