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17 Celebrities You Had No Idea Were So Tall

Geena Davis? Yeah. She'd tower over you.

Thanks to camerawork, it's difficult to tell which celebrities are tall celebrities and which are a bit on the shorter side. Case in point: in spite of all of his heart-pumping action films, if you ever meet Tom Cruise in person, you might be surprised by his 5'7" stature. Then, of course, there is the opposite side of the spectrum. For example, Geena Davis is a staggering 6'. Many tall celebrities, especially women, are made to look shorter on camera, so you'd never imagine how much they can tower before you in real life. So read on to learn which celebrities are a lot taller than average (which happens to be 5'4" for women and 5'10" for men).

How tall is Geena Davis?

geena davis, tall celebrities

Geena Davis is 6 feet tall, so it's no wonder she used to serve as a live mannequin for the designer Ann Taylor.

How tall is Khloe Kardashian?

khloe kardashian, tall celebrities

Kourtney Kardashian barely breaks 5 feet, which make Khloe's 5'10" height seem extremely tall in comparison.

How tall is Bill Murray?

bill murray bruce willis, tall celebrities

Murray doesn't seem like a tall guy, so you might be surprised to learn that he's actually 6'2".

How tall is Nicole Kidman?

Keith Urban and Nicole Kidman, tall celebrities

At 5'11", Kidman towered over her ex, Tom Cruise, but she'll still got a full inch over her current hubby, Keith Urban.

How tall is Jim Carrey?

Jim Carrey, tall celebrities

At 6'2", he's noticeably taller than many of his co-stars.

How tall is Taylor Swift?

taylor swift, tall celebrities

She can credit her 5'11" frame for her enviably long legs.

How tall is Conan O'Brien?

conan o'brien, tall celebrities

It's a good thing he's always sitting down on his late-night talk show, because he's 6'2".

How tall is Brooke Shields?

brooke shields, tall celebrities

Given that she's a model, it might not be so much of a surprise that the American actress is 6 feet tall.

How tall is Bob Saget?

bog saget, tall celebrities

Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen look positively tiny next to their super tall 6'4" onscreen dad.

How tall is Jane Lynch?

Jane Lynch, tall celebrities
Jaguar PS/Shutterstock

Fun fact: Her 6' tall stature got her recruited to the basketball team back in high school.

How tall is Jason Segel?

jason segel, tall celebrities

You might not know it from the down-in-the-dumps characters he's known for, but Segel is 6'4".

How tall is Vince Vaughn?

vince vaughn, tall celebrities

Given that he's 6'5", it was impossible not to notice his height difference with Wedding Crashers co-star Isla Fisher, who clocks in at a diminutive 5'3."

How tall is Sigourney Weaver?

sigoureny weaver, tall celebrities

You might not know it from watching Alien, but Weaver is 5'11".

How tall is Tyler Perry?

tyler perry, tall celebrities

At 6'5", he's one of the tallest men on this list.

How tall is Julia Roberts?

Mel Gibson Julia Roberts, tall celebrities

She's 5'10", making her only an inch shorter than her Notting Hill co-star Hugh Grant.

How tall is Jennifer Lawrence?

jennifer lawrence, tall celebrities

At last year's Oscars, no one could help but notice how 5'9" JLaw towered over 5'3" Jodie Foster.

How tall is Jeff Goldblum?

Jeff Goldblum, tall celebrities

The fact that he's 6'4" is only one of the many reasons he's an eternal sex symbol.

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