50 Easy DIY Home Hacks That Will Improve Your Life

Save time and spare your sanity with these DIY tricks.

family painting wall in living room, diy hacks

Whether you rent or own, odds are that maintaining your home takes up a significant portion of your time and hard-earned cash. A 2019 survey from OnePoll commissioned by Yelp found that the average American spends a little over 13 hours a week on household chores. On top of that, according to a 2018 study from Bankrate, Americans shell out an average of $2,000 annually on home maintenance services.

But fortunately, getting your house in order doesn't have to cost you huge amounts of cash or time that you don't have to give. We've rounded up 50 easy DIY home hacks that will save you precious minutes, tons of money, and most importantly, your sanity.

Store plastic bags in an empty disinfecting wipes container.

disinfecting wipes

There's an easy (and neat) way to store all those plastic bags that inevitably begin to pile up in some corner of your home. After you've finished using a container of disinfecting wipes, put your plastic bags in it and pull them out as needed. You can even keep this DIY invention in your car so you never forget your bags on the go!

Remove candle wax from furniture with ice cubes.

Melting Candle

If you ever spill candle wax on a piece of furniture, don't risk ruining its finish by trying to scrape it off. Instead, fill a plastic bag with ice cubes, place it over the wax, and let it sit for a few minutes. Once the wax has sufficiently cooled and hardened, you can pick it up easily without ruining your furniture for good.

And get it out of the carpet with a steam iron.

red candle on shag carpet, things you shouldn't store in your basement
Shutterstock/George Nazmi Bebawi

Spilled some hot wax on your shaggy carpet? No problem! Just put a paper bag over the wax and lightly go over the area with a steam iron. The steam will help lift the wax from the carpet and cause it to cling to the bag instead.

Remove small scratches on furniture with toothpaste.

toothpaste DIY home hacks

We all end up with small scratches in the finishes of our furniture from time to time. However, before you go spending hundreds of dollars to get your couch refinished, try using some toothpaste to get those marks out. Using a pea-sized amount of non-gel paste, rub the scratch in a circular motion until it buffs out, and then clean the remainder with a damp towel.

Use towel-wrapped tongs to clean your blinds.

A Pair of Metal Kitchen Tongs DIY Home Hacks

Having a hard time getting all the dust off your blinds? All it takes is a few items you already have in your home to get them squeaky clean. Simply wrap dish towels around either side of a pair of tongs and secure them with rubber bands—and voilà, you've got your very own DIY duster. You'll have dust-free blinds in seconds!

Use cooking oil to get rid of sticky label residue.

sticker on honey jar, diy hacks

Anyone who's ever peeled a label off of a jar knows how frustrating it can be when the spot remains as sticky as honey. Thankfully, cooking oil makes it easy as pie to get rid of that residue. Using a cotton pad and some cooking oil, rub the sticky area and let it sit for a few minutes. Once the oil has sunk in, it'll wipe away easily.

Use plastic straws to help wilting flowers stand up straight.

yellow flowers in white vase, old school cleaning tips

Wilting flowers are a sight for sore eyes. However, you don't have to throw out your tulips just because they're starting to look sad. Rather, you can place plastic straws around the flowers' stems so that they stay upright and can still get their necessary nutrients from the water.

Fix a hole in a window screen with clear nail polish.

Nail polish bottles

A hole in your screen door or window renders the entire thing practically useless. Fortunately, there's a simple solution for those small tears: clear nail polish. If you have a minor hole in your screen but don't want to replace the whole thing, simply add a swipe of clear nail polish where there's a nick and it'll be as good as new in minutes.

Clean your HVAC vent registers in the dishwasher.

dishwasher, easy home tips

Those grimy HVAC registers can easily be cleaned in your dishwasher! Just pop them off, run them through a quick rinse cycle, and dry them thoroughly before reinstalling.

Organize pot and pan lids with a magazine rack.

pot and pan lids

There's no denying that pot and pan lids take up more than their fair share of space in cabinets. The solution? Use a vertical wire magazine rack to keep them organized on the inside of your cabinet door.

Clean a messy ceramic cooktop with a Magic Eraser.

Mr. Clean Magic Eraser best cleaning products

Ceramic cooktops may seem like a convenient alternative to gas ranges, but they're not always easier to clean. Fortunately, a Magic Eraser can come to your rescue. This gritty sponge can remove those caked-on messes in just a few swipes without doing any damage to your precious ceramic tiles.

