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See the Surviving Members of the Jackson 5 Now

Here's the latest on Jackie, Jermaine, Tito, Marlon, and Randy Jackson.

With era-defining hits including "I Want You Back," "ABC," and "I'll Be There," the Jackson 5 were one of the biggest musical acts of the late 1960s and early '70s. The family band originally included brothers Jackie, Jermaine, Tito, Marlon, and Michael Jackson, and the group reached the height of their fame in the early '70s. Although they went through a dip in their fame, brothers putting out solo albums, and changes in their lineup and record labels, they continued making music for years to come.

In fact, the group, now known as The Jacksons, is still performing today. Read on to find out more about each surviving member now.

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They're still touring.

Randy Jackson, Michael Jackson, Marlon Jackson, Tito Jackson, Jermaine Jackson, and Jackie Jackson at the 1972 Royal Variety Performance in London
Watal Asanuma/Shinko Music/Getty Images

The original Jackson 5 lineup came to an end in 1975 when Jermaine left the group and was replaced by brother Randy Jackson, at which point the group became known as The Jacksons. In the '80s, Jermaine rejoined and, for a brief time, there were six members, including when they released the album Victory in 1984.

Over the years, members of the group put out their own solo albums. Michael was obviously the most successful in that endeavor. But, they periodically came back together for reunions. The final reunion was in 2001, when all six members performed as part of the Michael Jackson: 30th Anniversary Celebration special, which marked the 30th anniversary of the beginning of his solo career.

After Michael's death in 2009, the remaining original members continued to perform concerts together and still do to this day.

Jackie Jackson has his own furniture line.

Jackie Jackson performing in Atlanta, Georgia in 2019
Marcus Ingram – ABA /Getty Images

Jackie, now 71, released two solo albums in 1973 and 1989. His most recent release was the 2010 single "We Know What's Going On." In addition to music, Jackie has a furniture line and started the record label Critically Amused. With his brothers, he took part in the 2009 reality show The Jacksons: A Family Dynasty, which lasted for one season.

Jackie has four children—two with his ex-wife, Enid Arden Spann, and two with his current wife, Emily Besselink. He also has several grandchildren.

Tito Jackson got the blues.

Tito Jackson performing in Cambridge, England in 2022
C Brandon/Redferns via Getty Images

Tito's solo career started long after that of his siblings. In 2003, he began performing as a blues musician. He released albums in 2016 and 2021. Currently, the 69-year-old performs shows with his blues band, as well as with The Jacksons.

Tito has three children with his ex-wife Delores Martes. Their sons, Taj, Taryll, and TJ Jackson, have their own singing grouped called 3T. Through his children, Tito has eight grandchildren.

Jermaine Jackson hasn't taken part in recent reunions.

Jermaine Jackson at the "Forever Jackson" Madrid premiere in 2018
Samuel de Roman/Getty Images

Next to Michael, Jermaine has enjoyed the most successful solo career of the Jackson brothers. He has released 14 studio albums since starting his solo career in 1972, and was nominated for the Grammy for Best Male R&B Vocal Performance for the 1980 album Let's Get Serious. His latest album was 2012's I Wish You L.O.V.E. Jermaine hasn't been joining The Jacksons for their most recent performances, but he generally has in the past, starting with their 2012 Unity Tour.

Jermaine, 67, has seven children from three relationships. And, like his bandmate siblings, he's also a grandfather.

Marlon Jackson started a foundation.

Marlon Jackson performing in Cambridge, England in 2022
C Brandon/Redferns via Getty Images

Marlon released his first and only solo album, Baby Tonight, in 1987. Today, the 65-year-old performer runs the Study Peace Foundation, which "promote[s] peace and unity in communities worldwide" with a focus on children's wellbeing, according to its website.

Marlon has three children with his wife since 1975, Carol Parker. The couple have six grandchildren.

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Randy Jackson works with his sister.

Randy Jackson at Janet Jackson's State of the World Tour After Party in 2017
Greg Doherty/Getty Images

Randy is the youngest Jackson brother. After occasionally performing with the group, he officially joined the band in 1975 when they changed record labels and Jermaine left. Randy remained with the group through the release of their final album, 1989's 2300 Jackson Street. He also took part in the Michael Jackson: 30th Anniversary Celebration.

Randy released an album in 1989 with his band Randy and the Gypsys. He started the label Rhythm Nation Records with his sister, Janet Jackson, and he was also one of the producers on her 2022 documentary, Janet Jackson.

Randy, now 60, has three children, two of which are with Alejandra Oaziaza. After her relationship with Randy, Oaziaza married his brother Jermaine, and they had two children, as well.

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