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Walmart Shopper Horrified to Find Mold on Food: "Do Not Buy Perishables"

A new video is going viral due to the disgusting discovery of meat gone bad.

Walmart is well-known for its large variety of products sold at its longtime low-price promise. But consumers may want to be wary of buying certain things, even if they're cheap. One shopper recently took to social media to share a disgusting discovery: moldy food being sold by the big-box retailer. Read on to find out why some Walmart customers are now saying you should never buy perishables there.

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A shopper said they found mold on food at Walmart.


‼️CHECK FOR MOLD BEFORE YOU BUY‼️ and yes, I notified the walmart employees of this #walmart #walmartfails #mold #moldyfood #moldymeat

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A TikTok showing a deli meat aisle in a Walmart store

A new video is going viral due to a stomach-turning discovery. On Aug. 12, Jazzmyn Alexis posted a TikTok to her account @jazzmynalexis, showing herself in the deli meat aisle of a Walmart store. In the video, Alexis zooms in on a package of Great Value-branded Black Forest Uncured Ham that has visible mold spots on it.

"This is a friendly reminder to check your meat before you buy it because Walmart doesn't," she says. "I found this moldy [expletive], nasty [expletive] meat on the shelf in late July and it expired in May."

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She urged others to check their food before checking out.

A TikTok showing a deli meat aisle in a Walmart store with moldly ham

In the caption of her TikTok, Alexis said she notified Walmart employees about the expired ham. But she urged other shoppers to be diligent when it comes to the retailer's food.

"Check for mold before you buy," she added in the caption.

The video has gained over 47,000 views in just five days, with other consumers backing up Alexis' advice. "I have the habit of checking dates no matter where I shop," one user commented.

Another person responded, "Check their packaged fresh fruits too! They usually have mold too."

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Some say this is why they no longer buy certain foods from Walmart.

Bread display at a Walmart bakery
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Other shoppers spoke out in the comment section of Alexis' video, claiming that even checking before buying isn't good enough. In fact, many said that they don't bother purchasing certain foods from Walmart anymore, because of the possibility that these items might be moldy or expired.

"I stopped buying meat at Walmart when the frozen sausages I bought AND ate had mold in the package (didn't notice till it was too late)," one shopper commented.

Another person wrote, "This is why I do not buy perishables from Walmart."

The comments were full of complaints about moldy food finds at Walmart stores, with shoppers saying they would never buy things like cheese, hot dogs, bacon, bread, and even strawberries from the retailer, because of what they've discovered while shopping.

"Plain and simple. Walmart needs to do better. Everyone does," Alexis responded in the comment section.

Best Life reached out to Walmart about these customer concerns, and we will update this story with their response.

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Eating moldy food can cause health problems.


Some people in the comment section of Alexis' video claimed they'd suffered from food poisoning after eating moldy food they'd bought at Walmart.

Dietitian Lillian Craggs-Dino, RDN, told the Cleveland Clinic that when you eat food tainted with mold, "You're not just eating mold, you're eating bacteria," which can cause serious foodborne illnesses, like listeriosis. And that's not the only problem that can arise.

"Some molds can actually be very, very toxic to human beings. They can also cause allergic reactions and respiratory problems," Craggs-Dino warned.

So if you experience any symptoms like shortness of breath, nausea, fever, or diarrhea, after eating moldy food, seek medical help right away.

The U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) also advises consumers not to buy moldy food.

"Examine food well before you buy it. Check food in glass jars, look at the stem areas on fresh produce, and avoid bruised produce," the agency states on its website. "Notify the store manager about mold on foods."

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