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See Emma Thompson's Daughter, Who's an Up-and-Coming Actor

Thompson's 21-year-old daughter is a performer and an activist, just like her mom.

Two-time Academy Award winner Emma Thompson is one of the most beloved actors of our time. Her appearances in movies that range from Sense and Sensibility to the Harry Potter franchise to Love Actually have captured the hearts of generations and now, a new generation of her family is making a name for themselves. The British actor's 21-year-old lookalike daughter Gaia Wise has performed on the stage and screen, and it's looking like she'll be busy in the coming months. To see Thompson's daughter now and to find out what she's up to, read on.

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Emma Thompson and Greg Wise's daughter Gaia is an up-and-coming actor.

Greg Wise, Gaia Wise, and Emma Thompson
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Gaia, whose father is English actor Greg Wise, began appearing in movies in 2008. That year, she made her film debut in Last Chance Harvey, and then she went on to appear in the 2015 movie A Walk in the Woods, both alongside her mother.

In 2014, Gaia also appeared in the ensemble of Sweeney Todd at the English National Opera, in which her mother also starred.

Gaia currently has three projects in the works: feature films Shooting Star and A Book About Her and a short called A Love Worth Fighting For.

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Gaia was bullied for her activism and her mom home schooled her as a result.

Gaia Wise and Emma Thompson
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Acting isn't the only thing Gaia shares with her mother, though. Both Thompson and Gaia are activists, working with the environmental group Greenpeace. The mother-daughter duo even went on a "Save the Arctic" expedition together in 2014 to raise awareness about the dangers of oil drilling.

Gaia has said she was bullied by her classmates for her activism in high school, leading her to leave the school and be educated at home by her mother. Gaia told The Mail on Sunday in 2015 that after returning from her trip, many of her classmates bullied her, telling her to "stop being such a hippy." She said classmates deemed her "sad" for taking her time to hand out flyers about climate change on the weekends. "I tried to get people to listen," said Gaia. "It's ridiculous how many teenagers on their phones call you a hippy for being interested in this…There were many reasons why I left, but that was one of them."

Gaia is also an advocate for body positivity.

Another cause close to Gaia's heart is body positivity. In April, she shared a post on Instagram that revealed she was recovering from an eating disorder. "So, many people are posting fabulous bodily changes they have achieved either over the past few years, or over lockdown. The majority I have seen are about weight loss. I decided to share something a little different; my journey from anorexia to a healthy body," Gaia wrote along with two photos of herself. "Much of it has been a battle but I'm now 18 months in a stable and happy weight range."

While Gaia noted that she was "terrified" to share the post, she hoped it would help others and herself. "I know sharing takes me even further out of the shame of an eating disorder," she wrote. "It might even be helpful to another human."

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Thompson also has a very accomplished son.

Tindyebwa Agaba Wise, Greg Wise, Gaia Wise, and Emma Thompson
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Gaia isn't the only child of Thompson-Wise family. The couple adopted Tindyebwa Agaba Wise in 2004 when he was 17. Previously, Tindyebwa was forced to be a child soldier in Rwanda. According to the Daily Mirror, he escaped to seek asylum in the U.K. where the then-16-year-old met Thompson at a Refugee Council event. She later tracked him down and invited him to Christmas Eve dinner. His relationship with the family progressed with more frequent visits until he finally moved in with them and they formally adopted him. The Daily Mirror reports that Tindyebwa didn't realize his new parents were famous until he saw a recording of Thompson in a Shakespearian play during class.

After joining the Thompson-Wise family, Tindyebwa earned a bachelor's degree in politics at the University of Exeter and a master's degree, in human rights law, at the University of London's School of Oriental and African Studies. Following college, he worked for the United Nations High Commission for Human Rights. He is now married and, like his mom and sister, is a human rights activist who works with organizations that provide care to refugees and asylum seekers.

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