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20 Gorgeous Pieces of Storage Furniture That Will Save You So Much Space

Save some square footage—and your sanity—with these practical pieces.

Whether you're living in an apartment, dorm room, or just have a home without much storage space, finding room for every last trouser and trinket can prove difficult. However, invest in the right pieces of furniture and you'll find that you can easily turn every room in your house into storage space with room to spare. Unsure what you should be buying? Keep reading to discover some of the most useful (and gorgeous!) pieces of storage furniture that the internet has to offer. And for more items that will instantly improve your home, don't miss these 17 Amazing Vintage Home Features That Are Too Charming for Words.

This British Phone Booth-Inspired Storage Cabinet

Wayfair Phone Booth Bookshelf Storage Furniture

$250$180; buy now at Wayfair

Who says telephone booths have no use in the 21st century? This bold phone booth bookshelf from Wayfair proves that this seemingly-obsolete structure can still serve a purpose as a piece of storage furniture that's as decorative as it is delightful. And for more ways to simplify your life, check out these 20 Amazing Subscription Boxes That Will Make Your Life So Much Easier.

This Beautiful Wood Bed Frame

DWR Wood Bed Frame With Storage Storage Furniture
Design Within Reach

Starts at $3,695$2,032; buy now at Design Within Reach

No closet space? No problem. With drawers built right in, this sleek bed frame from Design Within Reach adds storage to your bedroom without taking up any additional space. Whether your problem is too many sweaters or an overwhelming shoe collection, you'll love this chic storage solution.

This Sliding Storage Mirror

UO Storage Mirror Storage Furniture
Urban Outfitters

$149; buy now at Urban Outfitters

What's the point of buying a featureless flat mirror when sliding storage ones like this exist? Inside, you can stow away all of your bathroom essentials, ranging from beauty and skincare products to first-aid necessities.

This Bench With Shoe Storage

Wayfair Bench with Shoe Storage Storage Furniture

$88; buy now at Wayfair

Nothing makes a house look messier than shoes lying haphazardly on the floor. Thankfully, you won't have to worry about that problem any longer once you invest in a storage bench like this one from Wayfair. Its bar shelves are ideal for stacking and storing shoes in a way that's both neat and organized. And if you want to add to your shoe collection, pick up some of these 30 Perfect Summer Sandals Under $30.

This Tufted Tweed Storage Ottoman

Tufted Tweed Storage Ottoman Storage Furniture
Pier 1

$130$110; buy now at Pier 1

You love to have board games, DVDs, and other entertaining items on hand in the living room, but you hate how messy they make your house look. The solution? A storage ottoman like this one from Pier 1. Not only does it offer the perfect place to discreetly store miscellaneous items, it can also serve as a comfortable footrest or extra seat, depending on your needs.

This Rustic Finish Farmhouse Bookcase

Walmart Farmhouse Bookshelf Storage Furniture

$229; buy now at Walmart

Rustic charm meets functional farmhouse in this Better Homes & Gardens cabinet from Walmart. Whether you're in need of a storage space for your fine china or require something simple and spacious for your office supplies, this posh piece is the perfect addition to any abode with farm charm.

This Radiant Red Kitchen Island

World Market Red Kitchen Island Storage Furniture
World Market

$150; buy now at World Market

Don't settle for little to no storage space in your kitchen just because it's small. Rather, invest in pieces that function as additional storage space—pieces like this kitchen cart from World Market. Not only does it provide more counter area to chop and cook on, but it also comes with many a rack that you can use to store pots, pans, and the like. And if you're shopping for the chef in your life, snag these 20 Genius Gifts for Dads Who Love to Cook.

This Tufted Bench With Shoe Storage

Overstock Shoe Storage Bench Storage Furniture

$323$256; buy now at Overstock

From the outside, this tufted bench looks like your average seat—albeit slightly more patterned and pretty. Open it up, however, and you'll find that it actually doubles as a piece of storage furniture, one with 18 separate slots for shoes. Amazing!

This Fun and Funky Round Bookcase

World Market Round Bookcase Storage Furniture
World Market

$400; buy now at World Market

Believe it or not, there are pieces of affordable storage furniture out there that look like they belong in a museum. Take this round bookcase from World Market, for instance. Though it's only $400, it's fully functional and appears as though it came straight from the halls of the Museum of Modern Art. Talk about form and function!

