Here's Why Everyone Is Making Fun of Kim Kardashian's Purse

Or... Is it a laptop charger?

kim kardashian

Remember that time when the entire Internet was in stitches over a photo of Kendall Jenner wearing a ridiculously giant coat? Well, today it's Kim Kardashian who is getting flak from the online masses, and it's courtesy of a certain accessory she recently carried with her to the LACMA: Art and Film Gala in Los Angeles. More specifically, it's a purse that looks suspiciously like a laptop charger.

Here's a closer look:

kim kardashian laptop charger

The jokes started rolling in as soon as the photos hit social media.

Specifically, it looks almost identical to the charger for the 2006 Toshiba laptop.

So much so that if you Photoshop the charger in there you can barely tell the difference.

Perhaps Kanye West's unique fashion sense is behind this sartorial choice?

Given that that the A-list event was sponsored by Gucci, she and Kourtney Kardashian wore sleek, black dresses by the brand, but it's not clear which fashion house is responsible for the odd-looking purse.


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So far, no one has been able to identify who made this unique accessory, so the mystery continues… And if you can't get enough of Kim K., don't miss this Instagram photo of Kim Kardashian that no one could stop making fun of.

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