This is Exactly When You Should Weigh Yourself Every Day

There's a right and wrong time to step on the scale.

While the myth that our bodies slow down our metabolism in the winter is, sadly, not true (we only have ourselves to blame), it's no secret that people tend to get a little rounder in the middle during the holiday season. Now that January, with all of its weight loss resolutions, is upon us, it's likely we'll all be hitting the scale a little more often. Granted, just as counting calories isn't necessarily the optimal weight to get lean (just ask James McAvoy), the number on the scale isn't necessarily an indicator of wellness, especially if you're trying to beef up those muscles. But if you're goal is to lighten the load a bit, seeing those triple digits drop can be euphoric.

So, when can we expect this flat magic eight ball to give us the most optimal results?

Technically your "truest" weight would be in the morning, just after you do your business, because it's when your body has yet to be weighed down by the food you consume throughout the day. However, if you want to weigh your absolute lightest, many people have noticed that they can be up to a full pound lighter if they step on the scale after the shower.

The reasoning behind this is simple: If you tend to take the kind of long, hot showers that turn your entire bathroom into a wet sauna, you can lose up to a whole liter of water weight, which is a couple of pounds. (Note: If you've got long, thick hair, it'll actually add to the scale when wet, which is also why the weight can vary depending on whether or not you wash your head.) Either way, it's a generous, but not necessarily "true" reading, just like hopping on the scale after a super sweaty workout or a few hours at the spa.

Whatever time of the day you choose, remember to make that your "weigh-in time" every single day. After all, only by being consistent will you ever get a sense of how much you're gaining or losing. Good luck!

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