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This Zodiac Sign Is the Biggest Gambler, Astrologers Say

It's hard to say what they love more: money or games of chance.

We're all comfortable with different levels of risk. Some people are able to bet it all—gambling with everything from their career and relationships to their cash and physical assets—while others can barely bring themselves to buy a $1 scratch-off. According to astrologers, this trait might be written in the stars—and representatives of some horoscope signs could be more prone to it than others. To help you discover if you're one of them, we asked astrology experts to tell us the biggest gamblers of the zodiac, from the beta betters to the wayward wagerers. If you see your sign on this list, you may want to cut back on those trips to the casino or decrease the number of gambles you take in your everyday life. Your future—and your funds—could depend on it.

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This sensitive, empathetic sign isn't drawn to dice or cards. Instead, they gamble with life-changing decisions. "Whilst other signs base their decisions on logic and hard evidence, Pisces relies on its gut instincts and intuition," says Charlotte Kirsten, professional astrologer and founder of astrology and esoteric blog Typically Topical. "If something feels right, Pisces is sure to follow it… even if logically it makes little sense."

Unfortunately, Kirsten notes that these gambles don't always pay off. And when that happens—in true gambler form—Pisces doesn't often have a plan B. "Ruled by Neptune, the planet of illusion, Pisces is notoriously quick to push aside the potential consequences of their risky actions in the hope they don't come to fruition," she says. "If you can't see it, it doesn't exist…right?"


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Scorpios live for drama. And when there isn't any, they tend to create some to spice things up—unless they choose a risk-forward or gambling-centric career. "A Scorpio could become a crisis manager, reviving companies at the brink of destruction," says Alice Altaresident astrologer for the Futurio horoscope app. "Or, they can be a professional in a risky environment: investment business, foreign exchange market, fire department, police station, lifeguard division, or the army."

Choosing a career path that involves a healthy dose of risk can help them avoid searching for it in their personal relationships. Then, "their perilous tendencies may weaken," says Alta. A win for the drama-oriented Scorpio.

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Sagittarius is known for making important decisions on a whim. And some of those decisions, it turns out, can be considered gambles. "This freedom-seeking archer thrives on risk and uses it as a form of self-discovery; constantly testing their own limitations and boundaries," says Kirsten. "Though driven by ambition, Sagittarians are able to effortlessly go with the flow and can set aside a lot of unnecessary stress that stems from overthinking."

Much of that instinct is because the sign is ruled by Jupiter, the planet of abundance. "Sags see possibilities everywhere, resulting in many spur-of-the-moment decisions," says Kirsten. "If that means booking a one-way ticket to take a gamble on love or moving to a new country based on a hunch, so be it." It's no wonder they're also considered the luckiest sign.


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The sign of the Twins is governed by Mercury, the planet of speed and adaptability. They're fast-moving and smart, and not afraid to jump on business opportunities that could make them loads of cash.

"This includes monetary gambling, too," says Kirsten. "Geminis may quickly find themselves at the big money tables, placing large bets on even bigger prizes, earning them the label of 'high rollers.'" However, Kirsten notes that their dual nature comes into play here in a not-so-great way. "They may come to regret their hasty decisions once they've had time to reflect upon them," she says.

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You already knew this sign was intelligent—and so it may not shock you that their talents also apply to games of chance and gambles. "A game is a source of fresh, exhilarating emotions and experiences to them and an Aquarius may even use games to develop their intuition; for instance, by playing… poker and placing bets," says Alta. "These innovators might find pleasure in coming up with theories on how to [create] casino schemes or apply a winning strategy."

Unfortunately, they sometimes take things too far. According to Alta, an addiction can emerge if this sign gets bored and nothing—besides gambling—excites them anymore. As long as they keep things interesting in their daily lives, though, they should be able to keep that tendency in check.


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Uranus, the planet responsible for a person's tendency to gamble, is in detriment in Leo. According to Alta, that makes them extraordinarily likely to pick up the habit. "Lions are, overall, associated with play, entertainment, theater, and so on, and they tend to live their lives as if they're playing a game," she says. "A Leo's connection to the game is sacred, and even when they grow up, they keep cherishing fun above all, like a child." Similar to Aquarius, though, this can lead to addiction, especially if a Leo hasn't found social recognition in other areas of life.

This love of games is combined with a pursuit of money. "Lions believe they're born the best of the best and that life owes it to them to be luxurious and fruitful," says Alta. "They may dream of a lavish life even if they make little money." So, if a Leo hasn't created a successful career, they may turn to casinos or lottery cards to see if they can hit that jackpot. And no, they don't care that they didn't "earn" it.

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