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USPS Is Making More New Changes to Your Mail, Starting Today

We've rounded up the upcoming postal updates you should know about.

These days, it feels like the U.S. Postal Service (USPS) is constantly switching things up. The agency has been in the middle of a major overhaul to fix its financial situation since 2021—and that has brought some less-than-ideal changes to customers. (Yes, we're referring to those dreaded price hikes and slower delivery standards.) But the Postal Service has also been making other minor adjustments to its operations during this time as well, and there are some you might have missed. To help you stay on top of it all, we've rounded up the upcoming USPS updates you'll want to know about. Read on to find out what new changes are on the way, starting today.

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The USPS has already made some changes this year.

USPS United States Post Office location at L'Enfant Plaza underground shops in southwest DC

When the new year started, the Postal Service wasted no time in rolling out new changes for customers.

In January, we were hit with price hikes for mail products, shipping services, and P.O. Boxes. The USPS also discontinued certain mailing options that same month. And the changes didn't stop there.

Beginning in March, the agency also introduced new rules for packages being shipped to Europe, requiring a detailed description of the items being sent, as well as updated Forever Stamp designs for customers.

And now, there are more changes on the horizon.

The agency is releasing another new stamp design.

usps tulip stamps

The first new change from the USPS is a fun one: additional stamp upgrades.

Last month, customers were introduced to two new designs. The Postal Service issued a Forever Stamps collection to honor the late novelist Toni Morrison on March 7, and then released the Art of the Skateboard series on March 24. For stamp fans, there are now even more options.

In an April 5 press release, the Postal Service announced that it had just held a dedication ceremony for its newest stamp collection. To celebrate the spring season, the agency is releasing a Tulip Blossoms Stamps series. The collection features close-up photos of 10 different tulips in a variety of colors, and is now available to order.

"A gift of tulips can convey an array of meanings—love, friendship, gratitude and congratulations—just as these tulip-themed stamps make a perfect accessory to any mailing," USPS Engineering Systems Vice President Linda Malone said during the April 5 ceremony at the Wooden Shoe Tulip Festival, where she served as the dedicating official.

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Certain mail requirements are also changing this month.

NEW YORK, USA - DECEMBER 14, 2018: USPS postman on a mail delivery truck in New York. USPS is an independent agenc of US federal government responsible for providing postal service in the US.

The Postal Service's upcoming updates run deeper than stamps, however. Customers also need to be aware that certain mail requirements are set to change this month.

According to the Federal Register, new USPS standards for mailing currency will go into effect on April 30. This change will make it a requirement to use the agency's Registered Mail Service for any commercial cash deposits over $500.

The USPS describes Registered Mail as its "most secure" shipping service, because it receives a higher level of scrutiny and is processed manually.

"The Postal Service believes this revision will provide customers with a safe and secure service for their mailing needs," the Federal Register notice explains.

The Postal Service's updates will continue into the summer.


The USPS already has adjustments on its schedule for the summer as well.

According to a new postal bulletin, the agency will revise its mailing standards on July 9 to "update information about address-correction requests." With this change, the USPS will no longer offer mailers and publishers the option to request and submit hard-copy forms to correct address information when mail is undeliverable.

"The Postal Service believes this new standard will provide customers with a more efficient and less costly method to handle address-correction notices," the agency explained.

The Postal Service is also updating its shipping options on July 9. This adjustment will bring a "consolidated ground package offering" to retail and commercial customers through the replacement of the agency's First-Class Package Service (FCPS).

As the USPS explained, Retail Ground, Parcel Select Ground, and FCPS will all be incorporated into a new singular shipping offering this summer called USPS Ground Advantage. This option "will feature two-to five day service standards for packages up to 70 pounds," simplifying and streamlining shipping options for customers.

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