Use a magnetic rack to keep spices tidy.

spice rack storage hacks

If you're like most people, your spice cabinet could probably use some serious reorganization. Fortunately, a magnetic spice rack can kill two birds with one stone by both making your spices more organized and giving you something to put on your fridge other than bills and grocery lists. It's decorative and it's functional—what could be better?

Clean a pan with Alka-Seltzer tablets.

Woman Cleaning a Pan in the Kitchen Sink

Is that mess from dinner not budging from your pan? Fill it with hot water, drop in an Alka-Seltzer tablet, and let it sit. In about 15 minutes, that mess should wipe up easily.

Use stick-on LED lights to illuminate dark cabinets.

led lighting DIY home hacks

If you're dealing with a darker-than-ideal kitchen, you can use some LED lights to brighten things up. Instead of installing pricey under-cabinet lighting, a few stick-on LEDs can help illuminate your countertops and cabinets at virtually no cost.

Clean your blender with dish soap.

Blender in Kitchen

Anyone who's ever attempted to clean a blender knows just how perilous doing so can be. After all, you're essentially sticking your hand into a pitcher of knives and hoping for the best. Thankfully, there's a safer and simpler way to clean your blender after you make a smoothie or shake. Add a little dish soap to your machine, pour in two cups of warm water, and blend until that grime is a thing of the past.

Avoid clutter by hanging pots and pans inside cabinet doors.

pots and pans inside cabinet

If you don't have space for an overhead rack in your kitchen, all you have to do is attach your cooking tools to the sides of your cabinets with hooks to clear up space. To do this without damaging the woodwork, attach cork board to the inside of your cabinets first with foam tape and then place the stick-on hooks.

Hang cumbersome utensils on hooks inside cabinets, too.

spatulas and kitchen utensils

There are few things more likely to make a kitchen drawer stuck than a stray spatula. To put an end to your frustration, attach some adhesive hooks to the inside of a kitchen cabinet door and hang your utensils there instead. This will ensure that your drawers open easily and that you'll be able to locate your spatulas, spoons, and ladles whenever you need them.

Limit the amount of water your toilet uses by putting a heavy item in the tank.

Toilet with lid up DIY Home Hacks

Is your water bill outrageously high? Your toilet tank could be the problem. To help reduce the cost, put a brick or other heavy item inside the tank. This will displace at least a few cups of water, helping you reduce the amount you use with every flush.

Clean your toilet bowl with mouthwash.

Cleaning a toilet bowl with blue substance

When your toilet bowl is in dire need of a good clean, grab your mouthwash instead of heading to the store to pick up yet another expensive and unnecessary cleaning product. Simply pour a capful of the stuff into your toilet bowl and let it sit for half an hour. When you're ready to give the bowl a scrub, any grime will come off easily.

Organize your bathroom essentials with a silverware tray.

An Empty Silverware Organizer DIY Home Hacks

Silverware trays aren't just good for forks, spoons, and knives. In the bathroom, you can also use these handy dandy accessories to store and organize all of your essentials, from toothbrushes and toothpaste to makeup brushes and mascara tubes.

Keep your toothbrush off the dirty countertop with a clothespin.

Using a clothespin to hold a toothbrush

Your bathroom counter is teeming with germs, so it's the last place you want your toothbrush to be. And if you don't want to spend money on a whole slew of bathroom accessories, a clothespin is just as effective at holding up your toothbrush, far away from all that bacteria.

Use a second shower rod to store toiletries.

Bathroom shower curtains DIY Home Hacks

Instead of letting your sponges, loofahs, and smaller toiletries languish in your damp shower and inevitably become a breeding ground for bacteria, hang them up. All you have to do is install a secondary tension rod in your shower and attach some mesh bags on S-hooks to keep those shower supplies from getting waterlogged. It's one of those simple DIY home hacks that saves you time and money in the long run!

Wrap a rubber band around the neck of a soap dispenser to avoid overuse.

Soap pump

If you have little ones who think every hand-washing session merits using a cup of soap, this trick can save you some serious cash. Wrapping a rubber band around the neck of a soap dispenser will slow its flow, meaning you'll get an appropriate amount of soap with every pump and won't run through an entire bottle each week.

Use suspenders to keep a fitted sheet in place.

blue fitted sheet on mattress, diy hacks
Shutterstock/Tolikoff Photography

If you find your fitted sheets slipping off the corners of your bed, look no further than your closet for an easy fix. Take a pair of elastic suspenders, clip one end to each corner under the mattress, and your sheet will for sure stay put.

