10 Wedding Trends to Avoid in 2018

Sorry guys, it's time to ditch the photo booth and cheesy props.

Wedding season may be over, but if you're planning nuptials for the coming year, now is the time to start considering which trends that you saw on Instagram are worth keeping and which need to be thrown out of the window. Here, world-renowned wedding and event designer Jung Lee of FETE NY, the NYC-based event planning and design production firm, gives her tips on which trends we can leave behind in the New Year. So read on, and enjoy. And if you're getting married yourself, be sure to read the 50 Best Marriage Tips of All Time. 

Cheesy Photo Booth Props

couple holds love balloon while kissing in photo

"For a photo booth, which is still a big trend, the props should be creative. No more mustaches or bad boas."


mini bride and groom cakes

"Another trend that has been taken way overboard are the cutesy pairings such as mini tacos and a mini patron bottle. These are just too cutesy."

Framed Table Numbers

framed wedding table number

"We dislike table numbers in frames. Table number displays should be functional and logistical rather than being a main focal point of the table."

Party Favors In the Beginning

wedding party favors

"We also don't think that favors should be presented at the guests' place settings, it gets messy. Your favors should be a parting gift to your guests to acknowledge your appreciation for their support and for coming, therefore favors shouldn't be given at the beginning."

Names for Tables

"Avoid naming the tables, such as the Florence table and Venice table, etc. This trend makes the seating feel very divided and is logistically a nightmare for guests, keep it simple with table numbers."

Spandex Chair Covers

chair before and after being covered in spandex

"No more spandex as chair covers which a lot of companies have been using lately."

Cutesy Ring Bearer/Flower Girl Signs

flower girl on instagram

"We dislike the cutesy signs for the ring bearer or flower girl. Weddings are such an important time in your life and should be taken seriously, your wedding should reflect your personality while still being adult."

Mr and Mrs Tchatchkes

mr and mrs shot glasses

"Try avoiding anything that comes across very cutesy, such as a special chair for the bride and groom that say Mr. and Mrs. on it."

Vases Filled With Gel

vase with flowers

"In terms of décor, avoid using gel or paper vase filler for the floral arrangements. Clean water is suffice and looks best."

Artificial Coloring

wedding cake

"Also, avoid using anything artificial in color."

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