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Walmart Shopper Reveals the 5 Frozen Foods He Ate to Lose 100 Pounds

The TikToker claims these are "the best low-calorie" frozen choices at the big-box store.

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If you're sticking to a diet or trying to lose weight, trips to the grocery store can be tricky. Not only do you have to resist the urge to throw junk food in your cart, but you also have to focus on grabbing the healthiest options available. Fruits and veggies are always a good call, but produce can be pricey—and go bad quickly. One way to bolster your healthy selections and extend their shelf-life is by shopping in the frozen section. And if you want to do so on a budget, take a page out of one slimmed-down Walmart shopper's book. Read on to discover the five frozen foods he purchased at the big-box store that helped him lose 100 pounds.

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A Walmart shopper says these foods are "underrated."

In a TikTok posted on Aug. 6, user—whose page largely focuses on health and fitness—ventures to Walmart to reveal "the best low-calorie frozen foods" sold there.

"I've lost 100 pounds, and I'm gonna put y'all on to five of the most underrated frozen foods cheat codes that helped me lose 100 pounds," he says, highlighting non-traditional selections that can get you ahead in your weight loss journey.

The TikToker starts by picking up a box of Nature's Premium Fruit Pearls in the Lemon & Cream flavor. Each frozen fruit cup is only 70 calories—and if you have a hankering for ice cream, these might satisfying that craving. According to, Nature's Premium Fruit Pearls have the same texture as Dippin' Dots ice cream.

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Chicken nuggets and ice cream sandwiches can still be healthy.

realgood chicken nuggests
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The TikToker moves on to Realgood Foods Co. Lightly Breaded Chicken Nuggets as another selection.

"These Realgood chicken nuggets are crazy, dude: 23 grams of protein, 160 [calories per serving]."

Next up is another sweet treat: Great Value brand Vanilla Flavored Lowfat Ice Cream Sandwiches. points out that the ice cream bars are 97 percent fat-free and only 100 calories per bar. He also recommends Great Value's "regular" ice cream sandwiches, which are 150 calories per bar.

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The TikToker also recommends a low-cal pizza.

quest thin crust pizza walmart
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If you crave pizza in your diet, has you covered there as well. He says that he ate Quest Thin Crust Pizza in the Meat Lovers variety, which only has 5 grams of net carbs per serving. While a serving is one-third of the pie and 270 calories, if you're eating the whole pizza as a meal, notes it's 800 calories and contains 63 grams of protein.

"Whenever I was working in Dallas, I was eating one of these a day," he says, though he does concede that the Quest pies are on the pricier side. At the Walmart where is shopping, the pizzas are priced at $7.48.

His last recommendation is yet another brand of ice cream.

"Of course, y'all know I gotta get my boy Nick in there," he says, referencing Nick's Ice Cream. He then pans to several different flavors and notes that an entire pint is 370 calories, which he says makes it a better choice than Halo Top or Breyers.

"Nick is the GOAT [greatest of all time]," concludes.

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Shoppers shared their own nutritious finds.

Woman taking shopping cart near supermarket Walmart. Closeup on female hand holding shop trolley with sign of the shop

In the comment section, Walmart shoppers suggested other foods for weight loss that you can add to your list.

"Also Kemps black cherry [frozen yogurt] is bomb," a commenter wrote. "Another sweet tooth craving I go to are sugar free fudge pops."

"The cauliflower frozen pizzas are so good. Try them if you haven't already," one TikToker added.

Instead of Nick's ice cream, some shoppers recommended the Enlightened brand. "Nick's is good, but the Enlightened yogurt ice cream is better. Few more calories though," a comment reads.

But while many were eager to try's selections, other TikTokers issued a word of caution, noting that you should also pay attention to products' sugar and sodium levels while you shop.

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