Drill a hole in the bottom of your trash can to keep bags from sticking.

man throwing garbage in trash can diy home hacks

There are few things more frustrating than trying to remove a garbage bag from the bin, only to find that it's holding on for dear life. Thankfully, all you have to do is drill a small hole in the bottom of your trash can to get rid of the vacuum-like seal that often makes the bags stick.

Add some paper to the bottom of your trash bag to keep liquids from leaking out.

kitchen trash can, second uses for cleaning products
Shutterstock/Kelly Marken

Before you toss another liquidy mess into your trash bag, add some old newspaper to the bottom first. By adding that layer, you can catch and absorb leaky messes before they drip on you come trash day.

Prevent doors from locking with a rubber band.

White bedroom door DIY home hacks

If you have sensitive locks on your doors and pets and children running around the house, you know just how easy it is to find yourself locked out of a room with no easy way in. Fortunately, all it takes is a rubber band to keep those doors from sealing shut. Simply loop the stretchy band around one doorknob, twisting it over the latch bolt so it's pressed into the door. Then, loop the other end of the band over the other doorknob, and you'll never accidentally get locked out again.

Keep your door from hitting the wall by covering the knob with a tennis ball.

Tennis ball

If you live with someone who seems incapable of opening a door gently, there's a quick and easy solution that will save your sanity and your walls. Simply cut a slit in a tennis ball and wrap it around the offending knob; when the door hits the wall with force, it will bounce right off of it rather than leaving an indentation.

Use a foam noodle to prevent dings in your car door.

Person Opening a Car Door Inside of Their Garage DIY Home Hacks

Few things are worse than opening your car door straight into the wall of your garage. The good news? There's an easy fix. If you happen to have an old pool noodle lying around, you can cut it in half and attach it to the garage wall, making sure to line it up with the height of your door handle. That way, if you accidentally open the door too far, it will hit the soft noodle instead of the hard wall.

Hang a painting on hinges to conceal an unsightly alarm system.

security system panel

While alarm systems can give you peace of mind, they're not always pleasant to look at. And if you want to make your alarms blend seamlessly into your existing décor, all it takes is a piece of art and some hinges. Use two hinges to attach your painting to the wall near your alarm panel, and you've got an easy way to cover it while keeping it accessible.

Put down masking tape before nailing into plaster walls.

masking tape on wall

Though plaster walls offer better soundproofing than drywall, they too have their fair share of problems, particularly when you're trying to hang something on them. However, all it takes is a little tape to fix the issue.

Before you nail a hole in your plaster wall, put a small square of masking tape or painter's tape over the area where you'll be placing your nail. That way, when you nail into the plaster, it's unlikely to flake or spread dust and you may even prevent future cracks down the line.

Keep nails accessible by adding some magnetic tape to your hammer's handle.

A Hammer Nailing In a Nail

Anyone who's ever hammered a nail knows that the small metal spike is way too easy to lose. The solution? Add a strip of magnetic tape to the handle of your hammer, so you can keep those nails where you need them and never lose one again.

Use mason jars to store excess paint.

holiday decor

Paint cans are cumbersome, unsightly, and, if improperly hammered, can dry your paint out prematurely. So, if you want to keep any excess paint contained, use a mason jar instead. Just pour the paint in and make sure the lid is screwed on tightly for a better alternative to those enormous aluminum cans.

Remove excess paint from your brush with a rubber band.

young woman standing on ladder doing wall painting.

When you have too much paint on your brush, your options are usually to either suck it up or wipe it off on the top of your paint can, making that rim forever dirty and sticky. However, there is a third option if you have some rubber bands handy. If you wrap a rubber band or two around your paint can, you can use that to get rid of any excess paint and ensure that you have the perfect amount every time.

Line the edges of a caulked area with painter's tape.

Man caulking crack diy home hacks

There are few things that make a tub or window look less presentable that a messy line of caulk. To ensure that you always have a perfectly caulked surface every time, use painter's tape on either side of where the caulk will go.

Get pet fur off of furniture with a squeegee.

Dog and owner funny pet stories

You may love your pets, but odds are you don't relish getting covered in their fur every time you take a seat on a piece of fabric-upholstered furniture. But instead of spending endless cash on lint rollers that hardly pick up a thing, you can use a squeegee to get rid of all that excess hair.

Protect your furniture from your cat's claws with aluminum foil.

tin foil, easy home tips

Is there a specific part of your couch that your cat just won't stop clawing at? If so, cover that area up with aluminum foil. The uncomfortable sensation of the foil against their claws should be unpleasant enough to deter them in the future.

