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100 Beautiful Mexican Girl Names (With Meanings)

Choosing a name for your child isn't easy, so we're here to help you narrow down your list.

Baby names aren't easy to think up. Parents are under tons of pressure to choose a title that sets their children up for success, honors their heritage, and—not least importantly—sounds nice. If you're looking for some beautiful options for Mexican names with Spanish roots, we've got you covered.

Spanish, of course, is part of the "romance language" family, so it shares some strong similarities to Portuguese, Italian, Romanian, and French, among other languages. That means that the name you choose from the list below may also be popular in another culture, which is pretty cool. Below, we've listed some of the most popular Mexican girl names, including traditional and indigenous names. Read on to find out if any of them are the perfect fit for your bundle of joy!

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Popular Mexican Girl Names

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  1. Camila: A popular Spanish-language name meaning "young ceremonial attendant."
  2. María José: It's not uncommon in Mexican culture to assign two first names. This one pays tribute to Saint Joseph and the Virgin Mary.
  3. María Fernanda: A combination of names, one in honor of the Virgin Mary while the other means "fearless."
  4. Regina: This one means "queen," making it a great choice for parents who plan on treating their little one like royalty.
  5. Renata: Meaning "born" or "born again."
  6. Sofia: As of 2022, this was the most popular Mexican name for girls. It means "wisdom."
  7. Valentina: This one means "healthy" or "strong." It also references Saint Valentine.
  8. Valéria: Similar to Valentina, this name means "health" or "strength."
  9. Victoria: Unsurprisingly, this one means "victory."
  10. Ximena: Derived from the Hebrew name Simeon, this name means "one who hears." It can also be written as "Jimena."

Unique Mexican Girl Names

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  1. Ainhoa: This name comes from the Basque region of Spain and means "one of the fertile earth."
  2. Amairani: This name has various meanings, including "grace," "immortal," and "tribe."
  3. Ambar: This one has different meanings in different cultures. While some know it as the Spanish version of Amber, it also means "sky" in Hindi and "fragrance" in Arabic.
  4. Griselda: This one derives from the Germanic word meaning "gray battle."
  5. Magali: Though some believe this name derives from the French "Marguerite," others suspect it was inspired by the margarita flower.
  6. Maricela: Meaning "star of the sea."
  7. Mayra: A name with multiple meanings including "beloved," "myrrh," and "rebellion."
  8. Monserrat: Meaning "jagged mountain."
  9. Paloma: This name means "dove" or "pigeon."
  10. Yaritza: This moniker means "small butterfly."

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Popular Mexican Nicknames for Girls

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  1. Ángel: "Angel"
  2. Bebé: "Baby"
  3. Cariño: "Sweetheart"
  4. Chiqui: "Kid"
  5. Chiquita: "Little girl"
  6. Corazón: "Heart"
  7. Gordita: "Chubby"
  8. Nena: "Little girl"
  9. Niñita: "Little girl"
  10. Princesa: "Princess"

Mexican Baby Names of Greek Origin

Parthenon temple on a bright day.
  1. Alejandra: The feminine version of Alejandro, meaning "defender of the people."
  2. Alexia: Derived from Alexander; meaning "protector" or "man's defender."
  3. Amaranta: This name means "flower that never fades" and stems from the Greek word amarantos.
  4. Andrea: Meaning "brave," "manly," "courageous," or "warrior."
  5. Damaris: This name means "calf" or "gentle."
  6. Elena: This name is derived from the Greek Helena, likely inspired by Helen of Troy, and means "shining light."
  7. Inez: This name means "the chaste one," and is derived from the Greek name Iwgne.
  8. Jacinta: This name means "hyacinth," though it is also used in reference to the Greek hero Hyacinthus.
  9. Melissa: This name means "honeybee," a reference to the Cretan princess, Melissa, who was changed into a bee after learning to collect honey.
  10. Veronica: Meaning "true image" or "she who brings victory."

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Mexican Names of Latin Origin

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  1. Alba: A Latin name meaning "dawn."
  2. Beatriz: This name means "bringer of joy" and corresponds with the Latin name, Beatrix.
  3. Dolores: This one means "sorrow" and is derived from the Latin word dolor, which means "pain" or "sorrow."
  4. Gloria: A popular Spanish name of Latin origin meaning "immortal glory."
  5. Lucia: Derived from the Latin word lux, meaning "light."
  6. Luna: A popular Mexican name that is also Spanish for "moon."
  7. Marina: This name means "sea maiden" or "from the sea."
  8. Olivia: Meaning "olive tree." Fun fact: as of 2022, Olivia remains the most popular girl's name across the United States.
  9. Rosa: This name means "rose" though it is also associated with love, courage, and romance.
  10. Ursula: This name means "little she-bear."

