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Vera Wang Says We All Missed the Point of Her Viral Sports Bra Photo

Wang's real motive behind posting the photo is much more demure.

The indomitable Vera Wang caused the internet's collective jaw to drop back in May when she posted a picture of herself in a sports bra. The 71-year-old designer was sporting some serious abs in the photo. However, Wang recently told People that her intent in posting that picture was far from getting any personal attention, but rather to feature the clips in her hair. In fact, Wang said she was surprised by the internet's reaction. Keep reading to find out more about Wang's reaction, and for more big names who shy away from publicity, here are 17 Major Celebrities Who Actually Hate the Spotlight.

"I was totally shocked," Wang told People. "To be perfectly honest, the real goal of that picture was [to feature] the hair clips I had in my hair." The caption of the photo read, "When a bit of bling is needed," and she tagged David's Bridal and Kohl's, which she collaborates with.

Wang said it's usually difficult to have something as small as hair clips to be central in a photo, so the stylists wanted to minimize what she was wearing "to keep the focus on her hair and the clips. "The fact it became about my Palm Angels workout top was so crazy," said Wang.

As someone who is used to curating show-stopping moments, Wang was shocked to be the center of one. "I'm sort of the one that always puts the women I dress upfront," she said. "Even my years at Vogue as a sittings editor, I created a lot of the pictures and was always behind the camera. So I always thought of myself as somebody who, in all fairness, was the creator and not the subject matter. So it was sort of shocking. I can't lie to you."

We may not all be able to look like Wang at 71, but we can at least try. Read on for her six secrets to keeping your mind and body healthy, and for fun celebrity gossip, discover The One Guest Anderson Cooper Banned From His Show.

A "sporadic" fitness routine

Person on a walk

While one may assume a woman this fit sticks to a stringent regimen, that's not the case for Wang. When she was asked about how she manages to stay in shape, she described her fitness routine as "sporadic." And for exercise that will keep you looking and feeling young, learn The Single Greatest Workout for Turning Back the Clock.

Being athletic from a young age

Young ice skating girl looking at the rink

Wang largely credits the sports she participated in during her youth for her lifelong ability to maintain a toned body. "I mean, I was an elite athlete in my youth. I was a competitive figure skater in the United States and a dancer at Balanchine School of American Ballet," she told People. "I think when you spend the first 16 years of your life that physically engaged, there is such a thing that it sort of stays with you. There's a muscle memory that goes with that."

In fact, Wang's original career goal was to be an Olympic skater. During an appearance on The Oprah Winfrey Show, Wang described her fashion career as a "happy accident" after not making the Olympic team. And if you're wondering what interview the talk show host doesn't remember fondly, Oprah Says This Was the Worst Guest She Ever Had.


Cozy bed for a good night of sleep

Medical professionals consistently emphasize the importance of sleep when it comes to our health, and Wang adheres to this belief. In fact, she swears that "sleep is key to having survived growing a company, raising two kids. I mean, I don't think I could exist if I wasn't able to sleep." Wang describes her slumber as a "regenerator." And to make sure you're sleeping correctly, avoid The Worst Position You Could Sleep In, Experts Says.


Vodka cocktail with lime

You probably didn't see this one coming, but Wang says vodka is the best way to close out a day. "Sleep is a very big part, and certainly vodka. Because I mean, it's just so great to be able to unwind with a cocktail," she said.

Wang isn't talking about slinging back several drinks, but she does think one or two makes for a smooth transition between work and relaxation. "It just creates a nice break," she added. And for more useful content delivered straight to your inbox, sign up for our daily newsletter.

Lifting weights

Woman about to lift weight

Wang told Harper's Bazaar in 2016 that she tries to briefly lift weights every day. "Not much—two pounds and three pounds," said Wang. "It takes me a total of five minutes." The designer explained that she tends to follow weight lifting with meditating, which she described as "the hardest thing I've ever learned."


Woman golfing

After Wang's comment about "sporadic" exercise, it may come as no shock that in 2016 she told InStyle she's "not a huge exercise person." However, there is one sport Wang still enjoys playing. "I love to play golf at Liberty National, in Jersey City, NJ, or at Atlantic Golf Club in the Hamptons if I happen to be out there. I'm terrible but enthusiastic," she said. And to find out more about what stars are really like, A Restaurant Server Is Rating Celebrities Based on How Rude They Are.

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