This California Chic Credenza

Society6 Palm Tree Credenza Storage Furniture

Starts at $649; buy now at Society6

Who says art only belongs on the walls? Over at Society6, artists like Gal Pittel are proving that patterns and prints can go anywhere—even on pieces of furniture. If you're in the market for a unique credenza, then make sure to check out the site's statement storage pieces, all of which are covered with artists' unique designs.

This Radical Round Coffee Table

Apt2B Round Coffee Table Storage Furniture

$1,298; buy now at Apt2B

Even sleek quarters with simple décor need storage—and for those spaces, we recommend something subtle like this coffee table from Apt2B. With a sunburst-inspired design, it's a statement piece that manages to stand out—but not too loudly. Better yet, if you lift off its top, you'll find plenty of room to discreetly stash items that would otherwise clutter your space.

This Over-the-Toilet Space Saver

Totally Furniture Bathroom Storage Storage Furniture
Totally Furniture

$132; buy now at Totally Furniture

This bathroom cabinet from Furniture of America is well worth its $132 price tag. Why? Well, unlike other pieces of furniture for the bathroom, it's made to fit perfectly above the toilet so that it doesn't take up any additional floor space. Genius!

This All-in-One Laundry Storage Piece

Laundry Storage Furniture
Home Depot

$221$144; buy now at Home Depot

Give your detergent, fabric softener, and other clothing-related cleaning supplies a special storage space with this brilliant mounted storage unit from Home Depot. It even comes equipped with an ironing board, making it the perfect all-in-one piece for your various laundry needs.

This Tiered Cube Shelving Unit

Target Tiered shelving Unit Storage Furniture

$40; buy now at Target

Not into the look of a traditional bookshelf or shelving unit? Then consider buying this tiny tiered option from Target instead. Its slanted shape adds an artistic appeal to any room, and though it's small, it has six cube-shaped units that can hold books and trinkets alike.

This Expandable Bar Cabinet

Expandable Bar Cabinet Storage Furniture

$1,120$622; buy now at Macy's

Every alcohol enthusiast needs this expandable bar cabinet in their home. To passersby, it might look like just another hardwood cabinet—but open it up, and you'll find enough storage space to fit your bottles, glasses, decanters, and more.

This Tetris-Esque Bookshelf

Jayson Home Tetris-Like Bookshelf Storage Furniture
Jayson Home

$3,295$1,650; buy now at Jayson Home

Have you ever dreamed of owning a bookshelf that looks like a game of Tetris? Okay, probably not, but you definitely will after feasting your eyes on this beauty from Jayson Home. Both bold and brilliant, it's the kind of sculptural storage unit that art collectors dream of.

This Floral Storage Bench

Floral Storage Bench Storage Furniture

$440; buy now at Bloomingdale's

Homeowners with a more feminine flair will love this fun floral storage bench from Bloomingdale's. Between its acrylic legs and painted rose design, it's the perfect piece of storage furniture for any and all dainty decorators.

This Mirror That Doubles As a Jewelry Armoire

Armoire Storage Mirror Storage Furniture

$250$155; buy now at Wayfair

Keep your jewelry safe and out of sight with this amazing armoire that doubles as a standing mirror. Having a designated space for all of your necklaces and bracelets will ensure that nothing gets lost and that all of your precious chains don't get tangled.

This Multipurpose Loft Bed

Kids' Loft Bed Storage Furniture

$1,260$630; buy now at Macy's

Instead of buying your child a bunk bed that they'll only use during the occasional sleepover, give them the gift of storage with this low loft bed from Donco Kids. Where there would normally be a second bed, this piece of furniture has a bookshelf and a three-drawer chest for your child to store everything from toys and books to clothing and accessories.

This Craft Organizer

Crafts Organizer Storage Furniture
Home Depot

$74$66; buy now at Home Depot

The days of throwing rolls of wrapping paper into your coat closet are over, thanks to this craft-specific storage unit from Black Storage Furniture. With designated space for ribbon rolls, wrapping paper, gift bags, and more, you'll find that this wall-mounted piece makes it easy to keep all of your supplies in one place. And for more great buys, check out these 25 Outdoor Party Essentials Under $25 for the Ultimate Summer Bash.

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