You Have to See This Incredible, Totally '80s George Clooney Photoshoot

He wasn't always the suave A-lister he is today.

At 59 years old, George Clooney has reached a level of stardom few actors ever will. While the medical drama E.R. was undoubtedly his big break, Clooney has gone on to star in (and direct and write and produce) several films, become an influential activist and humanitarian, co-found a tequila company, marry human rights lawyer Amal Alamuddin, and father twins. But prior to achieving all that, Clooney was just one of countless actors trying to crack into the business. In the '80s, becoming People's Sexiest Man Alive was just a twinkle in his eye, but he was already working quite a bit, appearing on shows like The Facts of LifeMurder She Wrote, and Baby Talk. At some point during that era, George Clooney also posed for this incredible vintage photoshoot, featuring wardrobe, props, and poses that are delightfully dated. Click through to see some of our favorite images of Clooney ever taken, and remember that most A-Listers weren't born that way. For more stars who are aging gracefully, check out 40 Celebrities You Won't Believe Are Over 40.

George Clooney takes your call.

George Clooney siting at a table and talking on the phone
Lebrecht Music & Arts/Alamy Stock Photo

Is this backdrop meant to be the young actor's home? If so, are we meant to think he has framed copies of his own headshot decorating his walls? We'll let the Facts of Life cast photo slide, because who wouldn't brag about being on that show?

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George Clooney picks out a shirt.

George Clooney with shirts
Lebrecht Music & Arts/Alamy Stock Photo

Not that there's anything wrong with the one he's wearing—except that it's not an old-timey cowbody pattern.

George Clooney looks at the stars.

George Clooney with telescopt
Lebrecht Music & Arts/Alamy Stock Photo

Well, sort of. If he were really looking at them, we couldn't see his face.

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George Clooney offers you a snack.

George Clooney with refrigerator
Lebrecht Music & Arts/Alamy Stock Photo

Is that a frozen pizza? We'll take it.

George Clooney chooses a prop.

George Clooney with props
Lebrecht Music & Arts/Alamy Stock Photo

What exactly is this selection of items meant to convey? Fair to say that it wasn't the '80s without a little bit of neon, however.

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George Clooney poses in a vintage car.

George Clooney in car
Lebrecht Music & Arts/Alamy Stock Photo

These days, Clooney does collect cars, motorcycles, and other things that go vroom, so we'll count this as foreshadowing.

George Clooney examines a model car.

George Clooney with toy car
Lebrecht Music & Arts/Alamy Stock Photo

The photographer had to be going for a concept by including a model version of that life-sized white convertible, but we have no idea what that was. George Clooney is a giant, maybe?

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George Clooney pours you some tea.

George Clooney with tea kettle
Lebrecht Music & Arts/Alamy Stock Photo

Which is probably cold, considering he's comfortably resting the kettle on his own thigh.

George Clooney shows you his dart board.

George Clooney with dart board
Lebrecht Music & Arts/Alamy Stock Photo

There's big Vanna White energy in this photo. That tracks, considering Clooney has gone on to do commercials for several high-end brands.

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George Clooney learns about The Facts of Life.

George Clooney Facts of Life book
Lebrecht Music & Arts/Alamy Stock Photo

You take the good, you take the bad, etc. etc.

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