20 Funny Christmas Sweaters Perfect for Your Ugly Sweater Party

These hilarious sweaters are the perfect addition to your holiday collection.

20 Funny Christmas Sweaters Perfect for Your Ugly Sweater Party

The holiday season means more than just gift-giving and eating a reckless amount of pie. It's also a prime opportunity to take part in yet another beloved holiday tradition: the ugly sweater party. And while those tacky and altogether over-the-top sweaters become the unicorns of the thrift store once the holiday season starts, the internet has given us plenty of new garish get-ups to enjoy, too. So, read on to find the perfect hilariously ugly Christmas sweater for your next holiday gathering! And for more great holiday buys, check out these 20 Dog Christmas Presents for the Animal Lover in Your Life.

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This '80s homage

santa says relax sweater Amazon

Are you still mourning the days when everyone loved Frankie Goes to Hollywood? Well, you can channel those '80s vibes this holiday season with the next best thing: This "Santa Says Relax" sweater—the fashion mashup we've always wanted, but never knew we needed until now.

$16 at Amazon
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This garland cardigan

woman wearing green cardigan with tinsel and christmas lights Amazon

You've decked the halls—now it's time to deck yourself out in this garland cardigan, perfect for adding a festive touch to any room you happen to find yourself in. And for more great decorations, check out these 20 Target Home Décor Items That Will Make Your Home Look Like a Million Bucks.

$50 at Amazon
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This caroling shark sweater

man wearing striped christmas sweater with three singing sharks in scarves on it Amazon

Shark Week comes but once a year, but you can bring that same terrifying joy to the holiday season with this three-shark sweater. We may never know why they're out of the sea or singing Christmas carols, but some mysteries are best left unexplained.

$30 and up at Amazon
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This Shining example of a holiday sweater

black christmas sweater with "redrum" in the center Etsy

Wish Halloween could last all year? Now it can with this kitschy little nod to The Shining. It's so cozy, you'll want to wear it forever and ever and ever…

$40 and up at Etsy
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This three-piece sweater

striped christmas sweater with blue suspenders and blue snowman tie Amazon

You've already got an arsenal of dad jokes—now get the sweater to match! With tacked-on suspenders and a little snowman tie, this sweater's so corny it's almost cute. Almost.

$25 and up at Amazon
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This pizza-lover's number

man and woman wearing red sweaters with "merry crustmas" on them Etsy

Despite what everyone else may say, you know that the best holiday pie isn't pumpkin or apple—it's pizza. And if you want to show your love for all things round and cheese-topped this holiday season, there's this "Merry Crustmas" sweater, perfect for celebrating your own pie-lent night.

$19$17 at Etsy
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This indescribable Christmas cat hoodie

green sweatshirt with gray cat with christmas tree on its head Amazon

Who says your furry pals can't get in on the holiday fun? This adorable cat sweater is perfect for anyone who loves Christmas and their feline friends in equal measure. And for more presents for cat fans, check out these 20 Purrfect Accessories for Cat Lovers.

$25 at Amazon
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This "birthday boy" sweatshirt

green sweater with picture of jesus and the words "birthday boy" on it Etsy

Want to celebrate the true meaning of the holiday while still looking awesome at your ugly sweater party? If you're a jokester, grab this "birthday boy" sweater.

$25 at Etsy
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This howlingly good Southwestern sweater

striped sweater with cactus and two howling wolves on it Amazon

Who needs a three-wolf moon shirt when you have a two-wolf cactus cardigan? This southwest-inspired sweater is the perfect addition to any warm-climate Christmas party.

$30 and up at Amazon
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This angelic crewneck

red sweater with cherub and "chill fam" on it Etsy

You may have largely ditched the cherubic elements in your wardrobe when you stopped wearing Fiorucci circa 1999, but this sweater is the perfect reason to make an exception to that rule.

$35 at Etsy
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This meta dino look

red christmas sweater with t-rex on it Amazon

Small arms, big charms.

$30 and up at Amazon
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This not-so-cheery Godzilla sweater

green sweater with "fa la la la la godzil-la-la" on it Etsy

Sure, Godzilla may not be a part of most traditional Christmas celebrations, but now that you've seen this amazing sweater, are you really okay with celebrating the holiday without him ever again?

$30 and up at Etsy
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This subtle Christmas light sweater

woman wearing gray sweater with christmas lights on it

A little Joyce Byers from Stranger Things, a little bit your cat when she gets wrapped up the decorations, this sweatshirt is the perfect combination of cute and cozy.

$128 at Bloomingdale's
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This gift sweater that keeps on giving

woman wearing christmas sweater that looks like a wrapped gift with a gold bow Amazon

The real present this holiday season is the pleasure of your company—so dress like the gift you are!

$40 at Amazon
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This doggone adorable sweater

white man wearing black sweater with "merry corgmas" on it Etsy

How much do you have in common with a 93-year-old British royal? Well, if you're the type who'd happily buy this "Merry Corgmas" sweater, probably a lot more than you'd expect.

$32 and up at Etsy
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This clucking hilarious sweater

green christmas sweater with black chicken on it Amazon

We can't be certain that there was a chicken at the first Christmas, but one thing is for sure: There's going to be one at every holiday celebration at your house going forward, thanks to this amazing sweater.

$30 at Amazon
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This holy taco trinity sweater

green christmas sweater with three tacos on it Amazon

Celebrate another holy trinity this holiday season: the beautiful marriage of meat, cheese, and crunchy tortillas. Taco 'bout a festive look!

$30 at Amazon
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This intergalactic Santa sweater

black sweater with santa riding a unicorn on it

Real talk: Santa's sleigh is cool, but it's not exactly an eco-friendly ride. This year, celebrate the big man reducing his carbon footprint with this adorable unicorn sweater instead.

$40 at Amazon
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This periodically punny holiday sweater

red sweater with periodic table and "on chemistree" on it Etsy

Want a garment that simultaneously channels both your adoration of the holidays and your respect for the sciences? Surprisingly enough, there's a sweater for that.

$34$27 at Etsy
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And this "do you even gift" sweater

green christmas sweater with muscular santa and "do you even gift" on it Amazon

Is it going to ruin your childhood a bit? Most definitely. Is it funny? Without a doubt. Has it already been added to your cart? If not, what are you waiting for? And for more amazing holiday presents, check out these 33 Awesomely Creative Christmas Gifts You Never Would Have Thought Of.

$30 at Amazon
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