Mexican Names of Hebrew Origin

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  1. Ada: Meaning "adorned" or "of noble birth."
  2. Ariana: Meaning "like a beautiful melody."
  3. Daniela: A popular Mexican name of Hebrew origin meaning "God is my judge."
  4. Elisa: Another name with religious undertones, meaning "God's oath" or "dedicated"
  5. Gabriela: Meaning "God is my strength."
  6. Josefina: The feminine form Joseph, meaning "the Lord adds" and "Jehovah increases."
  7. Juana: The feminine version of John, meaning "God is gracious."
  8. Lía: An alternative version of the name Leah meaning "relaxed" or "weary."
  9. Miguela: The feminine version of Miguel or Michael meaning "who resembles God."
  10. Sara: This name means "princess" and references the name given to Abraham's wife in the bible.

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Cute Mexican Girl Names

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  1. Bonita: "Pretty"
  2. Buena: "Good"
  3. Ciri: "Lordly"
  4. Día: "Day"
  5. Dulce Maria: "Sweet Mary"
  6. Lan: "Orchid"
  7. Lola: "The sorrows"
  8. Nita: "Grace"
  9. Mía: "Mine"
  10. Mira: "Admirable"

Beautiful Mexican Baby Girl Names

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  1. Aitiana: Derived from the Basque word aitana which means "highest point" or "summit."
  2. Alondra: Meaning "helper and defender of mankind."
  3. Aranza: Meaning "among the thorns." Some might recognize this name thanks to the popular Mexican singer or telenovela character.
  4. Esmerelda: Meaning "emerald." The name became famous after appearing in Victor Hugo's novel The Hunchback of Notre Dame.
  5. Genesis: Meaning "creation" or "beginning," or used in reference to the Book of Genesis.
  6. Guadalupe: Meaning "wolf valley," or "river of the wolf." While often associated with the Virgin Mary, the name actually stems from the native Nahuatl language.
  7. Isabella: Meaning "devoted to God" or "God is my oath."
  8. Natalia: Derived from the Latin word natalis, which means "birthday."
  9. Paulina: The feminine version of the name Paul, meaning "small" or "humble."
  10. Romina: A name with Arabic roots meaning "from the land of Christians."

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Traditional Names for Mexican Girls

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  1. Alma: This one translates to "soul" in Spanish but also means "nourishing" or "young woman." It's used in Latin, Hebrew, Italian, Filipino, and Arabic cultures.
  2. Belén: This is the Spanish title for Bethlehem, which translates to "house of bread." Though the name is mostly given to baby girls, it does fall into the gender-neutral category.
  3. Carmen: This name means "garden" or "orchard," and also represents the Hebrew word karmél, meaning "vineyard of God."
  4. Frida: This name means "peace" or "beautiful." Though the title was made famous by Mexican painter Frida Kahlo, it actually has German and Old Norse origins.
  5. Graciela: Meaning "favor" or "blessing."
  6. Juanita: This name comes from Juana, which stems from John. It means "God is gracious."
  7. Margarita: Meaning "pearl" or "daisy."
  8. Paz: Meaning "peace" or "gold." The name comes from the title "Nuestra Señora de la Paz," a common way to refer to the Virgin Mary throughout Mexico.
  9. Pilar: This one is most often associated with "María del Pilar"—another title for the Virgin Mary.
  10. Silvia: Meaning "spirit of the woods."

Unique Indigenous Mexican Names

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  1. Ahuic: A name of Aztec origin meaning "goddess of running waters, rivers, and streams."
  2. Citlali: An Aztec girl's name taken from the Nahuatl word cītlalli, meaning "star."
  3. Ix Kaknab: A Mayan name meaning "woman of the sea."
  4. Kantyi: A popular girl's name among the Amuzgos, an indigenous people of Mexico. It means "simple."
  5. Meztli: A gender-neutral name of Aztec origin meaning "moon."
  6. Soona': This name also means "moon" and was first coined by the Otomí people of Mexico.
  7. Tozi: This name is a tribute to the Aztec goddess of healing and sweet water.
  8. Xochimitl: An Aztec name meaning "flower" or "flowered arrow."
  9. Xoco: This name is of Aztec origin and means "youngest sister."
  10. Yatzil: This Mayan name means "loved one" or "beloved."
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