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USPS Is Suspending Operations in These Places, Effective Immediately

Weather concerns are impacting postal services for customers in different states.

For the vast majority of us who depend on the mailing system, it's nice to think that "neither snow nor rain nor heat" can stop the U.S. Postal Service (USPS). But the agency has long warned that it doesn't have an official motto, and the sentiment in that oft-repeated one isn't always true. In reality, the USPS consistently monitors the weather and will adjust operations when conditions are deemed unsafe. Within the past year, we've seen the agency temporarily close Florida postal facilities amid Hurricane Ian and delay deliveries in the Midwest amid winter storms. Now, new suspensions are being implemented due to weather issues. Read on to find out more about the latest closures.

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The USPS is adjusting its service in two states.


Your mail service could be disrupted for many different reasons. But no matter the issue, the USPS works to keep customers informed when changes are necessary. Through its Service Alerts website, you can find out "whether mail is being delivered to your neighborhood or if your local Post Office is open," the agency explains.

The Postal Service frequently updates this online tool when postal disruptions arise. According to the most recent alerts, certain customers are dealing with new problems in two different states: Mississippi and California. The USPS has temporarily closed a facility in Rolling Fork, Mississippi, while two post offices in California are newly shuttered as well.

The Mississippi suspension is the result of a tornado.

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In a March 25 alert, the USPS announced that it was "temporarily suspending operations" at the Rolling Fork Post Office in Mississippi. According to the Postal Service, a weather-related natural disaster has caused building damage to the facility.

"In the wake of severe weather and a tornado outbreak affecting portions of the lower Mississippi River Valley, the Postal Service temporarily will adjust operations in Rolling Fork," the agency added in a separate local news release.

A tornado with an EF-4 rating hit the town of Rolling Fork on March 24, the Clarion Ledger reported. According to the National Weather Service (NWS), an EF-4 tornado has estimated wind speeds of 166 to 200 miles per hours.

"A great deal of the town has been destroyed," Fred Miller, a former Rolling Fork mayor, told Fox Weather in an interview, explaining that the storm system has blown out windows, damaged homes, and destroyed many businesses.

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The agency has set up a mobile retail unit for Rolling Fork customers.

Cincinnati - Circa February 2020: USPS Post Office location. The USPS is responsible for providing mail delivery and providing postal service.

When asked about the Rolling Fork closure, a spokesperson for the USPS told Best Life that there have been no new updates as of March 27.

"The U.S. Postal Service apologizes to its customers for any inconvenience and appreciates their patience as postal personnel resume operations in Rolling Fork as quickly as possible," the agency said in its press release. "Mail delivery will continue where it is safe to do so."

The USPS has set up a Mobile Retail Unit (MRU) in the parking lot of the Rolling Fork Post Office for customers to use during this current closure. They can "conduct retail transactions, including mailing packages and purchasing postage" at this temporary unit, as well as pick up their P.O. Box mail here. Rolling Fork customers can also obtain retail services at the Mayersville Post Office, according to the agency.

Weather is also continuing to affect postal operations in California.


In a March 24 alert, the agency announced that two facilities in California are currently closed as well. According to the update, the Gasquet Post Office and Lakeshore Post Office have also been shuttered as a result of weather. These facilities are "temporarily closed due to severe winter storms," the Postal Service said.

Customers in California have been continuously dealing with weather-related postal disruptions for the past month. Since Feb. 23, the agency has been steadily closing and reopening facilities throughout the state amid back-to-back storms. In fact, both the Gasquet and Lakeshore post offices had previously been shuttered at least once already this winter.

Both facilities are now closed once again, however. The town of Gasquet is currently under a Winter Weather Advisory and a Wind Advisory, according to the NWS. Meanwhile, the Lakeshore community currently has a Winter Storm Warning in effect, as well as a flooding advisory.

"Travel could be very difficult to impossible. The hazardous conditions could impact the morning or evening commute," the NWS states in alerts for both areas. "Strong winds could cause tree damage."

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