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The Halloween Costume You Should Wear, Based on Your Zodiac Sign

Whether you like to dress up creepy or cute, there's a costume that perfectly suits your sign.

Whether you plan to take the kids out trick-or-treating or you're attending an adults-only costume party, you'll need to dress the part this Halloween. Some super creative people take their getups very seriously, while others consider a pair of cat ears a full ensemble. But whichever side you're on, Best Life's resident astrologer says there's a perfect outfit for you. Read on to see what Halloween costume you should wear, based on your zodiac sign. Will you be something creepy like a ghost or fun and funky like an '80s aerobics instructor?

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Lauren Ash is a St. Louis-based astrologer and lifestyle writer. Ash is the resident astrologer for Best Life, Glam, and Sanctuary Astrology. Follow Lauren on Twitter and Instagram or subscribe to her blog for monthly horoscopes.

Aries: '80s Aerobics Instructor

A young couple dressed up as 1980s aerobics instructors doing a workout in their living room.
Fractal Pictures / Shutterstock

As the bold and pioneering leader of the zodiac, Aries has an outgoing personality and endless supply of energy that's sure to put you at the center of the party, no matter what you wear. Still, why not embrace the upcoming Barbie movie and dress up as an '80s aerobics instructor? It makes a great couple's costume and gives you endless colorful options for outfits and accessories. Plus, you can make sure you're the center of attention when you bust out a workout routine!

Taurus: Hippie

hippie costume
iStock / U.Ozel.Images

You like to take it easy, Taurus. So much so, that some might label you lazy. But that couldn't be farther from the truth. You're dedicated to achieving your dreams and your determination knows no bounds. However, your discerning taste means you don't give your attention to just anything. So, what better Halloween costume for you than a colorful hippie? These flower children were all about free love and spreading the message of individuality, something you can relate to. Not to mention this costume can be easily thrown together with a few key pieces from your closet.

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Gemini: Devil

Young woman dressed as devil smiling drinking a red cocktail with eyes at costume Halloween party in a house.
Ladanifer / Shutterstock

Geminis are known for their bubbly and playful personalities. Of course, being one of the most extroverted signs of the zodiac is sure to rub some folks the wrong way. People love to joke that your adaptive nature makes you phony, dishonest, or even downright devilish. Why not poke fun at this stereotype by grabbing some horns and a pitchfork for your Halloween costume? Your friends will be delighted by your sense of humor, and strangers will be surprised when your charming personality is nothing like your wicked costume.

Cancer: Mermaid

woman in mermaid costume

People born under the sign of Cancer are known to be nurturing, empathetic, and a touch moody at times. But you also know better than anyone how to turn on the charm to get your way. Much like the alluring sea sirens in mythology, there's something about your calm and relaxed aura that draws people to you. Put a modern twist on this ancient idea with a playful mermaid costume. This is also a great idea for a family costume, which is what you're all about.

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Leo: Circus Ringmaster

A young man dressed up as a circus ringmaster with a microphone
ajr_images / iStock

Leos are outrageously sociable and tend to have a flair for the dramatic. Born under the sign ruled by the sun, you're naturally joyful and can't help attracting the spotlight. But you're not one to overshadow others; you just genuinely love having a good time and making sure everyone around you does, too. So, why not dress up in a way that is sure to steal the show? A circus ringmaster is a fun way to show everyone at the party that maybe you're the one calling the shots for a reason!

Virgo: Nerd

Nerd girl holding some books
iStock / cipella

Virgos are known for being perfectionists, so it's unlikely you haven't thought about what you want to wear for Halloween this year. However, your type-A personality also tends to make you second guess yourself a lot. In addition to your analytical ways, what truly makes you the nerd of the zodiac is your ability to soak up new information like a sponge. A cheeky way to poke fun at yourself is to dress up in a nerd costume. Plus, this gives you an excuse to playfully correct your friends and flex your random knowledge, which we know you'll delight in doing.

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Libra: Greek God

Couple dressed up as Greek gods against a white background.

Ruled by Venus, the planet of romance and beauty, Libras have a natural inclination toward indulgence and aesthetics. But you're also known to be one of the most diplomatic and fair zodiac signs, so much so that friends often go to you for advice regarding their most personal troubles. Dressing as a god or muse from Greek mythology lets you feel regal while also nodding to the fact that you are the sign of the scales of justice, a symbol that originated in ancient times. If you're really looking to make a statement, try channeling Aphrodite, the goddess of love.

Scorpio: Vampire

woman in vampire costume
iStock /

Let's be real, Scorpio, you don't need any advice on how to celebrate your favorite holiday. For starters, Halloween falls during your season, so you're not afraid of things that go bump in the night, and you embrace your innate mysterious and spooky side. But under all the intimidating energy you exude, there's a hopeless romantic who tends to guard their heart. With this in mind, a Scorpio could go for an occult-inspired costume like a vampire. Whether you're looking to go the spooky route or you're hoping to sweep an unsuspecting mortal right off their feet, there's no going wrong with this classic look.

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Sagittarius: Pirate

Young man dressed as a funny pirate against a gray background
Elnur / Shutterstock

Effortlessly alluring and charismatic, your humor and wit are sure to attract a crowd wherever you go. Despite being seen as the class clown, you're also among the smartest and most free-thinking signs of the zodiac. You have an adventurous spirit, and you like to put yourself out there and meet new people. And what better way to embody your vivacious personality than dressing as a swashbuckling pirate? It's a costume you can make as silly or authentic as you'd like.

Capricorn: Dinosaur

Father and son playing in the park with the dad dressed up in an inflatable dinosaur costume
oneinchpunch / Shutterstock

Capricorns are known for a few main things: work ethic, determination, and drive. There's also a pretty popular stereotype that you're not much fun. And while it's true you like to approach life in a more traditional way than most, you certainly know how to let your hair down. For your costume, you'll want to choose something instantly recognizable that shows that you don't take yourself too seriously. What's more classic than throwing it all the way back to the Mesozoic Era? Grab an inflatable dinosaur costume and get ready to surprise a lot of people.

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Aquarius: Ghost

Halloween Ghost Costume
iStock / LittleCityLifestylePhotography

Aquarius is the artist of the zodiac, always putting together unique outfits or funky home decor. Therefore, your friends will expect you to have a totally out-there and high-tech costume. But your rebellious side likes to keep people on their toes. This Halloween, shock everyone by dressing up as perhaps the most basic of all costumes—a ghost. All you need is an old bed sheet, but of course, feel free to add your own creative touches.

Pisces: Witch

wicked witch
Nikola Stojadinovic/iStock

Aren't you tired of always playing nice, Pisces? Sure, as a water sign you find it easier to be kind than malicious, and your idealistic nature always has you looking for the best in others. But Halloween is the one night a year when you can become someone else. Rather than choosing a costume that plays to your sensitive side, create a spooky alter ego. A classic witch costume is sure to surprise everyone you cross paths with and is a fun way to try out being bad—even if just for a night.

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