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USPS Is Making New Changes to Your Mail, Starting Today

Prepare for new stamps, along with other changes to your deliveries.

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By now, customers have come to expect change from the U.S. Postal Service (USPS). In just the past few years, we've seen the agency hike prices and switch up service standards more times than most of us can count. And the USPS is trucking right along with even more updates for us—some exciting and some perhaps less so. We've collected all the latest updates, from new shipping restrictions to new stamps to new kinds of mailing options. Read on to find out about all the changes the USPS has in store, including those starting today.

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The USPS has already made some changes this month.


This year has already seen some notable USPS updates.

Back in January, the agency made multiple adjustments for customers. This included price hikes for mail products, shipping services, and P.O. Boxes, as well as the discontinuation of some mailing options. And the changes didn't stop there.

As of March 1, the USPS revealed has new rules for packages being sent to Europe. Customers shipping to nearly 30 countries now have to list each item in their package with a "specific, accurate description" on the customs declaration form. If not, they run the risk of having their package returned, refused, delayed, or even discarded.

So, what's next for the USPS? New stamps, for one thing.

The agency is updating its stamps for the spring.

Tulip Stamps New Forever Stamps from the USPS

The USPS is springing into the upcoming season a bit early by giving the look of its stamps a refresh. Customers have several new designs to look forward to, including tulip blossoms stamps.

"The U.S. Postal Service celebrates spring and Americans' love for tulips with the issuance of Tulip Blossoms Forever stamps," the agency said in a Feb. 23 press release. "These new stamps from the Postal Service feature closeup views of 10 different tulips in a rainbow of colors."

The Tulip Blossom Forever stamps will be available for purchase on April 5, but there are other Forever stamps popping up even sooner. In fact, starting today, customers can purchase the agency's new Railroad Stations series.

This collection features five different designs that commemorate railroad stations listed in the U.S. Department of the Interior's National Register of Historic Places: Ohio's Union Terminal, Pennsylvania's Tamaqua Station, Maryland's Points of Rocks Station, Virginia's Main Street Station, and California's Santa Fe Depot.

"Train stations have long been gateways to exciting journeys, business travel and even mail transportation at one time across our land," the USPS said in a March 9 press release. "The Postal Service celebrates the history, nostalgia and romance of train travel with its Railroad Stations Forever stamps."

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These are not only the only new stamp choices for customers.

new Toni Morrison Forever Stamps collection from USPS

If you're not swayed by the tulip or railroad stamps, the USPS has more new designs for you to look forward to. The agency is planning to release an Art of the Skateboard collection later this month as well. This series features four new stamps and will become available to purchase on March 24 when the Postal Service holds its dedication ceremony at Cowtown's 21st annual Phoenix Am contest in Arizona.

But if you can't wait till then, the USPS also just released a different design in the last week. On March 7, the agency unveiled its new Forever Stamps collection honoring the late novelist Toni Morrison.

"One of the goals of our stamp program is to raise awareness and celebrate the people who represent the very best of our nation," Pritha Mehra, USPS chief information officer and executive vice president, said during a dedication ceremony. "It's a privilege to represent the 650,000 men and women of the Postal Service, as we honor Toni Morrison with one more tribute—our new stamp that will be seen by millions and forever remind us of the power of her words and the ideas she brought to the world."

The Postal Service has more changes planned for the summer.

A mail man waring a face mask inside a truck getting ready to deliver.

The introduction of new Forever Stamps through the spring may not seem like that big of a change, but that's not all the Postal Service has in store.

This summer, the agency has plans to adjust shipments once again. The USPS filed a proposal with the Postal Regulatory Commission (PRC) on Feb. 10 to get rid of its First-Class Package Service (FCPS) shipping category and replace it with a new offering called USPS Ground Advantage.

This change will kick in July 9, bringing a "consolidated ground package offering" to retail and commercial customers. Retail Ground, Parcel Select Ground, and First-Class Package Service will all be incorporated into USPS Ground Advantage, the new shipping option that "will feature two-to five day service standards for packages up to 70 pounds," according to the agency.

"The filing streamlines and simplifies package shipping options for customers and enhances the Postal Service's ground product offering," the USPS explained.

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