Make your house smell fresh by warming a vanilla bean in water on the stove.

vanilla beans on burlap

Air fresheners may smell great, but what they're doing to your lungs isn't so terrific: They've been linked to a host of respiratory illnesses, as well as eye irritation. Fortunately, there's a simple alternative: By simmering a vanilla bean in two cups of water on the stove (and adding some cloves of cinnamon if you want a spicier scent), you can perfume the air in your house without putting your health in jeopardy.

Label cords with washi tape.

Colorful Washi Tape Rolls DIY Home Hacks

Your phone, laptop, and tablet chargers all look eerily similar, especially when they're tangled together in a dark corner near your desk. If you want to avoid spending time unnecessarily discerning which charger is which, use brightly colored washi tape to label each one. When you need to charge your electronics, these labels will help you reach for the proper cord every time.

Make your rugs non-slip by adding a line of caulk on the bottom.

stripes small space decorating tips

Simply add a few lines of caulk to the underside of your rug to prevent it from moving out of place and stop any slips before they start.

Put mini furniture sliders on the bottom of flowerpots to avoid scratches.

terra cotta pots

Plants can instantly brighten up any home, but heavy flower pots can often seem like more trouble than they're worth—especially since they have a bad habit of scraping the surfaces they sit on top of. To help keep your pots from damaging your floors or windowsills, simply place furniture sliders under each pot. You'll feel good knowing that your flower-lined surfaces are scuff-free.

Keep your garden green with an old water bottle.

DIY Sprinkler Water Bottle Second Uses

Sprinklers and other fancy gardening gadgets can cost a pretty penny. Empty bottles, on the other hand, can be found in any household recycling bin, and they can easily be transformed into fully functional sprinklers. All you have to do is punch some holes into the bottle and tape it tightly onto your hose for a fabulous DIY sprinkler.

Neatly store wrapping paper in a garment bag.

wrapping presents

Wrapping paper comes in handy during the holiday season and on the occasional birthday—but throughout the rest of the year, it simply serves to make your house look messy. So, if you want to neatly store your wrapping paper all year long, set aside a garment bag just for your rolls. You can hang this garment bag in your coat closet, and when it comes time to wrap a present, you'll know exactly where to go for all your supplies.

Use a hairdryer to get crayon marks off the walls.

Blow Dryer old beauty products

If your kids like to use your white walls as their personal crayon canvas, all hope is not lost. Simply heat the offending portion of the wall with a hairdryer for a few seconds to soften the crayon's wax and then wipe any marks away with a soft cloth.

Use an old laundry basket as a polka dot stencil.

Plastic Laundry Basket on the Floor DIY Home Hacks

Looking for a cheap and easy way to instantly upgrade your plain white walls? If you happen to have an old laundry basket around—specifically, one of those plastic ones with holes in it—then you can cut that up and use it as a stencil to adorn your walls with polka dots.

Stick a paper clip to the end of a roll of duct tape.

Roll of tape

Instead of wasting duct tape by folding it over to mark where the roll ends, use a paper clip. With this method, you still won't have to feel around with your fingernails, but you also won't have to cut off that inch of perfectly good tape that you've folded, either.

Freeze your pillowcases before hopping into bed on a hot night.

Woman opening freezer clothing hacks

On particularly hot nights, it can prove especially difficult to get comfortable in bed. Luckily, you can still cool off without using your air conditioner. Simply spritz your pillowcase with a tiny bit of water and freeze it for 20 minutes before putting it on your pillow. This will cool you down just long enough for you to drift off.

Paint your keys to never get them confused.

spare keys, bad parenting

How are you supposed to differentiate your house keys, your office keys, your car keys, and your mail keys when they all look virtually the same? With paint, of course! So long as you feel comfortable remembering a color-coded system, painting each of your keys its own distinct color will ensure that you never again waste time trying every single one every time you need to unlock your front door.

Store your styling tools in a magazine rack.

Wire Magazine Rack

Those wire magazine racks store styling tools just as well as they store magazines. If you have a bunch of curling irons and hair straighteners lying around, use a few of these office organizers to keep your tools in one convenient place.

Turn magazine holders into space-saving storage.

magazine rack DIY Home Hacks

If you're looking to store miscellaneous supplies but hate the messy look of plastic bins, try using a magazine holder instead. Wire mesh and canvas magazine holders are the perfect size to keep your smaller goods in order while making them easy to find. And for more easy ways to make your space seem larger, try out these 30 Genius Home Storage Hacks That Will Clear Up So Much Space.

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