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The 6 Luckiest Boy Names, According to Astrologers

A happy life can be written in the stars.

Your name is one of your most important attributes. It's one of the first things people learn about you and a word that will come to mind every time they think about you. So, it makes sense that a strong name can earn you accolades, while a weak one can leave you forgotten. If you're considering baby names for your child, choose one that puts them in the first category. Here, astrologers tell us the luckiest boy names. They're associated with planets that deliver good fortune and can sway your child's path in life for the better. If you have one of these names yourself, then you've probably already noticed its benefits.

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The 6 Luckiest Boy Names

1. Leo

Wooden blocks stacked vertically spelling the name Leo against a yellow background
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Leo is the astrological sign that's ruled by the sun—and it also makes a lucky name for a baby boy.

"The sun represents strength, leadership, and abundance, and boys named Leo are believed to carry the qualities of confidence, creativity, and luck," says Matthias Dettmann, a tarot reader and astrologer. "They often have a charismatic personality and a natural ability to shine in various areas of life."

In many ways, they'll be similar to those who are born in Leo, so you get bonus points if your son is a Leo named Leo.

2. Asher

Toy blocks spelling out the name "ASHER"
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This Hebrew name translates to "happy and blessed," but its astronomical significance goes deeper than that.

"The name resonates with an energy frequency akin to a north star which guides the bearer toward abundant luck and joy in life," explains Tiffany McGee, professional astrologer and founder of Nomadrs.

There's also a numerology association. "The lucky number for Asher is six, which is considered the number of harmony, balance, and sincerity that fosters traits like responsibility, care, and love, aiding in the holistic development of the individual," says McGee. If your son can master those things, he'll no doubt attract luck.

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3. Benjamin

The name Benjamin spelled out in wooden cut-out letters with colorful blocks in the background
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According to Dettmann, this name is associated with the planet Mercury, which symbolizes intelligence, communication, and versatility.

"Boys named Benjamin are believed to possess quick thinking, adaptability, and good luck in intellectual pursuits," he explains. "They often have a natural gift for learning, problem-solving, and effectively expressing their ideas."

That cleverness will help them achieve a solid career and strong relationships.

4. Elijah

The name Elijah spelled out in colorful connecting blocks
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This biblical name is also significant in astrology.

"It is associated with the element of fire, which symbolizes passion, inspiration, and action," says Dettmann. "Boys named Elijah are believed to possess a fiery spirit, enthusiasm, and a strong sense of purpose and are often blessed with the ability to manifest their desires and make a positive impact in the world."

They have a special way of making all their dreams come true, something that sounds a lot like luck.

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5. Felix

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This Latin name quite literally means luck.

"Any Harry Potter fans will spot this one a mile off as there's a potion in the series called Felix Felicis, which Harry takes for good luck," says Lianne of Spirit of Sapphire.

McGee adds that the name carries a vibration that aligns with the rhythm of the cosmos. "Therefore, it attracts positive energy and favor," she says. Good luck is sure to follow.

6. Benedict

White text on vibrant blue background Benedict St. street sign on utility pole with deep blue sky background.
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Benedict originates from the Latin word "Benedictus" and means blessed.

"It is inherently tied to positivity, carrying an energy frequency that aligns perfectly with the celestial forces favoring fortune," says McGee.

If you want to choose something more likely to appear on a top-100 baby names list, Lianne suggests opting for Bennett, which has similar roots.

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