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This Feature in Your Profile Picture Will Get You More Dating Matches

Research shows that this is what people want to see on your dating profile.

Even though online dating was created to add ease and convenience to the dating game, it can often be a difficult thing to navigate. After all, you have to entice people to your profile before you even get the chance of going on a date. Luckily, there may be a way for you to get a leg up in the game: According to research, having a dog in your profile picture is likely to get you more online dating matches.

Pet food brand I And Love And You conducted a survey of 2,000 American online dating users and found that two in five have "swiped right," or expressed interest in another user just because they had a dog featured in their picture. The respondents admitted that they often "wanted to meet the dog" in people's profile pictures more than they actually wanted to meet the person.

Most of the respondents (63 percent) said that having a cute dog in their online profile picture has actually helped them find success with online dating, as well. And 39 percent admitted to borrowing a friend's dog just to use in their profile picture.

A happy woman enjoys spending time with her Golden Retriever outdoors in a Los Angeles county park in California on a sunny day. She cuddles her beloved pet.

But it may not be all about the dog it turns out. Even though nearly 70 percent of respondents said they missed their ex's pet as much as they missed their ex, there may be certain personality traits pet owners' possess that are drawing matches to their profile.

"Having animals in your online dating profile projects the impression that you are a kind, caring, and compassionate individual—all stellar and desirable traits in a partner," says Channa Bromley, a professional matchmaker and founder of My Love Gurus. "And kindness often ranks as one of the top sexiest traits, regardless of gender."

Not only that, but having a pet in your profile picture may also make you appear more independent and that you have a "life of your own" with other interests and passions—which is a highly desirable trait, according to Bromley.

"A common turn-off for many people on the dating scene is clinginess and neediness," she explains. "Having a pet shows that you have a life bigger than yourself and won't be dependent upon a partner to fulfill you."

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But the perceived traits don't end at being kind and independent. When you specifically have a dog in your profile picture, it also makes people assume that you live an active lifestyle, says Bromley. And most people admit to finding this attractive in a partner. The online dating site Zoosk surveyed over 7,000 members and found that 65 percent of online daters said it was important that they date someone who exercises regularly.

"People assume that if you have a pet that you life an active lifestyle," Bromley says. "Pets elevate relationships by being a catalyst for outdoor activities such as walks, hikes, and trips to the beach. Plus, engaging in these activities together promotes connection and bonding for the future." And for more online dating tips, discover The One Word You Should Never Include in Your Online Dating Profile.

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