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The Most Annoying Thing About Each Zodiac Sign, According to Astrologers

Everyone's got that one personality trait that's just, well, irritating.

No matter how much you love someone, there are bound to be things about them that irk you. Maybe they chew loudly, or perhaps they always interrupt you when you're talking. For the most part, we can learn to deal with these quirks, but sometimes, a person's irritating tendencies are just too much—and it could be their horoscope that's to blame. Keep reading to learn the most annoying thing about each zodiac sign. From nitpicking to showing off, astrologers say these are the habits they just can't break.

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Aries: Has a temper

Aggressive man yelling at nurse in clinic.

Of course, having a temper is never a good thing. But the way Aries can instantly go from zero to 60 has everyone walking on eggshells around them.

"Hot-headed Aries leads, charging ahead competitively without consideration for others," notes astrologer Bella Nguen.

Linda Berry, owner, consultant, coach, trainer, and reader for the Spiritual Discovery Center, adds that Aries is ruled by Mars, "the planet that represents war and conflict," so don't expect them to calm down any time soon.

Taurus: Can be a killjoy

female upset with boyfriend while fighting on the sofa in modern apartment

The saying "stubborn as a bull" didn't come from nowhere, and of course, this can be a character flaw of Taurus. But what really annoys the people in their life is their resistance to change.

"The lack of movement, or inertia, creates a lazy quality in their reaction to life that can irritate those around them," explains Berry.

These qualities also mean that Taurus can be overly serious and an occasional killjoy. Maria Hayes, astrologer and tarot reader at Trusted Astrology, says they're "either difficult to be fun with or find it difficult to [jibe] with a group's quirks and gimmicks."

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Gemini: Is fickle

upset girl feeling lonely, avoid talking to people, suffering from discrimination

Because they're represented by the twins, Geminis have a dual nature that can be both positive (they can see both sides of a situation) and negative (they're often described as two-faced).

Nguen says their fickle ways can really irk people: "Restless Gemini scatters energies, lacking focus and rarely completing projects."

Berry agrees, adding that it's annoying when they get distracted by something small like a new hobby, but it can really be problematic when it's a more serious issue, such as being unable to commit to one partner.

Cancer: Has mood swings

Lonely man upset by himself

Cancer is ruled by the Moon, which governs emotions. Naturally, then, this sign is prone to mood swings.

"Cancer's emotions are like the tides and are in constant motion which can be exhausting to those around them," explains Berry.

But this truly gets annoying when they don't just come out with what's bothering them. "They tend to hold things inside which leads to depression, resentment, and unhealthy coping habits," Berry adds.

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Leo: Shows off

annoying guest dances at holiday party

Leo the lion loves nothing more than being in the spotlight. "Attention-seeking Leo craves constant praise and validation for their starring performance," says Nguen.

And because their ego is so big, they'll stop at nothing to get all eyes on them. That alone is quite annoying, but when they don't get the attention they want, that's when things take a turn for the worst.

"Their emotions can lead to jealousy and selfishness … and an uncontrollable temper," shares Berry.

Virgo: Nitpicks

In the office, displeased female CEO of Asian ethnicity, scolding her male mixed-race employee, over the job he didn't do it in the right way
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The perfectionists of the zodiac like things just so. They might always show up 10 minutes early or have an intense organizational system for their closet.

This can be a little irritating from afar, but when Virgo's judgment gets turned on you, forget it. "Nitpicking Virgo obsesses over flaws, delivering unending criticism and correction," says Nguen.

"This annoying pickiness trait leads to disagreements with others that can result in driving them away," adds Berry.

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Libra: Behaves passive-aggressively

couple ignoring each other in the kitchen, things you should never say to your spouse

For the most part, Libra is bubbly, social, and lovely. But they're also major people-pleasers, hemming and hawing over how not to rock the boat.

"Indecisive Libra weighs every choice endlessly, bending to please everyone," notes Nguen.

"This also leads to them avoiding confrontation at all costs (in order to please everyone) which can be viewed as annoying and hypocritical to those around them," points out Berry.

Scorpio: Gets jealous

two women at home eating breakfast, partner chatting on mobile telephone. Young woman being ignored by her girlfriend and feeling jealous

Words commonly used to describe Scorpio are intense, complex, and brooding. They're water signs, so they feel their emotions deeply—they just don't know what to do with those emotions.

"Ruled by the mysterious planet of Pluto, Scorpio will do anything to hide their feelings," explains Berry, who adds that this very often leads to jealousy.

"The high standards Scorpios set for themselves bring on this annoying trait," she says. "They have the constant need to compare themselves to others and feel envious and jealous of their achievements."

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Sagittarius: Is too care-free

Group of young friends taking a selfie while on a road trip
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Sagittarius is best known as the optimistic, adventurous, world traveler of the zodiac. Fun, right? Maybe in small doses.

"Unfortunately, this unbridled positiveness causes Sagittarius to be unrealistic and unpredictable at times leading them to make empty promises to others," says Hayes.

Nguen adds that it's not uncommon for them to cancel plans last minute or bail on a commitment when they get bitten by the travel bug.

Capricorn: Acts like a control freak

Demanding boss pointing to his watch and asking his employee to hurry up while she sits behind a stack of folders and papers
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Nguen refers to Capricorn as a workaholic. This serious sign values professional success and financial stability above all else.

"Capricorns are known to be well-organized and extremely methodical and want everything in perfect order," Berry says. But if you're in their orbit and don't follow suit, be prepared to get very annoyed.

"They want to take control of situations and exert their control over those around them," Berry adds. They view themselves as the smartest, so why shouldn't they be in charge?

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Aquarius: Always contrary

woman getting annoying with friend
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Aquarians are eccentric oddballs. "This zodiac sign is known for its unique views of the world and free-spirit disposition," Berry shares.

But sometimes, all their unconventional ways can be a bit much, especially when they constantly have to take a contradictory view of topics. "Aquarius adopts fringe theories just to provoke, flouting conventions," notes Nguen.

"It becomes frustrating for those around them who try to connect on deeper levels in work and personal relationships," explains Berry.

Pisces: Wears rose-colored glasses

Young man being annoyed by young woman at dinner
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Nothing's wrong with being positive, but Pisces' desire for things to be happy and nice means they'll often avoid reality, escaping into their daydreams.

"Pisces are highly sensitive, gullible, and easily swayed by others around them because of their lack of boundaries," says Berry. "They are capable of absorbing the emotions and feelings of others which makes it wearisome and annoying to be around them."

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