The Story Behind This Viral Tweet Will Make You Believe in Chivalry Again

One guy hit on another's girlfriend. It didn't go as you might expect.

For the last few months, the news has been awash with stories about men engaging in sexual harassment, coercion, brutality, and other really terrible behavior. So it was truly a breath of fresh air to see an exchange between two men that reminded everyone that guys can still be classy when called upon.

This week, Daniel Au, a student at California State University, Long Beach, shared a tweet that currently has more than 37,000 retweets and more than 185,000 likes.

According to the caption and accompanying photos, Daniel walked into a classroom full of 200 people in order to hand-deliver a note and a Starbucks drink to a girl he liked. Here is what he wrote on the handwritten note:

"You are one of the most beautiful girls I've ever seen. Text me [number redacted]. (Unless you have a boyfriend). Hope you have a good day!-Daniel. Ps: Not sure you even like this drink, but I couldn't walk up to you in your class just to hand you a note :)."

Now, this is already an incredibly smooth move. In an era of "sup" text messages at 12am, getting a handwritten note from a stranger is pretty much akin to riding in on horseback. Secondly, it's a a very flattering, and yet extremely non-threatening way to express your interest in a woman. Thirdly, it's always nice to come bearing gifts, so the coffee is a great touch as well as a smart strategic move. The "PS: Not sure you even like this drink" is a great addendum as it indicates that he cares about her desires and isn't planning on just steamrolling over them. And the "Unless you have a boyfriend" provides her with an easy way out, as well as an indication of good moral fiber. All in all, a note worthy of Jane Austen.

The text that he received in response to the note, however, was no less refined.

"Hello Daniel," it read. "This is the boyfriend of the girl you gave a Starbucks drink today. I'm texting you to thank you for making her smile and being very classy about it [by] adding the don't text if you have a boyfriend part. Anyways, we thought I should just text you just  so you know."

A class act on both their parts. We bow our hats down to you. Gentlemen, take note.

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