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See Rod Stewart's Son, Who's a Professional Hockey Player

One of Stewart's eight children is rising in the ranks of the sports world.

Since launching his rock career in the '60s, Rod Stewart has become one of the best-selling musicians of all time, having sold over 250 million records. The London-born singer and producer churned out hit after hit—Forever Young, Have I Told You Lately That I Love You, and The First Cut Is the Deepest, to name just a few—landing him 10 number-one albums and scores of top-10 singles in both the U.S. and Great Britain. In 2016, he was even knighted by Prince William for his "services to music and charity." Just this week, the 76-year-old rocker was spotted shooting a new music video in London, flanked by a trio of sharply dressed blondes.

But as busy as the Grammy-winning musician is in his career, he's just as busy behind the scenes with his large, blended family. The icon has eight children—Sarah (57) , Kimberly (42), Sean (40), Ruby (34), Renée (29), Liam (26), Alastair (15), and Aiden Stewart (10)—from five relationships.

Today, his sixth child, Liam Stewart, is making headlines for his professional hockey career, which has grown over a decade and so far spanned three continents. Read on to see the emerging sports star now!

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He's had international success in his hockey career.

Liam Stewart in red hockey uniform
Marissa Baecker/Getty Images

Liam has played pro hockey for over a decade, with a career that has so far taken him to the United States, New Zealand, and his native Great Britain. He spent four seasons playing for Washington's Spokane Chiefs in the Western Hockey League (WHL) before joining the Quad City Mallards and Alaska Aces in the ECHL.

In 2016, the rising hockey star moved back to England to play for Coventry Blaze and Guildford Flames in the Elite League. In 2017, he played for Great Britain's national team in the World Championship Division 1B tournament, ultimately taking the gold.

Since then, the hockey star has toggled back and forth between teams in the U.K. and New Zealand, though he reportedly settled in England during the pandemic.

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This year, he announced that he would join a U.K. hockey team.

Liam Stewart skating in hockey uniform
Derek Leung/Getty Images

In Feb., 2021, Liam announced that he would be joining the U.K.'s Everyone Active Raiders ahead of the 2021 NIHL Spring Cup. "I'm super excited to be joining the Raiders and get the chance to just be on the ice again especially during these times," he told the Romford Recorder, referring to his time spent away during the pandemic. "Hopefully I'm not too rusty," he joked.

The athlete explained his decision to join the Raiders was partially a practical one—he lives just 40 minutes from the team's home base—but also an exciting opportunity to be a part of a team again. "I'm excited for the fans all around the U.K. to be able to enjoy these games over the weekend and see some of their players playing again," he said.

The Raiders' coaches shared that they were looking forward to having him on the team. "He's a fast skater on and off the puck and a constant scoring threat," Sean Easton, the head coach, said at the time.

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Unfortunately, an injury has put his hockey plans on hold.

Liam Stewart in hockey uniform on the ice
Marissa Baecker/Getty Images

Despite his enthusiasm, Liam's plans to play for the Raiders were dramatically cut short. Just nine days after announcing that he would join the team, he shared with the Romford Recorder that an injury would prohibit him from playing this season.

"Sorry, Raiders fans. It was very short lived but I gotta take care of this situation in hope of a season next year," he told fans. "And ya never know, maybe one day I could be in a Raiders Jersey," he added.

This is not the hockey player's first injury-related sabbatical. In 2018, he was forced to hit pause on his season after suffering a serious concussion and other injuries. "I've broken my foot a couple of times and last year I shattered my ankle, but it's all part of being a hockey player," he told the U.K.'s Daily Mail in 2017.

He's got his family's full support.

Being one of eight children living in two different countries, you could see how keeping up with the family could be a time consuming task. But if Instagram is any indication, Liam and his clan go to great lengths to see each other often. Last year, the hockey player posted a fun family photo from his dad's 75th birthday bash at the Ritz Carlton in London, and his account is peppered with more casual snaps of his dad and many siblings.

Liam told the Daily Mail that while his famous dad is "supportive" and loves to come to games to cheer him on, he's not convinced the Maggie May singer—a soccer fan at heart—has "always been sure of the rules" of hockey.

In some ways, that makes his dad's emphatic support even sweeter. "It's the best, proudest feeling to look at your kids," the rock star told the publication.

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